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My Experiences after My Mother Was Arrested When I Was in High School--Cultivation Experiences of a University Student

January 13, 2012 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) During my final year in high school, I was busy trying to rescue my mother as well as keep up with my studies. I usually completed my homework in school and rarely took it home. I studied the Falun Dafa teachings and sent righteous thoughts with my relatives at home. I went to bed at 10 p.m. To me, my senior year of study wasn't too high-pressured, and I wasn't exhausted physically or mentally like other students. I melted into the Fa and felt so relaxed and fulfilled.

--From the author

Greeting, Revered Master! Greeting, fellow practitioners!

I am a veteran practitioner who began practicing Falun Dafa in 1995--over ten years of cultivation practice. I have grown up in Dafa cultivation; below are my cultivation experiences.

Take the Right Path, Take the College Entrance Examination with Ease

My mother was illegally arrested and taken to a forced labor camp when I was in a junior in high school. My father had already passed away, and I was suddenly alone, looking at our home after it had been ransacked. I felt an inexplicable fear, as if the sky was going to collapse, and home was no longer the safest place for me. Afterwards, my relative (also a practitioner) came to stay with me, looked after me on a day-to-day basis, and studied the Falun Dafa teachings with me. Through Fa study, I realized how to take the next step. Mother's arrest occurred only a few days before the beginning of my final year in school. In order to improve students' performance, my school held classes for seniors in advance of the regular schedule. So that I could aid the rescue efforts for my mother, my relative called my lead teacher and asked for a one-day leave of absence for me. We quickly visited the police station, Public Security Bureau, Domestic Security Division and 610 Office, but one day was simply not enough, and this effort kept me busy for ten days. Many of my schoolmates asked me why I wasn't in school for all those days, so I wrote down my nightmarish experience in a letter and showed it to my good friends. They were very sympathetic to my bitter experience. I frequently showed them truth-clarification pamphlets. Later, a schoolmate told me that she'd recited “Falun Dafa is good” whenever she came across difficult questions on exams. I conducted myself with Dafa principles in school and gained high praise from my schoolmates.

Time is very precious to a senior student, and the lead teacher couldn't understand my absence in class from the very beginning. Additionally, I was among the top performing students in the class and grade, so the teacher had to “take special care” and advised me not to jeopardize my future just because my mother practiced Falun Dafa. My relative explained the facts about Falun Gong to the lead teacher, who then understood and chose to support me. When I asked for leave to visit my mother, she didn't create obstacles for me, cared about me, and protected me so that I would be exempt from evil harassment.

I was busy trying to rescue my mother as well as keep up my studies during my senior year. I usually completed my homework in school and rarely took it home. I studied the Falun Dafa teachings and sent righteous thoughts with my relatives at home. I went to bed at 10 p.m. To me, my senior year of study wasn't too high-pressured, and I wasn't exhausted physically or mentally like other students. I melted into the Fa and felt so relaxed and fulfilled. Every several days, my relative asked for a day's leave for me, then took me to every department in the city to clarify the truth and seek my mother's release. Normally, my relative spoke while I sent righteous thoughts. In addition to overall coordination, people changed from being unfeeling to becoming sympathetic. Some who knew the facts wanted to subsidize me so that I could attend school. During this time, fellow practitioners diligently cared for me. My uncle and aunt (both practitioners) also took care of me and shared with me on the Fa in this most difficult time, so I no longer felt alone. I was really moved by their sincerity and selflessness despite their own meager circumstances. I indeed felt as Teacher said: “It is a pure land here” (“Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference”)

Due to the cooperation of the whole body, my mother returned home after over eight months of imprisonment.

Teacher said:

“...whatever it is you encounter--good or bad--it is a good thing (applause), for it came about only because you cultivate in Dafa.” (“Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005”)

Although we don't acknowledge this evil persecution, this experience over eight months helped me to elevate very quickly on the Fa. I let go of the attachments of playing computer games and of relying on everyday people and pursuing results. Studying the Fa and sending righteous thoughts enriched my life, and allowed me to realize the power of righteous thoughts and the importance of one-body cooperation.

At that time, I was close to taking the college entrance examination, and there were 14 textbooks I hadn't read, but I didn't panic or worry at all. I stepped into the exam room with righteous faith in Dafa and Teacher. While we were waiting for the exam paper, I kept sending righteous thoughts to clear my dimensions, explained the truth about Falun Gong to schoolmates around me, and asked Teacher to strengthen me and open up my wisdom. A miracle happened—I was readily accepted to a second-highest level university, scoring 60 points higher than the admission requirements. I didn't fail because of my absence from classes or expending the energy it took to rescue my mother. On the contrary, I could have gone to a school with an early acceptance rating with my scores, but I wasn't attached to it and didn't want to add problems for my teachers. I didn't ask my teacher’s advice on which schools to register for, but, according to Teacher's requirement, I allowed things to happen naturally and simply selected a university that was close to my home. I understood this, because I walked the correct path, wasn't attached to human gains or losses, and didn't think about whether I could attend a good university, but truly acted on the Fa to save people and rescue a fellow practitioner. Therefore, Teacher gave me the greatest wisdom.

