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Lanzhou City Practitioners Dr. Luo Yongde and Wife Ms. Xin Xiangcao Suffer Years of Persecution (Part 2)

August 27, 2011 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Part 1: http://clearwisdom.net/html/articles/2011/8/26/127692.html

II. Mr. Luo's Wife, Ms. Xin Xiangcao Persecuted

Arrested for Appealing in Beijing

Ms. Xin Xiangcao is 52 years old and worked in Agan Township's Coal Heating Purification Station. On July 15, 2000, Ms. Xin and practitioners Xu Yonggui and Xi Guiying together went to Beijing to appeal to the government about Falun Dafa. At first, they could not find the Office of Appeals, and they were just wandering around Tiananmen Square for several days. When Ms. Xin and Ms Xi were near Wangfujing, a police car arrived and several officers jumped out. Without asking any questions, the police put the two practitioners in the police car and took them to Tiananmen Police Station. After being detained there for two hours, Ms. Xin was transferred to Xining Government's Liaison Office in Beijing. There were two police officers there who said, “Tomorrow, let's send this woman to Xining Prison.” Ms. Xin held a firm thought that she should not be imprisoned and was able to escape the next morning. She then returned to Tiananmen Square and saw practitioners from other places who were displaying banners. She went up to hold the banner and shouted out, “Falun Dafa is innocent! Falun Dafa's Master is innocent! Falun Dafa is good!” Before she could even finish, she was grabbed by a plainclothes police officer and was pushed into a police car. She was brought to Qianmen Police Station and held there for five hours without any food or water.

She was transferred to the Pinggu County First Detention Center at 3:00 p.m. Her photo was taken and her body was searched. After being detained there for seven days, Agan Township's vice-mayor Wu Mingzhou and Ms. Xin's co-worker Chen Zimei came and brought her back to the Lanzhou Qilihe Police Department. She was interrogated there and then detained at Yanjiaping Detention Center for 15 days before she was allowed to be picked up by her family. Later, her workplace directed two of her co-workers Zeng Zhiqiang and Li Huixia, to maintain a constant watch on her home, harass her family, and maintain a 24-hour surveillance on her activities. Her workplace also deducted 3,800 yuan from her salary, which they said was needed to cover their road expenses.

Sent to a Drug Rehabilitation Center

On January 18, 2001, police officer Zhang Yu from Agan Town Police Station went to Ms. Xin's home. He deceived Ms. Xin by telling her they just needed to talk to her at the police station. When Ms. Xin got there, they asked her, “Are you still going to practice Falun Gong?” Ms. Xin answered, “It is very good. Why not?” She was then forced into a police car in the yard and directly sent to Qilihe District's Hanjiahe Drug Rehabilitation Center.

At the time, there were over 30 Falun Gong practitioners there, including Gong Yulian, Zheng Fengru (both of whom were eventually persecuted to death), Zhu Guilan, Xing Yuangui, Li Qiuxiang, Jiang Wenyu, Du Wenhui, Ning Gang, Zhao Chuan, Hou Yanqing, Liu Guang, Ma Yuelan, Yang Chunfang, An Yingchun, Zeng Xianzhi, Mao Yaping (also persecuted to death later), Xiao Yanhong, and Zhang Chuntai. Lanzhou City's Politics and Law Committee ordered 610 Office director Ding Chaosheng, employees Wang Shuangquan, someone with the last name Shi, and Ma Li to cooperate with six police officers from the Qilihe Police Department, including Yang Dongchen, Fat Yang (nickname), and Xi Mingjie. Their goal was to brainwash the practitioners and to “transform” them. They locked more than a dozen male practitioners into one big room and female practitioners into separate rooms, with groups of three to four per room. The practitioners were not allowed to talk to each other, walk around, or be visited by their families. They were also not allowed to do the Falun Gong exercises, and they were frequently subjected to body searches and their Falun Dafa books were taken away. Practitioners were only led outside during meal times. They were even restricted from going to the restroom and at one point were denied restroom use for six days. Many practitioners became incontinent. The police also played videos that slandered Falun Dafa and also took each practitioner individually to the office to brainwash them. This lasted for six months. After about three months, the Lanzhou City Politics and Law Committee, the 610 Office, and the Qilihe Police Department Political Security Section's Xi Mingjie all worked together with over sixty police from Lanzhou to transfer practitioners Xia Yanhong, Mao Yaping, and Du (over 70 years old) to the Xiguoyuan Detention Center.

In June 2001, police searched Ms. Xin's body and took away her Falun Dafa texts. In order to get them back, Ms. Xin went on a hunger strike. After 15 days, over 30 Falun Gong practitioners together did the exercises and went on a hunger strike to resist the detention. After the strike, the practitioners were finally allowed to go home one after another. After a week, the 610 Office sent Xiao Gan, Ma Li, Xiao Shi, and another man to Ms. Xin's home to harass and monitor her.

Forced to Leave Home

A little past 11:00 p.m. on February 10, 2002, eight police officers from the Agan Township Police Station suddenly arrived at Ms. Xin's home. They violently kicked the door. After Ms. Xin opened the door, they rushed in and ransacked Ms. Xin's home without any legal recourse.

