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Avoiding the Trap of Human Emotions (Part 1)

December 15, 2012 |   By a practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I have noticed that some practitioners find it hard to identify their human emotions, which of course are directly related to the tribulations that they encounter. I would like to share my thoughts on this topic, in the hope of helping others avoid the trap of human emotions.

Dafa practitioners encounter some tribulations unaware of the true factors behind them, which are often their human emotions. When a tribulation or test leaves us feeling wonderful, pleasant, comfortable, and satisfied—such as the good feelings shared between and man and a woman—it is especially hard to detect the negative factors at play.

Since we cultivate in a dimension that is steeped in emotion—and our emotions are inextricably connected to our various attachments—the old forces use our emotions to create all kinds of tribulations for us. That's why emotions are often referred to as “demons.”

Although our emotions manifest in a myriad of ways in our day-to-day lives, only a Dafa practitioner who studies the Fa well will be able to correctly detect them, and eliminate them. If we fail to detect them, we will be constantly interfered with.

One manifestation of emotion is the romantic love between a man and woman. The old forces use this attachment as an excuse to persecute Dafa practitioners. The love that I am referring to is not the love between a husband and wife—which in and of itself is also an attachment, but the improper relations between a man and a woman who aren't husband and wife. These emotions are sometimes very hard to detect, as they manifest in subtle ways that leave us feeling good, admired, valued, missed, longed for, emotionally close, and so on.

The moral standard that gods have dictated for mankind is on a giant down-slide. All kinds of immoral relationships are popping up in society, and many are even considered “fashionable,” like being a man's mistress, or boasting about multiple illicit affairs or “flings.” People openly brag about being admired by the opposite sex, filling themselves with human pride. Aberrations like this permeate the news and gossip columns, causing some people to think that these things represent normal behavior.

As Dafa practitioners who cultivate in the thick of ordinary society, we must refrain from any form of immoral behavior. Not only should we not act like everyday people, we should also eliminate the very notions and excuses that allow us to go along with the tide.

There are three main points that I would like to clarify:

1. The notion of “friendship” or a “close relationship” between a man and a woman never existed in traditional Chinese culture or history. This is a notion borne out of a modern, twisted mindset. Likewise, the notion of a “pure friendship” between a man and woman doesn't exist at all, as feelings, emotions, desires, and lust will always wind up polluting the relationship.

2. Both male and female practitioners should watch their behavior, especially when we work with each other on various Dafa projects. If we don't guard our character while working together, we may be interfered with. Of course, we should not avoid any situation that requires us to work with the opposite sex.

3. Although it is not realistic to live in the human world without emotions, we should balance things well with the opposite sex. This can best be accomplished by maintaining a proper emotional and physical distance. If we ourselves remain clear, we will help bring clarity to the relationship. If we are confused on the matter, we will in turn confuse the other person. The ancients always extolled a man who could keep his relationship with a woman as simple as clear water. I feel that this idea can serve as a reference for our own behavior.

(to be continued´╝ë