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Recent Understandings from Reading Hong Yin III

January 28, 2012 |   By a practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) Hong Yin III has recently been published. Some practitioners think the words of the songs in the second part are written for everyday people, so they have not paid much attention to this part. My understanding is that Master is teaching us the Fa through lyrics of songs during the Fa rectification, rather than by writing them for everyday people.

A few days ago, when another practitioner and I were encouraging a young man to quit Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the man was very quiet. I blurted out, “We are not asking anything in return, we just want to show you that there is hope.” Upon hearing this, the young man stood up, his eyes shining. I then said, “Do believe what we told you?” He said repeatedly, “Yes, yes, I do.” He then quit the CCP.

I could not help thinking about the change in that young man. What I had repeated to him were lyrics from Hong Yin III, and it caused such a change. I developed a further understanding of the lyrics in the second part of Hong Yin III. As Fa-rectification progresses, Master is asking us to save more sentient beings, so as to help Dafa disciples to accomplish what they need to achieve. There will then be more hope for sentient beings to be saved!

The lyrics can unlock the hearts of people who come from all kinds of different social strata so that they can be saved. We Dafa disciples should pay more attention to this!