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Practitioners Should Never Misquote the Fa

August 23, 2011 |   By a practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) Cultivation is a very serious matter and should never be treated carelessly. Recently, I found two things that fellow practitioners were doing that were not in line with the Fa. I am mentioning it here to protect Dafa and to help practitioners cultivate more purely and better guard their virtue.

Recently, some practitioners I knew incorrectly quoted some of Master's words, that is, they either partially quoted Master's words or added some words to reflect their own understanding. They then declared that all of these words were Master’s quotes.

One practitioner shared his understanding of the Fa but his audience was not clear if his words were Master’s words, or only his own understanding of Master’s words. Another practitioner made this same mistake, over and over again, even after people pointed it out to him. During that time, his breath was so stinky that even from a distance you could smell it. No matter how thoroughly he brushed his teeth, he still had extremely bad breath. When clarifying the facts, people would use their hands to signal him to stop. He always sent forth righteous thoughts to get rid of his stinky breath but it was of no use, as it was a result of his poor cultivation. Since he looked outside of himself, he never solved the problem.

However, once that practitioner changed his habit of misquoting Master's words and adding in his own understandings, his foul breath went away.

One day, I discussed the above case with another practitioner who told me that there was a practitioner in his area who could only read a few words of the Fa. When that practitioner studied the Fa and came across words that he couldn’t read, he often made up his own pronunciations and used his own words. For many years he was doing the three things, thus, he seemed like a diligent cultivator. However, he often fell down at home and never knew why. It was only after he attended group Fa-study that others realized that what he read was nonsense and that most of the words he read were made up by him. So what on earth was he studying for so many years! In fact, his “studying” had only hurt him! As a result, many of his understandings of the Fa were inaccurate. Fortunately, after others pointed this out to him, he stopped falling down at home.