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A Senior Practitioner Shares How She Went from Being Illiterate to Writing Articles

October 15, 2012 |   By a Dafa practitioner from China

(Minghui.org) I learned a lot from an experience sharing article I read in 2007. The writer of the article had become a practitioner just one year before. He had done a great job doing the Three Things, and had even memorized Zhuan Falun. His article brought tears to my eyes, and his diligence inspired me. I had been cultivating in Dafa for more than seven years, but because I was illiterate I couldn't even read all the words in Zhuan Falun, let alone write an experience-sharing article. I felt bad, but my faith in Master and the Fa was solid as a rock. Instead of simply feeling sorry for myself for being illiterate, I knew I had to do something about it.

Master corrects His disciples homework

For three days I anxiously wondered how I could learn to improve my reading skills. On the third evening, I dreamed that Master was correcting His disciples' homework. He wore the same suit he wears in the photo in Zhuan Falun. There was a large table with a pile of experience-sharing articles. He carefully read every article and put aside the articles that He had finished as if He wanted to keep all of them. I started to leave the room but hesitated. Master was so earnestly correcting our papers for us that I finally left. After waking up from the dream, I cried.

Learning to write

I was born in the countryside and never went to school. Writing was always very difficult for me. The scene of Master correcting his disciples’ papers was clearly imprinted in my mind, and it inspired me. I cried every day when I thought about how Master worked so hard to save me. An urge to write an experience-sharing article grew in my mind. I told myself that if I even wrote one word a day, I would be able to write 365 words in one year and would be able to finish my article in three years. So I kept a piece of paper and pen with me when I studied the Fa every day and wrote down the words I would use. If there were words that I did not know how to write, I would use other words instead. But if I could not find any other words, I would ask my family to help me.

I wrote for a month. As soon as I picked up the paper and pen, the dream appeared in my mind. I wrote four pages and gave it to a fellow practitioner to help me submit it to the Minghui website. He also proofread it for me. After editing my first draft, the fellow practitioner returned my original copy to me. Excitedly, I opened up my paper and saw that one third of the words I had used were wrong. However, I was full of gratitude: Master encouraged me all the time, and for me, taking the first step forward was already progress.

Learning how to use a computer

Back then it was difficult to make copies of the most updated truth-clarifying materials. It would be great if I could learn how to use the computer. But how could I, who did not even know Pinyin (the standard system of romanized spelling for transliterating Chinese), learn to use the computer? Master saw my desire. At the end of 2007, a fellow practitioner came to teach me how to use the computer. Wasn’t this arranged by Master? I honestly confessed that I did not know Pinyin and could not write very well either. After thinking for a moment, the practitioner said, “It doesn’t matter. As long as you can get on Minghui, you’ll be all right.” I felt greatly relieved.

Not long afterward, the practitioner brought a computer, printer, DVD burner, laminator, and necessary supplies to my home. Looking at them, I did not think about anything else but that, as long as Master and the Fa were with me, I would be able to learn everything. But how could I learn to do all those things? The fellow practitioner patiently started by showing me how to turn the computer on and off. When we got on Minghui and I saw Master sitting on the mountain quietly watching the world's people, I could not find the words to describe how excited I was. I was grateful for Master’s arrangement and my fellow practitioner’s help.

The practitioner taught me how to download, burn DVDs, and make truth-clarifying materials. After she left, another practitioner taught me how to make Dafa books and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, install software, and fix some small problems. However, when she tried to teach me how to type, it seemed hopeless. Afterwards, I was told that there was a writing board that I could connect to the computer and write. I bought a board and installed it right away. Nevertheless, it took me two days to finish writing a short article exposing the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. I was worried.

Learning Pinyin

I wanted to learn Pinyin, but who had the time to teach an old person like me? Every day after I studied the Fa, I pondered what to do. Sometimes I asked Master in my heart: “What should I do?” The longer I thought about it, the more determined I was to learn Pinyin. A cousin of mine is a retired teacher, and he agreed to teach me. Therefore, I began to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the interferences from the other dimensions to stop me from learning Pinyin, and asked Master to help strengthen my power. The entire process was an opportunity for me to cultivate and let go of attachments.

A few days later, I went to my cousin’s house after dinner with paper and a pen. We had only about an hour each time. Normally I was very impatient, but I measured myself with the Fa and removed my attachments. As I waited patiently, I realized that I was also attached to losing face.

Originally I thought that after he taught me each time, I could just go home and memorize everything. But then he told me to sing everything out loud! Singing children’s songs for an old person like me was really embarrassing. However, since I did not have any other choice, I lay aside my attachment and let go of my ego: I wanted to learn Pinyin because I could use it to save people. As soon as I began to sing, however, everybody laughed at me. I could not help but laugh at myself, too. I did not care and simply let go of my attachments. I wrote down words beside the Pinyin to help me remember the sound and read and sang at home. When my husband laughed at me, I sang even louder. I told him, “You learned it when you were a child, but now you cannot remember anything. I did not have a chance to learn to read and write when I was little. Now I have enough the courage to learn it at my age, so I can help save people.”

Learning Mandarin

After a week the Pinyin lessons concluded, and from then on, I had to practice by myself at home. I first used the keyboard to type the words. However, since I did not know the correct sound of the word, I could not find the words I wanted to use. Afterwards, I found out that if I knew Mandarin, I would be able to know what Pinyin to use. It was a challenge for a someone like me who only spoke Sichuan dialect. Suddenly I remembered that eight years earlier, I had bought a dictionary but had never used it. I took the dictionary and went to my cousin’s house again and asked him to teach me how to use the dictionary. After that, I found all the words that I did not know before, and I could type faster, too.

I participated in the 6th and 7th Mainland Chinese Dafa Practitioners Internet Experience Sharing Conferences. I first typed my article and then asked a fellow practitioner to edit it for me. I learned a lot from the experience even though my article was not published. I let go of many of my attachments, such as zealotry, showing off, resentment, and the heart to prove myself. The bad substances were gradually eliminated, my xinxing elevated, and I also became more competent.

My article to expose the persecution of a fellow practitioner was published on Minghui, so I have also become a Minghui correspondent.

From coordinating with fellow practitioners to making phone calls by myself to save people directly

The truth-clarifying materials must be delivered, and the phone team practitioners need us to give them information. I thus collected phone numbers and sent them to Minghui. I first collected the phone numbers of my friends and family. Later, I found a phone directory for the local government offices. After that, I got the phone numbers of the 5000 households in a township. I had the heart to save more people and constantly thought, “It would be great if I could get the phone book for the entire city.” Master saw my heart. Soon after that, I got a copy of the phone book for the entire city, including the phone numbers for the city political bureau, the municipal government, and the county political bureau and government, as well as the numbers for the township government, local police stations, etc.

I finally learned how to make recording phone calls this year. The effect of that is great. One store owner invited people near him to come listen to the recording. Some helped others to understand what the recording meant. A middle-age gentleman immediately asked someone to get him a pen after hearing the phone number about the “Three Withdrawals.” He wrote down the phone number after hearing the recording twice. When his family asked him what he would say, he replied, “Falun Dafa is good!”