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Stick to the Main Themes When Clarifying Truth

October 19, 2012 |   By a practitioner from Jilin city


(Minghui.org) Not too long ago, a CD entitled “Sun Storm,” or “9.20” (meaning Sept. 20) was distributed by practitioners. It contained the 183rd commentary program from a Sound of Hope radio broadcast, and consisted of three parts: 1. Solar Storm. 2. The sinkhole and prophecies 3. Predictions of a solar storm and epidemics.

Recently some practitioners distributed it to people, many of whom bought emergency food supplies because of the predictions in the CD. Some practitioners made copies of the CD and distributed them to people as Falun Gong truth-clarification materials.

One practitioner found these CDs on his door. The covers were either printed or handwritten. When I was on a bus on Sept. 2, a passenger told people that the earth would have disasters on Sept. 22. I couldn't tell if she was a Falun Gong practitioner or not.

It seems that this CD had a major impact among practitioners. Some practitioners firmly believed in the content of the CD, so they stocked up on oil, rice, salt, water, candles, gas, and other items. Some said that they needed to prepare candles so that they could study the Fa. Others took their savings from the bank as if a disaster would truly happen.

My personal understanding is that we need to focus on the three things Teacher requires us to do as Dafa disciples. We need to grasp every opportunity to save sentient beings and clarify the truth with wisdom. When we clarify the truth, we can’t deviate from the main themes, which are the goodness of Falun Gong and revealing the persecution of practitioners. We can use prophecies as a supplement to warn people that some of the disasters happening today were predicted in prophecies.

As Dafa disciples, we have to do things in accordance with Dafa, not with the prophecies. We can’t lose ground upon hearing any news. Teacher has told us that disasters have nothing to do with practitioners and kind people should they occur. As practitioners, if we truly believe the solar storm will happen, what we need to do is to grasp every moment to save more sentient beings, not buy emergency supplies. As long as we believe in Teacher and the Fa, and view things with righteous thoughts, Master's plans will unfold. Which item will we run short of? Maybe we will have endless supplies.

We all know that Teacher is rectifying the Fa and everything is under Teacher’s control. In the past, we were not mature and had an attachment to time. As a result, we didn’t do well in clarifying the truth with wisdom. This has caused difficulty in saving sentient beings and losses to Dafa.

We must learn from our mistakes. When talking with people about Dafa and the persecution, we need to use our wisdom to tell people about the prophecies and epidemics. We live in a time when many disasters have happened. However, no matter what we encounter, we need to sincerely remember “Falun Dafa is good.” It is truly as the lyrics of “Words of Good Fortune” described in Shen Yun performances. We must remember not to deviate from the main themes when clarifying the truth.

This is only my understanding. Please point out anything that is inappropriate.

Let’s review Teacher’s lecture in “Teaching the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference III” – “ Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference”:

“Many prophecies, for example—no matter whether they are accurate or not regarding the later stage—can shock and frighten the evil, give the world's people hints, and warn and wake up the world's people. So they can have certain positive effects. Dafa disciples can't do things according to some prophecy, though. You should do things according to the Great Law! You should do things according to what Dafa disciples should do! And you shouldn't do things by following something else. Weren't many of the prophecies you used while clarifying the facts things that you assembled for ordinary people to see? You did it to have ordinary people learn from past lessons in history—even ancient people talked about these things—that is, to caution the people of the world. They aren't for Dafa disciples to use as references in their own cultivation! If Dafa disciples hadn't encountered today's persecution I wouldn't have let you dig up those prophecies. You see the rationale, right? Dafa disciples should just do things according to the Great Law. You are creating history, you are creating the future, and anything arranged by anyone else doesn't count. Whatever anyone has seen is from the past and has already changed. Even if a few events happen to be the same, those were only arranged as needed by the overall arrangement, that's all.”

In the article “Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005”, in answering this question: “In explaining the three withdrawals to ordinary people, if we talk about prophecies and epidemics will that be putting it at too high a level?” Teacher said,

“Talking about prophesies and epidemics can be used only as a supplement to clarifying the truth, and don't go beyond just mentioning them. Don't take them as an indispensable part or a major part of truth clarification. If you do, [your efforts] will depart from what you want to do and your goal, and [you will] be far too reliant on those prophecies. They can play only a supporting role for you. Don't say too much about them—you can touch upon them and then leave it at that. Only by clarifying the truth with wisdom can you save people.”