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Requiring Ourselves to Strictly Adhere to the Fa

December 13, 2012 |   By a practitioner from China


(Minghui.org) Practitioners who have not done well during the Fa rectification have been noted by the old forces, who then utilize practitioners' loopholes as reasons to persecute them. They view it as a test for determining whether these practitioners can or cannot move forward in cultivation. We know that Teacher does not acknowledge the old forces' actions or their existence, and that the only way for a practitioner to avoid persecution from the old forces is to follow the righteous path arranged by Teacher. It is not easy, but we must truly practice cultivation at all times in order to completely negate the old forces' arrangements.

As the environment in China is improving, attachments to lust, greed and a joyful, mundane life are constantly trying to move practitioners off the righteous path. At an unguarded moment, a practitioner may bring disgrace to Dafa or destroy his or her reputation as a practitioner. Those of us who do not correct our past mistakes allow the old forces to be in a position to stop us from making advancements towards consummation. Furthermore, as the Fa rectification moves closer to the human world, the requirements for practitioners are also stricter. We must stay focused on Fa study, looking inward to find our attachments, then quickly correct them and improve our xinxing.

From reading articles on the Minghui website and personal experiences, I believe that we need to pay attention to the following issues:

Failing to respect Teacher and the Fa

It is dangerous for practitioners to disrespect Teacher and the Fa, or to misinterpret the Fa, because these incorrect thoughts and misunderstandings are utilized by the old forces to persecute us.


The old forces have been using practitioners' attachments to lust as a reason to persecute us, and use this attachment to judge whether sentient beings should be saved or destroyed. Due to advancements in technology, pornography is everywhere in today's society, and can be found almost anywhere.

Whenever male and female practitioners work on Dafa projects together, care must be exercised in making sure that our thoughts and actions are free from lust. As we can see in the Shen Yun performances, the thoughts of both the male and female performers are pure and free from these issues, as they produce such strong pure energy to help save sentient beings.

Wasting Dafa's resources

It is a sin to waste Dafa resources. A lot of people think that the resources are linked to money, but everything a practitioner has is a resource, including the practitioner's ability, wisdom, family environment, income, physical energy, etc. All of the resources available to a practitioner are for carrying out the three things, and he or she should not waste any of them.

We must know our responsibilities and follow the righteous path to assist Teacher in Fa rectification.

The above is my personal understanding at my current level. Please point out anything inappropriate.