On February 25, 2002, in order to let more people know about the persecution, 15 practitioners, including Ms. Xin, Geng Cuifang (was persecuted to death later) and Li Qiuxiang, went to distribute flyers and display banners near Xiguoyuan Detention Center. They were reported by a local monk and two police officers came and put ten of them on a bus which would take them out of town (the other five were able to get away). They were held at the security office in the bus station for the Lanzhou-Weiyuan buses. After being questioned, they were each taken back by officers from the local police stations. Ms. Xin and Xu Yonggui were taken back by Agan Town Police Station officials. On the way back, the police handcuffed Xu onto the car's seat. They were then detained at Agan Town Police Station. At approximately 4:00 a.m. the next morning, they were able to get away and walked over to the other side of the mountain. When they were about to get on a bus to go home, Xu was arrested again by a police officer who was hiding there. Ms. Xin turned around and ran to a nearby place to hide. The officer followed her up into the mountain but left after not being to find her. Ms. Xin has was forced to leave home and has not returned since.

The Lanzhou City Police Department conducted a large-scale search for practitioners on November 27, 2003. Mr. Luo and Ms. Xin were forced to frequently go from one place to another and this lasted for over three years. In May 2006, they came back to Lanzhou and rented an apartment.

Tortured to Critical Condition at a Brainwashing Session

On November 9, 2006, Mr. Luo and Ms. Xin were arrested at their apartment by the Domestic Security Division of Lanzhou City Police Department. The police handcuffed Ms. Xin's hands and feet onto an iron chair and interrogated her. They were transferred to the Gongjiawan Brainwashing Center in the afternoon. The next day, the general secretary of the brainwashing center, Qi Ruijun, interrogated them in his office. Ms. Xin was sitting on the couch and didn't acknowledge Qi when Qi called her to stand up. Qi then hit Ms. Xin in the forehead. After many rounds of questions, Ms. Xin still wouldn't say anything. Qi detained her in a room and frequently went there to force her to write a guarantee statement and said that she would be sentenced if she refused. Ms. Xin went on a hunger strike to protest. The police tied her to a bed while handcuffing her hands and tying her feet onto the edges of the bed. Then they gave her several injections of unknown drugs, which they called “nutritional shots.” After five days, they began to force-feed Ms. Xin. Several guards held her down while police officers and nurses immediately began to insert the tubes. Officer Ma Xin said while inserting the tubes, “I'll insert these until you die. Now dare to try the hunger strike again.” They handcuffed Ms. Xin onto the bed after inserting the tubes and Ms. Xin was handcuffed there for 21 days. Qi Ruijun brought in over 30 people with steamed bread in salt water. Some of these people pinched Ms. Xin's cheeks, others used spoons to pry Ms. Xin's mouth open, and others force-fed her. Several of Ms. Xin's teeth were pried loose.

Due to these brutal forms of torture, Ms. Xin's heart was seriously damaged. She suffered from dizziness and would throw up every time she ate. Police officer Yang Dongchen and a security officer with the last name Zuo, took Ms. Xin to the medical facility to give her shots to stop her from vomiting. Medical personnel saw that Ms. Xin was shivering so they gave her an ECG. The result showed that her heartbeat was very unstable and irregular. They then forced her to take heart medication. Ms. Xin refused so police officer Ma Xin and security officer Yang Jigang force-fed her the drug, but were unsuccessful as Ms. Xin refused to cooperate. Ma Xin then madly hit Ms. Xin in the chest and signaled Yang to continue to beat her. Yang then slapped Ms. Xin in the face. Ms. Xin's ears were permanently damaged from this abuse and she continues to experience pain.

Another time, they told Ms. Xin to go to the medical center to get her heart condition checked but she did not cooperate. Ma and several other security guards forcibly pulled her to the medical office while beating and cursing her. The results revealed that her heartbeat was more unstable and faster than the last time. Even under this condition, police officer Mu Jun still forced her to sweep and mop the floor. Ms. Xin did not cooperate and Mu brutally beat her and accused her of faking her condition. Because Ms. Xin refused to write the guarantee statement, Qi ordered police officer Sun Qiang and Yang Wentai to put Ms. Xin in a solitary cell and hang her on a bunk bed, every day from 1:00 p.m.. to 7:00 p.m. During this period, she wasn't allowed to eat, drink, or use the restroom. This lasted three days and Ms. Xin's heart condition was getting worse. Her entire body was swollen and she could no longer walk. They sent Ms. Xin back to her room and did not let her walk around or use the restroom. They also ordered one of the prisoners, Wang Yongping, to curse at her. Ms. Xin was in tremendous pain and could not lie still in her bed. After they gave her another ECG, three police officers and two security personnel came over and carried her to Lanzhou Electric Factory Hospital, where she received oxygen and injections to treat her heart condition. Four days later, Qi demanded Ms. Xin pay money to be hospitalized. Because Ms. Xin had no money, they took her back to the brainwashing center. But they were afraid that Ms. Xin would die in the brainwashing center and thus sent her home the next day.

Officials involved in the persecution:

Lanzhou City Political and Law Committee secretary: Li Senzhu
Lanzhou City Political and Law Committee deputy secretary and 610 Office secretary: Zhang Mingquan
Local 610 Office director: Wang Shuangquan
Lanzhou City Police Department Section 26 (610 Office) Section Lead: Zhou Hong (also the deputy chair of Lanzhou City Police Department)

For more names and phone numbers, please see the original Chinese text.