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Witnessing Miracles While Transcribing Hong Yin III

January 28, 2012 |   By a Dafa practitioner in Hebei Province, China

(Clearwisdom.net) On a recent morning I spent more than four hours transcribing the lyrics portion of Master's newly published Hong Yin III. I transcribed it another time in the afternoon. Wonderful things happened. Not only did I experience physical changes, but my wisdom also came forth. My home environment was also miraculously cleaned. In fact, it was all done by Master. Master gave me the wonderful realm and cultivation state of, “The heavens clear, the cosmic body transparent,” (“After the Catastrophe” from Hong Yin) “agile mind” and “strong righteous field.”

First Miracle: Master's Lyrics Magically Eliminate Tribulations

Since I started practicing Falun Dafa ten years ago, the variety of diseases I had disappeared. But some time ago, the gastrointestinal and gynecological diseases recurred. I knew they were evil interference. It did not improve after I sent forth righteous thoughts for several days, but after I twice transcribed the lyrics portion of Hong Yin III, these diseases were miraculously gone.

I suddenly remembered, “Aren't these lyrics from Shen Yun? Everyday people can experience all kinds of diseases disappearing after watching Shen Yun, not to mention us Dafa practitioners. Apparently what is truly magical in Shen Yun is Master's Fa!” Then Master's Fa came to mind quickly:

“Because people’s troubles stem from karma, and it is something accumulated by having previously done wrong, the more one accumulates it, the worse his problems are, with large amounts of it leading to major misfortune. Those troubles might cause major problems to loom in one’s life, or they might cause one’s body to suffer, or fall ill. After watching Shen Yun’s performance, that karma will have been eliminated. The positive energy in the show can have that impact, in which case, wouldn’t you say the troubles he once faced are over? They are gone, since it was karma that caused them. So, this is the reason why people are able to benefit right then and there.” (“Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa”)

In fact, in Shen Yun, Master is opening the gods' path for us to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. On stage, Master is using Shen Yun performers' artistry and postures to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. Each word in the lyrics is dissolved with Master's compassion and effort. Because Master's words are the Fa, when Master speaks, cosmic changes happen. When Master says that the energy of Shen Yun can benefit people, then it will be able to benefit them! That is why Shen Yun has such mighty power.

Second Miracle: The Words “Getting to Know the Truth” Show the Sacredness of Gods

When I was transcribing the lyrics portion of Hong Yin III, I found that the words “learn the truth” occurred frequently. So I roughly counted from beginning to end, and I found that these words occurred in more than 20 places, including titles. When I studied Hong Yin III again, through my celestial eye I was stunned to see that these words were very towering Buddha's images. I suddenly realized that the words “getting to know” has inner meanings of “fulfill a wish,” “enlighten,” “solve,” “unlock,” etc., not simply the shallow meanings of “know about” and “see it.”

After studying Master's lyrics, I suddenly realized that all sentient beings had made their vows before they came to this human world. It's just that they are buried in this secular world, deceived by the evil Party, and they have forgotten their vows. They must rely on their predestined relationships with Dafa practitioners and practitioners' clarifying the truth to wake them from their dreams, help them learn the meaning of this life, and help them fulfill their historic vows. I finally understood Master's Fa in “What is a Dafa Disciple:”

“Only those who can be awakened, who can realize which life path they should be taking hereafter, and who understand what people have come to this world for—only these kinds of people can truly be saved.”

This paragraph of Fa requires us to make it clear, when clarifying the truth, that sentient beings should truly understand why they came to this world, why they need to learn the truth, quit the affiliated organizations of the CCP, and know how they should walk their future paths. Our standards are higher, the requirements for clarifying the truth are higher, and the quality of our clarifying the truth must also be higher in order to truly save sentient beings.

In transcribing the lyrics, I came to deeply appreciate the immense benevolence of Master. Over the years Master not only patiently taught the Fa to Dafa disciples, but also physically and mentally spent a lot of effort teaching the Fa to sentient beings in the maze. Not only is Master leading Shen Yun overseas, Master is also teaching Dafa practitioners in China how to clarify the truth! Master has truly worked hard for us practitioners and people in the world with his boundless compassion!

Third Miracle: One Thing After Another, My Home Environment Is Miraculously Cleaned

My home environment has been cleaned up many times. I have destroyed several bags of evil things from the Communist Party culture. But there were still some things I missed that were hidden in my dimensional field. With Master's hints I miraculously found them. Shocked, I quickly cleaned up these evil things that had been hiding in my dimensional field for years, including newspapers with the evil Party culture, my child's notebook with Mao's words, old newspapers with Jiang's name, and paper bags painted with a black image of Marx.

In short, since transcribing Master's lyrics, I have felt my righteous thoughts become stronger and stronger, and I have witnessed more and more wonderful changes that can't be expressed in words. Thank you, Master, for your compassion and caring!

The above are my personal experiences and understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.