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Cultivators Need to Regard Fa Conferences with Righteous Thoughts

August 30, 2011 |   By a practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) I recently found my deficiencies and obtained new realizations about Fa conferences and writing experience sharing articles. In the past, I felt that I did not have any miraculous stories or earth shattering events to write about. I acted like I was a bystander, as though those things had nothing to do with me. The truth of the matter was that I did not sense my misconceptions. Teacher left us with the cultivation format of Fa conferences, group Fa-study, and experience sharing. These are part of Dafa, and the mindset that we have regarding Fa conferences is also the mindset that we have for Dafa. This is no small matter, and I had never suspected that I might have deficiencies in my attitude toward Dafa, despite my deficiencies regarding Fa conferences and writing experience sharing articles.

I actually have learned many lessons over the course of Dafa cultivation. In the over ten years of my cultivation, each step was the basis for the next, and every step was an important one. The only problem was that I did not have the capability to articulate all that I had experienced. I therefore decided that no matter what the article turned out to be, I would begin with writing about the deficiencies I saw in myself when reading fellow practitioners’ articles. When I wrote the article, it was as though I was examining my thoughts these past years with righteous thoughts. I looked directly into my heart, and I saw clearly the seriousness of the matter. I want to remind those who have similar attachments to get rid of them. Getting used to the attachment of being complacent might not be a big deal in doing ordinary people’s work, but it can become a big problem in one’s cultivation when it comes to doing the exercises, attending Fa conferences, and writing experience sharing articles.

Whether one is good at writing or not, if you are serious about it, you will find that using the Fa to review one’s experiences is itself a cultivation process. The purpose is not just to publicize our understandings, but part of it is about following the cultivation format that Teacher has arranged for us. It is of course a good thing if the article gets published. However, if after writing an article we find that it is not well written and not accepted, it becomes a good opportunity for us to look inward, and along the way cultivate and elevate ourselves. Isn’t that precisely what a cultivator wants? I believe that this is also the attitude one should have regarding Fa conferences and writing experience sharing articles.