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Lessons Learned After Failing to Reject the Arrangements of the Old Forces

November 05, 2012 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Liaoning Province, China

(Minghui.org) Practitioner A was 64 years old and in good health. She was a very diligent practitioner and had a fairly good temperament. She memorized Zhuan Falun four separate times. She went out to clarify the truth every day. Once when she was reported for clarifying the truth about Dafa, her daughter, under the influence of the old forces, cursed her and even hit her, but she was not fazed and continued to do what a Dafa practitioner should do. However, this good practitioner recently and suddenly died. Two days earlier, she suddenly had severe vomiting. She called her daughter to ask her to come home. Her daughter came and cleaned up the mess and made a bowl of porridge for her breakfast. Her study group came to study the Fa with her and sent forth righteous thoughts together. They shared ideas and looked inward to identify attachments. They then sent forth righteous thoughts to eradicate their attachments. However, her condition would improve and then get worse. She was in a coma the following day and her daughter took her to the hospital. That afternoon she passed away. During all this time, fellow practitioners intensified sending forth righteous thoughts even until cremation took place in an attempt to save her, but without success.

Everyone was puzzled and did not know what the crux of the matter was. Fellow practitioners asked her daughter whether there was anything unusual recently. Her daughter said that her mother had told her that she was going to die soon because a fortuneteller told her that she would die at age 64. After her 64th birthday, she signed a will and gave it to her daughter. Several years ago, she had severe vomiting and she wasn't aware that the old forces had made a series of arrangements in her subconscious that might have brought it into play. She did not realize from the standpoint of the Fa that arrangements made by the old forces were actually the crucial point of undermining the Fa and interfering with the Fa rectification. This is not just a matter of personal cultivation or whether one is able to let go of life and death. One must stand up to safeguard Dafa's reputation and maintain steadfast righteous thoughts to thoroughly eradicate all the arrangements made by the old forces. This is the genuine path arranged by Teacher. But she didn't recognize this and it was concealed in her subconscious. Her subconscious thus accepted the arrangement made by the old forces. Fellow practitioners didn't recognize this either and only glossed over some superficial attachments in the process. The whole group did not focus on the target in sending righteous thoughts and allowed the old forces to take advantage of the loophole. This was a sad lesson.

There is a contrary example. Practitioner B had two non-practitioner sisters who remembered a fortuneteller once told them that their sister would die before her last birthday. They thus quietly gave her a birthday party just in case. On the night of her birthday, the practitioner suddenly felt she was unable to hold up any longer. However, she was able to look inward and timely recognized what the fortuneteller said and recognized it was the arrangement made by the old forces to come to take her life. She recognized that it undermined the Fa and interfered with Fa rectification and had to be resolutely eradicated. With her unfaltering righteous thoughts, the arrangement made by the old forces was disintegrated. She did away with the evil and improved her mind nature and thus established her mighty virtue.

The above two examples are enough to give us a deep reflection. Cultivation practice is very serious and the Fa has its standards. Nothing is accidental. The old forces made careful and meticulous arrangements in history. If we do not look at things according to the Fa and look inward solidly, we will be misled easily and trapped by the old forces. This will let the old forces succeed and allow it to undermine the Fa and to interfere with the Fa rectification.

Some families of elderly practitioners prepare and make arrangements for funeral affairs. Some elderly practitioners even save money to do this or that. These thoughts are strong attachments and have reasons behind them. Can the fortuneteller's words be accidental? Isn't it a systematic arrangement made by the old forces being manifested in this world? Isn't it a thing of the past before cultivation? Whether one seems to believe it or even has the thought to consider it, deep down they inevitably agree with it. Let us draw a lesson from this painful experience. Safeguard our every thought and look inward in a timely manner, use the Fa to mend our ways, and get rid of the arrangements made by the old forces to walk on the path arranged by Teacher to validate Dafa.