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My Whole Family Experiences Dafa's Healing Power

November 30, 2012 |   By a practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) My parents started to practice Falun Gong in 1997 and my mother-in-law began to practice in 2012. A total of six people in our family have practiced Falun Gong. Each of us has witnessed Dafa's supernormal power.

We have never physically met our Master. We have never paid any money. Our Master only needs our heart for cultivation. He has changed our lives. We became Falun Gong practitioners during the Fa-rectification period and have truly experienced Dafa's compassion and Master's infinite grace. How fortunate we are!

My Parents Who Had Many Different Kinds of Illness Are Changed to New People

My father was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He had an operation and continued his treatment for a year and a half. He said he finally survived. However, the treatment also had negative side effects. He saw patients that were diagnosed with cancer again after the treatments and pass away. This caused him to become depressed. He laid down on the bed and didn't want to talk at all. Every day, he had to have herbal medicine, which hurt his stomach. He couldn't eat and he was so thin. Eventually, he had difficulty walking. His hair turned gray so he looked like seventy rather than fifty. My father also suffered from chronic arthritis. When the weather changed, pain coursed through his whole body.

My mother suffered from neurological disorders, insomnia, and had nightmares. She couldn't have regular meals and her hands kept shaking. The worse part was she had to take six pills a day to help her sleep but they didn't work at all. She always said: “You can't imagine how terrible it is to have insomnia. I want to kill myself.” The illness lasted for a long time and her health became worse. She had fevers very often, and was very weak.

At the beginning of 1999, I went home for the new year holiday. I was surprised by my parents' appearance. They both looked very energetic. Especially for my mother, her chloasma was gone. They ate a lot more than I did. She said: “Look at me and your dad. I gained weight and we can all eat well and sleep well. My neurological disorders, hyperplasia of the mammary glands, neurodermitis and gastritis have all vanished. I practiced the exercises outside in winter and I didn't wear gloves. I use cold water to clean kitchenware without any pain.”

In the past twenty years, my mom had chilblain every winter. Her hands were bruised and discharged constantly. One time she went to bed, and due to the warmth in bed, she really itched. She even wanted to cut them. She used all kinds of treatments for her hands, but they were all useless. She washed her hands with ice water in winter or used ginger or Chinese medicine. It never worked. But now she didn't even get treatment and her illnesses were gone.

They practiced the exercises in a group in the stadium at four to five o'clock in the morning. During the daytime, they biked to the village to spread Dafa, so they were busy, but very energetic. Now, I believe that those times were the happiest times in their lives.

Falun Rotating in My Hand

I was extremely curious because of my parents' tremendous changes. I learned how to do the exercises from them and had the chance to read Zhuan Falun. I was attracted by Dafa's profound principles. I found solutions to all of the questions in my life. I felt just like I had found my home. I was so confident in my life.

After one week, when I did sitting meditation, I truly experienced that a Falun was rotating in my hand. This feeling was very strong over the next several days. The most impressive experience was that a Falun was circling around my two arms. It was so powerful that I couldn't move. After doing the exercises, I was excited and crying since I knew Master was already taking care of me and helping me eliminate my karma accumulated from all of my previous lives. Later, I also experienced what Master mentioned, that when we practice the heavenly circulation, our body can become very huge or very tiny. I also heard sounds and my body was extremely hot, like it was in a sauna. When I did the sitting exercise, my whole body was rotating and moving up like taking an elevator.

My Husband Saw Master's Picture Moving

Before 1999, my husband read Zhuan Falun and learned how to do the exercises as well. But due to the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda, he said very negative words about Dafa when I clarified the truth to him. He coughed a lot after several days and couldn't recover even though he took shots and pills. His illness became worse and he had to stay in the hospital. After one week's treatments, he was still sick. The doctor had no idea what to do but just said “It shouldn't be like this”. I told him: “You already read Dafa books and you already know Dafa is good, and you called my Master as Master. But you criticized the Dafa book several days ago. Master has infinite grace and has used this opportunity to help you and eliminate your karma. You should confess to our Master and ask for forgiveness.” He knelt in front of Master's picture and heshi. He said: “I slandered Dafa and Master. Please forgive me and offer me a chance for atonement.” He then saw Master's picture moving. He was so touched by this experience, he kowtowed to Master. That same night, he sweated, stopped coughing and his fever was gone. He truly experienced Dafa's power and started to practice Falun Gong. Sometimes, he fell asleep while practicing, but Master awakened him to get up to do exercises.

My Daughter's Spine Became Straight

My daughter developed curvature of the spine when she was in middle school. The doctor suggested having periodic check-ups. When she was in the second year of middle school, her situation worsened, so we ordered something that looked like armor to help keep her back straight. During the summer, it was very hot and she felt very uncomfortable. In her third year of middle school, she refused to wear it. In her first year of high school, she went to the hospital for a checkup, and her spine had become S shaped. We took her to all the hospitals, and the only suggestion was to have surgery.

We told my daughter: “As you know, there is no way to heal your spine. You will have to have an operation some day. The operation is very risky and you will feel much pain. But you know there was a patient who became normal. When you were young, you listened Master's Fa every night before you went to sleep. You can do exercises as well. Master will take care of you. Maybe you could start to cultivate Dafa now. Please don't miss this chance! Now your school is very close to home so you have time to do exercises and study the Fa.” My daughter said: “Okay. I will start to cultivate Dafa now.”

I told my daughter that we should not pursue healing illness, but cultivate ourselves from the heart. She really did well. She did the exercises in the morning and studied the Fa diligently during the night. She used to take naps at noon time in school but now she is very energetic without any napping. She uses her nap time to do homework and studies the Fa in the evening.

There were many tiny reddish spots on her lower back, which were itchy and painful. I shared with her that Master was helping purify her body. She felt pain in her waist, and she said there was also more on her back. I told her that she might be getting rid of the illness, which was good. Last September, when she took a bath, I found that her spine had become straight. In October, in her school physical check up, the doctor marked normal beside her spinal column. She had just practiced Falun Gong for three months and became healthy. Her xinxing was very good. All the teachers like her and praise her as an outstanding student. We know Dafa has given her everything.

My Mother In-Law Cures Her Hypertension

My mother in-law is a retired teacher. I clarified the truth to her before and tried to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for her, but she didn't agree and went against me. She visited us during the Chinese New Year. She saw that my daughter's spine had become straight and was surprised. She then made a nickname for herself and asked me to help her withdraw from the CCP. She also wanted to study the Fa and do exercises. She watched Master's Guangzhou Fa lecture. We gave her two MP3s with Master's lectures and exercise music. She asked my husband: “Now should I continue to take medicine for my hypertension?” My husband said: “If you think you don't need it, then stop taking it.” I called her later and asked about her health. She said: “I do the exercises and study the Fa every day. I feel very good. I got rid of my medicine.”