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Minghui Fahui | Studying the Fa and Cultivating Myself to Be Worthy of Master's Saving Grace

December 19, 2012 |   By a practitioner from China


Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I have never slacked off in studying the Fa for the last 14 years. I study the Fa, recite the Fa, and hand copy the Fa. Every time Master has a new article published, I hand copy it and read it many times. Because I have studied the Fa a lot and have good habits when studying the Fa, I've been able to make it through those hard times. I'd like to share how I benefited from studying the Fa a lot. I'd also like to share the importance of the one body cooperation and hope we will become more mature in cultivation. In the limited time of the last leg of Fa rectification, I hope we will help Master during Fa rectification and save sentient beings more effectively with our supreme wisdom and boundless compassion.

Study the Fa and Cultivate Solidly and Fa Powers Manifest

After Master published the two articles “Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference” and “What is a Dafa Disciple,” I had a further understanding of our mission and the inner meaning of Dafa disciples helping Master to rectify the Fa. I have come to understand how to look within and the importance of cooperation as one body. I had a new breakthrough in cultivation.

One day I went to another city and five of us studied the article “What Is a Dafa Disciple.” I felt the extraordinary power of the Fa and was able to get rid of a few of my attachments during the group Fa study. I further realized that studying the Fa well is the foundation and guarantee of doing everything else well. Only by studying the Fa well and cultivating ourselves well can we have the extra ability to help Master in the Fa rectification. After that day, I would read Master's latest article once or twice every day after I finished reading Zhuan Falun and other lectures. I kept doing this for a month and I had a breakthrough. My mind and body were in the best state. When I was with practitioners, I would automatically think from their perspective. I would not impose my ideas or notions onto them, and small conflicts would not affect our cooperation. I didn't look for their shortcomings or become attached to their attachments like I used to.

I put great effort into cultivating myself and then the Fa powers manifested when I had urgent things to discuss with some practitioners. When making phone calls was not safe, as long as I had the thought that a certain practitioner would show up because I had an urgent matter, that practitioner would appear at the right time. More miraculously, the practitioner would bring whatever I needed!

One day something really urgent came up, and I had to see a certain practitioner immediately and had the thought that she would appear. In less than half an hour, she came. I asked her why she came to see me. She said that a thought came into her mind while she was doing business on her bicycle that she should come to my place and so she came.

I'd wanted to write an article exposing how the local judges violated the law. The coordinator asked me to write a comprehensive report from a legal point of view and urged me to finish it quickly. Because I had little knowledge of the law, I didn't know what to write when I was sitting in front of the computer, so I did other things first. Just then a practitioner brought me two booklets downloaded from the Minghui website. They were about how to expose the evil, rescue fellow practitioners, and save sentient beings from the legal point of view. It seemed she delivered the booklets to me specifically. I was very excited. Master is indeed just beside us taking care of us and protecting us every minute. My gratitude toward Master was beyond any words. This kind of thing didn't happen just once. At critical moments, miracles happened.

I was short of time and didn't waste a second. It would be a great reward for me if I had sufficient time to do whatever I wanted. I enlightened that, in solid cultivation, as long as we reached the state of a genuine cultivator and listened to Master, my thought would complete the job for me and I didn't need to do it physically. I realized that Dafa practitioners didn't need to be so busy. Master controls everything. As long as we study the Fa well and cultivate ourselves well, we should have sufficient time to complete whatever we should do.

I realized that everything was the manifestation of Fa power. Only by solidly cultivating can a genuine practitioner understand the meanings of the Fa at different levels. Only cultivating solidly and having reached the standard of a cultivator can the Fa powers manifest.

Unconditionally Look Within and Cultivate

One day I had a conflict with a practitioner and was distressed. It was hard to deal with practitioners with strong character, and I thought about not being involved anymore but I negated this thought immediately because I had studied the Fa well, measured myself with the Fa's criteria, and replaced the bad thoughts with righteous thoughts. If Master has asked me to do it, I will do it well and try my best. If the one body required me to cooperate, I will do it unconditionally.

