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Eliminating Pernicious Thoughts Is Critical at this Stage

September 12, 2011 |   By a practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) Recently I studied Teacher’s new article “Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa,” and had some new realizations. I would like to share with fellow practitioners my understandings along with what I've seen recently in other dimensions.

Teacher said in “Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa”:

But with the lowly, impotent human body, whatever one’s thoughts align with will dominate the person. In other words, when beings of different planes notice that you want something, or are attached to something, and that it precisely aligns with them, they take effect and even direct you. When a person is not rational, or is venting anger, negative elements are taking effect. Everything is alive, and those things include evilness, desires, and hatred, among others. So in such situations they naturally take effect.

The biggest lesson I learned from this passage of the Fa lecture is that the moment a practitioner starts to think of something, whether good, bad, or indifferent, it all has its effect. As the Fa-rectification approaches the human surface, one can see that the transformation of a practitioner’s body in other dimensions has already occurred. The flesh-body is fixed in the human space, but the body in subsurface dimensions can come out. It is like the cultivator shown in the Shen Yun Performance; his body is stationary and meditating, but the microscopic body can emerge. Therefore I believe that the standard of the cosmic climate is getting higher and higher. Practitioners need to maintain their xinxing, and not generate any bad thoughts influenced by attachments. Because everything has a spiritual existence, a practitioner's thoughts can accomplish things. Aside from working on the three things and daily living, it is best to have no thoughts at all. We should keep a clear mind that is free from wandering, idle thoughts. Otherwise, this impure state empowers pernicious thoughts to cause trouble for oneself and others.

Here are some examples:

When we yield to the attachment of wanting to be comfortable, oversleep out of “laziness,” or “enjoy” human life a bit more, we find in the other dimension two ugly demons of “laziness” and “enjoyment” coming near us to control our minds and enhance these false sensations. They are actually injecting poisonous liquid around you, attempting to immerse and destroy you. Reflected on the human side is that you are carried away by the attachment of wanting to be comfortable. This is a decadent side-path that imperils one's everlasting future.

Another example is when one has conflicts with others, or feels mistreated and casts thoughts of blame on others as a reason to give up. One may become down and “discouraged,” and does not even want to do the three things. Then the demon of “discouragement” will come and pull you toward the human level and immerse you in the hellish cares of the world.

Sometimes we may be presumptuous about others and conjure false ideas about them from an evil mindset of “suspicion.” The shape of “suspicion” is like an ancient platypus, with a black and filthy body. Right now this demon is doing a lot of damage. Reflected in the human world it involves one who has wild thoughts, and arbitrarily second guesses and suspects others. These pernicious thoughts are from one who cannot control oneself, because emotions have gotten the best of them. Though they may regard themselves as the ones thinking these thoughts, they are not from the main consciousness. They only intellectualize their errant feelings, uncontrollably bringing up various impertinences with gaping holes in human logic.

One more thing: When one erects a hand and sends forth righteous thoughts while one’s heart is actually being selfish, one’s so-called righteous thoughts are no more than the garbage thrown into other people’s space. They are all black, filthy, hard-to-remove, tar-like substances that stick to people’s walls and windows. A practitioner who sends forth bad thoughts causes harm, because he himself has not been elevated. I am afraid to deal with practitioners who have too many haphazard thoughts and attachments, and those who cannot enlighten to higher levels, since I truly am not able to get rid of the black substances coming into my space, and I do not know what to do. Once while distressed by the situation, I saw two transparent, thin-looking, silk-like long ribbons gently sweeping over, with all the sticky, dirty substances immediately removed. I truly thank Teacher for letting me see that the Fa is almighty. As long as we strengthen our righteous thoughts and maintain our xinxing, Teacher can do anything to help us.

Recently I sense more and more that everything around me is alive. When we have a good thought and truly want to help sentient beings and validate Dafa, Teacher will pave the road for us. All we need to do is proceed with righteous thoughts, and things will go smoothly with everything around us pitching in to help us succeed. When we do things that stray from the standards of the Fa, or have human attachments or bad thoughts, we will encounter all sorts of obstacles.