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Keep in Mind at All Times that We Are Dafa Practitioners

January 03, 2012 |   Dictated by a practitioner named Xianzhi from China and written by a fellow practitioner


I am a housewife living in the countryside. In June 1996, when I was working on the farm, very often, I saw a senior lady going into a house at the foot of the mountain. One day I asked her what she was doing there. She said she went there to listen to the Fa. “What is the Fa?” I asked her. She said that was to practice Falun Gong. I immediately asked, “Can you take me?” She said yes, and on July 1 , 1996, that lady took me to listen to the Fa.

I still remember in the beginning when I listened to the Fa; I felt it was very good. And later, the more I listened to it, the more I wanted to listen to it, and the more it would enter my heart. During Fa study, I had a quick look at the people around me, and noticed someone had dozed off. It made me wonder that even though Master had told us that the Fa is so good, how could there still be people dozing off? After listening to the Fa, we would continue to learn the exercises. One day, I suddenly realized that several illnesses of mine had disappeared, especially the severe headaches that I use to get. Whenever I got a headache, I would have to lie in bed for 8-10 days. Now I am completely recovered, and I feel physically light. This strengthened my confidence in cultivation and, as a result, I stepped onto the path of cultivating Falun Dafa, being duty-bound and never looking back.

On July 20, 1999, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute Falun Gong. I felt I should validate Dafa and redress Master’s good name. As a result, I went to Beijing with several fellow practitioners from our village. The police stopped our vehicle before we had driven less than one hundred miles. We were illegally arrested, taken to the police station, and handcuffed to an iron window. They tried to force us to write a guarantee statement. All of us wrote about how we had benefited from practicing Falun Dafa. The director was so mad that he verbally abused us and struck the table with his fist. He gave instructions to have several of us paraded on the street. When we got to our village it was noon time and my son was just coming home from school. When he heard that his mom was being paraded on the street, he found me and tried to pull me over. The police brutally pushed him to the ground. All the people on the scene were very angry and the police, realizing this, finished up in a rush. Our family members were able to take us home. Before we left, however, they tried to force us to write a “guarantee statement”, which we all ignored.

After we got home, my son cried, saying, “Mom, please stop practicing! Please think of me!” I said, “Son, I have decided to walk the path of cultivating in Falun Dafa righteously and nothing can change my mind.”

In the winter of 2001, I once again traveled to Beijing to protect Dafa. Actually on April 25, 1999, I also went to Beijing. When fellow practitioners and I reached Zhongnanhai (the central headquarters for the CCP), we saw many fellow practitioners walking back saying that the issue had been resolved. This time, after being in Beijing for over a month, handing out truth-clarifying materials and validating Dafa, we were arrested by the police and were held in a Beijing forced labor camp for a year.

Right after the New Year in 2002, I was able to go home. My mother-in-law had passed away two years earlier and my father-in-law lived by himself. My husband had three older brothers. His second brother had not gotten married and the three of them lived their own separate lives. Before cultivation, I never quarreled with my husband’s family, so after I began cultivation, I reminded myself that I am a cultivator, and should do even better. Often I took good food to my father-in-law’s place and soon he asked if he could have meals at my place all the time. I replied, “So long if you don’t mind, you can stay at my home and have your meals.” Very soon, the second brother also came to our home for three meals a day. Both of them have been having meals at my home for almost ten years, and we have been getting along very harmoniously.

Several times my sisters-in-law invited my father-in-law to stay with them for the New Year. They wanted to show their filial devotion by inviting him to stay several days. However, my father-in-law always asked to be taken home sooner. On one occasion, just after the Chinese Lunar New Year, I stayed at my mom’s place for several days, and picked up my father-in-law several days later. As it happened, he fell sick after coming home and required several days’ nursing before he recovered. Since then, he would not go anywhere. He really supported me in practicing Falun Gong. Another practitioner once told me: “When I spoke to your father-in-law about you, he thought you were so good, and that it's so difficult to find such a person in this world.” My sisters-in-law also said they didn’t know where they got these blessings, and that they had such a good sister-in-law that they did not need to worry a single bit about their father-in-law.

During the Olympic Games in 2008, I was arrested by the police and taken to a brainwashing center. At the time, I made a phone call home and it so happened that my father-in-law answered the phone. He asked, “Xianzhi, is that you? Is this really you? I really miss you.” One police officer who was monitoring the phone, and another staff member, laughed with ill intention and they asked how old my father-in-law was. I said, “My father-in-law is 84.” Upon hearing this, they changed their attitude and said, “Dafa practitioners must have a good state of mind and they surely do well at home. Otherwise, how could a father-in-law miss a daughter-in-law?”

On another occasion, a CCP cadre came to our village to find out who still practiced Falun Gong. The villagers told him my true situation and they said it was difficult to find another person in the whole city as good as me. The cadre said it was because she practices Falun Gong, otherwise all her good deeds should be reported. The people did not know that it was because I practice Falun Gong that I was able to be such a good person. It is Dafa that has changed me to be considerate of others. If I had not cultivated Dafa, I would not have been so tolerant. It is Dafa that has completely changed me. Here I sincerely thank Master and Dafa.