Keep the Correct Foundation, Send Righteous Thoughts, Easily Pass Professional Level 8

After entering the university, I was truly shocked by all the different people and things, their desires for material benefits, and the flood of human sentiment. However, I handled myself well, and on the first day of school, my mother, my relative, and I cooperated to explain the truth to the faculty secretary. Since my family was poor, I was facing the issue of how to afford the expense of attending the university, but after listening to the truth about Falun Gong, the faculty secretary agreed to help me apply for a student loan. In class and the dormitory, I explained to my schoolmates about the wonderful nature of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. One of my roommates developed a protrusion of her lumbar intervertebral discs, and whenever the weather changed or it was cold, she experienced severe pain in her lower back. When it was serious, she limped, so I helped her to get water and carry heavy things (we lived on the 6th floor). Later, I explained the truth about Falun Dafa, but since I hadn't studied the Fa well enough, I didn't explain it thoroughly, so she didn't accept it. However, she was positively affected by my good moral behavior and gradually changed. A year after she found out that my relative had been arrested, she sent me a text message to express her support for us and to say that she was indignant about and despised these evil acts.

Compared to my pure and simple life in high school, the university environment was the same as in regular society. Although university life was quite loose, the class hours were scattered and scheduling was difficult. Our dormitory was mixed, and roommates were not from the same class. Our class times were different, so when I was not in class, there was almost nobody in the dormitory. That meant I could calm down to study the Fa. Recalling it now, nothing was accidental, everything was arranged by Teacher. Sometimes I couldn't concentrate on Fa study, so I read it out loud. Afterwards, I was introduced to other student practitioners in the same school and other schools. On weekends, we got together to study and exchange views.

I majored in English. In the fourth year of university, we have an exam of professional English level 8 (the highest level in English specialty). Since it is very difficult, the majority of students give up participating in the test. At that time, I was busy preparing for the postgraduate school exams. It was also the Chinese New Year, and I didn't pay much attention to the test. I didn't study any of the past year's test questions, and since it was close to the test date, I couldn't help feeling a bit worried. However, another thought arose in my mind.

Teacher said:

“Many children have not only learned the Fa well, but are also ranked first or second in their studies at school. A lot are like that, there are a lot of them. It’s not that they are necessarily attached to academic achievements, but that through Dafa cultivation they have come to understand what they should do. They are able to balance school studies and the Fa well. Students should do well in their schoolwork.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Conference in New Zealand”)

I am a Dafa practitioner, and although I was not directly explaining the truth and validating Dafa, some classmates knew that I was a practitioner. The test also demonstrated a practitioner's manner, validating Dafa's greatness. Lives and old forces in other dimensions were also covetously watching; I could not let Teacher down and discredit Dafa.

On the day of the test, I found a quiet place outside the exam room (so I wouldn't be disturbed) to send righteous thoughts. I didn't enter the test room too early, because all my classmates were there, and I could not have avoided chatting with them. Before I got the test paper, I quietly sent righteous thoughts to clear away all my attachments and every desire and disintegrate all the dark minions and rotten ghosts, the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) evil sprits and all its evil lives and elements in other dimensions that interfered with me validating the Fa. I asked Teacher to strengthen me. This time, my thoughts were quite pure. Previously, I still had questions that I couldn't answer, but after I asked Teacher for strength, I realized that, through Fa study, I had sent righteous thoughts with strong attachments. That was selfish, so it had no righteous power.

During the entire test, I was not at all anxious and finished the exam easily. After I walked out of the test room, I felt a kind of victory like never before. I felt steadfast and confident, as if a voice was saying: “You will surely pass.” The results were announced, and only two people out of 40 in the class passed; I was one of the two. My classmates said: “You are really good. Others studied everyday but didn't pass; you didn't review at all but passed level 8.”

Study the Fa more: the treasured Dafa books contain all, and Dafa gives us wisdom, teaches us to be good people, and helps us to unceasingly purify our minds, stepping onto the path of returning to oneself. Whenever I was confused and felt helpless facing the dazzling world and nearly drifting away with the current, it was Dafa, Teacher, and fellow practitioners who awakened me, cleared my vision, helping me to continue walking and follow the path correctly. Thank you, merciful and great Teacher! Thank you, fellow practitioners! I know that I still have many shortcomings, and in the final period, I will certainly solidly study the Fa, try my best to assist Teacher in Fa-rectification, and walk the final road steadily.

Finally, I would like to encourage us all with Teacher's Fa:

“In order to truly enable you to ascend through cultivation, I have utilized a method, namely, taking what I can give to you and what I can help you with, and compressing all of it into the book of Fa. The only thing left is to see if you want to obtain it.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia”)

“I’ve often said that I have incorporated into this Fa everything that can allow you to cultivate and advance, and everything that you can attain through cultivation. Although you are in different realms, none of you can truly understand the weight of my words.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Switzerland”)

Thank you, Teacher! Thank you, fellow practitioners!

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