I was low when I arrived home and felt like my head was covered with heavy stuff. I sat down and carefully read the article “To the European Fa Conference” and my mind opened up. Though those unpleasant words were still circling around my ears, I realized that this very moment was the perfect time for me to look within unconditionally. I decided not to look at others' shortcomings and look for my own shortcomings instead. I searched for my attachments and didn't say anything hurtful or damaging to the whole body. I sat down and sent forth righteous thoughts and cleared the deviated substances in my own dimension. Attachments of showing off, complacency, and intolerance dissolved. I looked within unconditionally and had no complaint about practitioners. I felt lightness in my body after those attachments were gone and realized that looking within is a Fa tool for elevating ourselves. When we are not attached to ourselves and our hearts are pure and selfless, nothing can interfere with our one body cooperation. I didn't care much about how that practitioner treated me now. As long as I was within the Fa, I always looked within when there was a conflict. I just wanted to get the project completed well.

Practitioners who cultivated well encouraged me to cultivate more diligently and catch up with them. Coming across practitioners with strong human attachments, I should look within myself immediately and find my own shortcomings. Even when I saw shortcomings in everyday people, I would look within myself to see if I had them as well. I hope I can improve quickly and not stay at one level for too long. I urge myself to cultivate more diligently because life exists to assimilate to the Fa and fulfill our vows.

I worked with another practitioner to expose the evil in the local area while she helped to collect information. This practitioner's calmness and tolerance gave me many insights.

This spring local practitioners were arrested on several occasions. One practitioner sent an email to me reprimanding the practitioner who was working with me. My human side was provoked and wanted to fight back. The practitioner who worked with me sent me a brief email saying that we should rectify it from the perspective of the Fa and not argue about who was right or who was wrong. We should not criticize each other and not use a human heart and do what we really should do instead. I felt her compassion and my human heart melted instantly and I experienced how compassion could change the environment. I realized that sincerity and tolerance were a reflection of the realm of a cultivator.

My righteous thoughts prevailed. I started to look at myself to see if I had the attachments mentioned in the email and I found many. The email pointed out my shortcomings in my writing. I understood why I had hatred in my heart: because I didn't want other people to say anything bad about me. This heart was hidden deep down. Practitioners and everyday people all praised me for writing well. Gradually I developed an attachment to being praised. I also developed a heart that desired fame, so I repeatedly recited the article “Cultivators’ Avoidances” from Essentials for Further Advancement. I recited it on the road and before going sleep or doing housework. Sometimes I recited it in my dreams. The Fa was now deep down in my heart. Before I understood the Fa on the surface, but now I understood the inner meanings. The attachment to fame is very dangerous. One can never pay back the karma from misleading the public and undermining the Fa.

Some practitioners didn't pay attention to the way they talked or acted. They talked about other people behind their backs and hurt them. I found that some practitioners had strong jealousy and caused divisions in the one body effort. After finding out the shortcomings of others, I started to cultivate myself and remind myself that I should quickly let go of jealousy and the show-off mentality. I should cultivate to be a selfless person, new life in the new cosmos able to help Master to rectify the Fa. Some of the attachments were very stubborn and I had to eliminate them repeatedly. Only when I studied the relevant parts of the Fa a lot and recited the Fa was I eventually able to let go of them.

I put great effort into reciting the Fa and eliminating my human heart. I realized that cultivators need to have a strong will and a heart of perseverance to steer ourselves well. We have to really cultivate ourselves in every action and every thought. Only by doing it this way can we get rid of our human attachments. If there were no attachments, conflicts would not exist and there would be no separation among practitioners.

Cultivating Myself Through Writing and Editing Work

One day I wrote an article and quoted whole paragraphs from Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and “Dissolving the Party Culture.” I was very satisfied with it and thought it was an in-depth article. I sent it to the Minghui website. The Minghui editors amended the whole article and deleted all the quotations. My article ended up very short, and the editor actually rewrote it. I was ashamed of myself. After that I didn't dare have the attachment of complacency and showing-off.