In July 2006, my sister-in-law passed away, and I dealt with all the funeral issues. Actually, their son could have also done so, but I did not mind, and did it all without complaint. Since then, my brother-in-law comes to our home all the time to have meals, even if it is a holiday or busy harvest season. Other people asked me, “How can you continue to do so?” I said I am a Dafa disciple. I would do everything my Master wants me to do. No matter where I go, I always remember I am a Dafa disciple, and I do well and spread the Fa.

For so many years, people witnessed what I have done, and admired my efforts. In addition, the other practitioners in our village have also done pretty well. All the people in the village said that whoever practices Falun Gong is a good person and they all support Dafa. I recall when the persecution began, the Party Secretary General of our village toed the line of the evil party. When Dafa practitioners clarified the truth to him, he just refused to listen and kept persecuting practitioners, even taking the police to arrest Dafa practitioners. He died several years later. There was another cadre of our village; let us call him Mr. A. He understood the situation after the practitioners clarified the truth to him and he protected practitioners. During the Olympic Games, the police came to our village to arrest me. When Mr. A learned about this, he drove his vehicle beyond the village to stop the police cars. He told the police that they should not arrest me and that I am a good person. The police did not want to listen. Later, he went to the brainwashing center to ask for my release. At that time, we had three practitioners in our village being detained at the brainwashing center. When he went there, he saw a senior practitioner handcuffed to the window and being interrogated. Mr. A said, “She is old and yet you treat her this way. Who here doesn’t have seniors at home? If your seniors were treated like this, how would you feel?” The police did not say anything, and unlocked this practitioner's handcuffs.

Mr. A went to the brainwashing center three times to ask for our release and eventually we were freed and he took us home. Mr. A now knows more about the truth, and he was also promoted. He protected Dafa practitioners and several times he stopped the police from harassing us. Nowadays, the environment for cultivation in our village is more relaxed. Practitioners all go to the practice site openly to study the Fa and do the exercises.

In the farming off-season, we divided into several groups of two to distribute truth-clarifying materials in our surrounding area. At night, we would go far away to distribute the materials and post informational stickers. We would go to one village after another and when we finished giving out the materials, we had gone over thirty miles away. Those villages within ten miles would be taken care of by the senior practitioners. Every time before going out, we always sent forth righteous thoughts on the road, or quietly recited “Falun Dafa is good,” and “Truthfulness- Compassion-Forbearance is good.” Strengthened by Master, every time, everything went very smoothly, and we did not encounter any interference. We did not feel tired even after traveling over sixty miles. When we rode our bicycles, we felt like we were flying. When it was the busy season, we did our farming in the daytime, and at night we would give out the truth-clarification materials in the neighborhood. Besides handing out the materials, we also clarified the truth face to face. Everyone is in charge of an area in the village. Most of the sentient beings in the area that I am in charge of have quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Master has said (in effect) that Dafa practitioners need to improve and elevate as one body. Very often we share with fellow practitioners in nearby villages. After sharing, we all improve our understanding together. We usually do our own three things separately, and whenever it comes to the sensitive dates of the CCP, practitioners from villages close by and far away all come out, with no one left behind. We planned the routes well, and started to hand out truth-clarifying materials from our own villages. We posted stickers and hung out banners. We walked ten miles and back. We worked as one and were willing to come out and help Master in Fa-rectification.

My husband is very supportive of my cultivation. When the persecution first began, and he learned that I had decided to go with fellow practitioners to Beijing, he said, “You are going to Beijing to validate Dafa, how are you going to validate the Fa? You cannot even recite Hong Yin.” So I memorized Hong Yin day and night and within two days I could recite it all. He then tested me to see if I could recite it, and he also offered ideas to fellow practitioners going with me, advising us which way to go that would be safer and not be stopped by the police. One night, after I came home from the labor camp in Beijing, when I was doing the exercises, he mentioned that he was afraid that I might be persecuted again. I reminded him of the difference in my physical condition before and after practicing Falun Gong, and he stopped being afraid. Sometimes, he also helped me to hand out truth-clarification materials. For so many years, he has been protecting Dafa books and materials. Some time ago, he also helped me post stickers. After he posted them, I went over to take a look and saw that he did a pretty good job and posted them in a very righteous place with no wrinkles. There are many fellow practitioners who come to my home, and he always welcomes them. My fellow practitioners also say, “You husband has a very good state of mind.”

I have also done things not so well. My home was searched by police twice—once when I was sentenced to the labor camp in Beijing and the other time was when I was arrested during the Olympic Games. Several times they came to harass me. I know that meant that I still had loopholes that were taken advantage by the evil. If I were righteous enough, they would not have dared to come to my door. One time, they came again to harass me, and I did not have any attachment of fear. Immediately I sent forth the righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil demons and asked Master to strengthen me. At the same time, I asked them why they came to harass me. Ever since then, they dared not come again.

A final sentence after sharing so much: Follow closely what Master requires us to do, and do not forget to look within. Always keep in mind that we are Dafa practitioners and that we can jump over whatever tribulations may be on the path.

Lastly, I would like to thank Master once again! And I thank Dafa!