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Calendars with Information about Falun Gong a Hit with Colleagues

January 24, 2012 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) A Falun Dafa practitioner named Damin was hired by a corporation with several thousand employees. A number of employees had previously practiced Falun Dafa, but some gave up due to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution and others were dismissed. Damin thought that since he had gotten a job there, he must have a predestined relationship with his co-workers and he was determined to bring the truth of Falun Dafa to the company employees.

Over the past year, Damin has talked to people about Falun Dafa, showed them DVDs, and gave them informational pamphlets. As the New Year approached, Damin gave his colleagues calendars that contained information about Falun Dafa. Those who learned the truth of Dafa have gradually come to see the beauty of Falun Dafa. By the close of the year, some of them asked Damin, “Do you have more of those truth-clarification calendars?” The next day, Damin brought a dozen calendars for his colleagues, who gladly accepted them.

One worker heard about this and came to ask Damin, “I don't believe this. I thought only retired people who have nothing better to do and people who are depressed practice Falun Dafa!” Damin gave him a desk calendar with the theme, Falun Dafa around the World. The co-worker was very impressed with what he saw. “So there are Falun Dafa practitioners in the US, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the UK, and France! So many countries! Even the Prime Minister of Canada and US congressmen support Falun Dafa. Even a top 610 Office officer from Shenyang renounced his membership from the CCP in public outside China. Martial arts master Li Youfu, Harvard scholar Wang Zhiyuan, and famous tenor Guan Guimin—they are all practicing Falun Dafa. That is amazing!” Then Damin offered him more information the next day, including the 2011 Shen Yun show as well as a DVD of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and other materials. After he watched them all, he went back to Damin and asked, “Could you give me ten Falun Dafa calendars? I know more people than you do, because I have been here longer.” One person hesitated to accept the materials, saying, “If it was left at my door, I would take it.” Then Damin joked, “Please tell me where you live, and I will drop it off there.” The other fellow said, “What are you afraid of? This is all true. Take it home.” The man then took the information away with him.

Some workers cautioned Damin to be a bit more low key. Damin replied, “I have nothing to be afraid of. This is for other people's good. It will benefit whoever sees it.” So far, Damin has given out dozens of calendars. He promised that he will continue to do so, so that more people will know the truth.