My wisdom and inspiration come from Dafa. At first I didn't know how to do the editing job, but eventually became very confident. We sent articles to expose the evil to the Minghui website in time but we didn't have local truth-clarification flyers. We used the flyers for the whole province and thus the flyers sometimes were not relevant to our local situation. I tried to make posters but failed. One day last autumn, a practitioner was arrested. At 9 p.m. when I was sending forth righteous thoughts and my thoughts of dissolving the evil and rescuing the practitioner were very strong, I switched on my computer and wanted to make a special edition, according to the truth-clarification flyers on the website, and demand the unconditional release of the practitioner. At the time I didn't even know how to format the fonts or start a new paragraph. I didn't even know what the text box was. But my desire to rescue the practitioner was strong and its power was huge. I got help from the Minghui editors and replaced the content on the flyer with our information but didn't edit it at all. The fonts were different, the paragraphs were in different shapes and one of the good-looking frames was lost. I spent three hours before I completed it and sent it to the Minghui website asking the editors to edit it for me. The next day that truth-clarification flyer edited by the Minghui editors was published. It looked beautiful. I found it to be alive – the characters were alive and the pictures were alive. Also the editor put “1st Edition” on the flyer meaning we could have more editions. I was so happy to see this. This was the first edition of our local flyer. Then I started to read books on how to do layout. With the help of fellow practitioners, I gained some knowledge and started to make the local truth-clarification flyers.

After I could do the layout of the flyer, I developed the attachment of complacency. The Minghui website didn't publish our flyer for the next two editions. I then calmed down and started to look within. I found my attachments and rectified them one by one. If we do everything with our pure hearts, the best results will be the best. Once our human hearts are mixed in, then we are doing everyday people's work. It is dreadful if we became attached to ourselves or show off. I now could look within and find my attachments and eliminate them. I could rationally control my every thought and measure them with the standard of the Fa.

When doing editing work this year, I let go of my attachments, and my writing and editing skills improved. With the help of Minghui practitioners, I was able to make our local truth-clarification flyers and pamphlets.

Now I am calm and peaceful. I know I am saving sentient beings, not showing off my skills. I realize that all our skills and abilities are given to us by Master so that we can fulfill our vows and complete our mission.

One Body Cooperation Demonstrates Supreme Powers

One of our practitioners was arrested on a cold winter day. Within a short time we divided up the jobs and started to work to rescue her. Some practitioners helped her family to go to the detention center and demand her release. Others distributed truth-clarification flyers and put up posters. International and local phone calls were made to different government departments in the local county. The practitioner in the detention center went on an anti-persecution campaign. She firmly believes in Master and the Fa. With Master's compassionate protection, she was released.

While rescuing practitioners several times, I experienced the great power of one body cooperation. During the process, interference and separation were dissolved and one body cooperation became better and better.

When looking back at the whole process of successfully rescuing practitioners, I only played the role of a coordinator. It was the whole body's cooperation from the Fa's perspective that enabled our plan to work. Every process involved practitioners' efforts and and thus we were able to eliminate the evil and successfully rescue the practitioners in difficult circumstances. Without practitioner's cooperation, I would not have been able to coordinate several projects simultaneously in a limited time. It was because every particle of the Fa worked together, supported each other, and worked toward the same goal with the help of the Fa's power that we were able to dissolve the evil. The whole body brought about that miracle again and again.

When another practitioner was arrested, we hired a lawyer from Beijing so that we could let more people know about Falun Gong and save beings in the legal departments who were the most poisoned by the CCP. We learned the trial date three days before. We notified all practitioners immediately and sent invitations to local residents as well. We also put up posters. At the same time we sent messages to the mobile phones of local residents and international calls were made as well. Practitioners made colorful messages and sent them to the legal staff. Even elderly practitioners collected local residents' phone numbers and passed them on to other practitioners who made phone calls and sent text messages. Practitioners cooperated very well. Everyone participated and tried his or her best to rescue the practitioners, eliminate and expose the evil, and save those guards who were involved in persecuting practitioners.

Practitioners cooperated very well and reinforced the positive power. In the courtroom, the lawyer presented a wonderful defense and the judge was speechless.

During the proceedings, the detained practitioner denied the evil forces and exposed the evil persecution with strong righteous thoughts. Finally this practitioner wished the judges well while in shackles and handcuffs. Everyone in the courtroom was touched. Every judge nodded his head and accepted “Falun Dafa is good.”

Because we were within the Fa, we succeeded in rescuing practitioners several times, and Master's compassionate protection was our safeguard.

In recent years, I've realized that it is Dafa's boundless power and Master's boundless compassion that has allowed me to better assist Master better and fulfill our vows better. Master gives us everything. We should cultivate solidly, elevate ourselves, and save more sentient beings so as to be worthy of Master's saving grace.

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