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What I Saw While Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

August 15, 2011 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) It was 22:55 and time for sending forth righteous thoughts for my project team. I sat in a double lotus position as usual and started cleansing myself. I suddenly saw a part of my body in other dimensions, a very tall Buddha with a thousand hands. The Buddha illuminated golden light. Wherever his hands waved, colorful clouds and lights shined in exotic hues. A huge amount of energy flowed very strongly in my body.

When I erected my palm to eliminate the evil, I saw countless rays of light that emerged in my dimensions. All types of divine power displayed simultaneously. I then realized that the big Buddha with a thousand hands I saw earlier was only one of the many similar Buddhas on top of a Buddha's head. Although my view was narrow and didn't cover it all, the magnificent display was already beyond the description of words. My divine body was very excited and active. I felt that it was shooting towards the top of my head and almost going to take my whole human body into the air as if the divine body was going to burst out of the human one.

I know that all of this was bestowed to me by Master, including my whole life. Everything is created by the boundless Fa. At that moment, the fame and interest I worked so hard to pursue and the emotions I held so dear to my heart all became so trivial until they completely disappeared. Who was I? What were my own ideas? Those selfish things I emphasized so much sounded so laughable and foolish. I regretted very much that sometimes I missed the time for sending forth righteous thoughts or at times I would doze off.

I suddenly had a strong wish. I truly hoped that I could be like a particle of Master's gong, acting completely based on Master's wishes, and accomplishing what Master wants with all my capabilities. Although Master told us once that we were not exactly the same as his gong, I had a sense that I could melt into it somehow. Being a particle of Master's gong would be my entire wish for myself and the incomparable honor and happiness of my life!

During this time, my own thoughts did not exist, nor did I exist. There was only one thought in my dimensions, which was to treat Master's wishes as my responsibilities, want what Master wants, take the requirements of the Fa-rectification as the standard, and achieve it with my best efforts. Tremendous energy accumulated and dashed towards the edge of the horizon far far away. I was moved to tears.

I opened my eyes and it was 23:30. The energy was still surging through my body. My body and mind were enveloped in happiness and wonder. I thought of my fellow practitioners, and an unprecedented appreciation stirred up in my heart. I understood more deeply the preciousness of each fellow practitioner, especially those who have been silently contributing, and who don't look extraordinary. What they have done sounds common, however, they carry remarkable mighty virtue. I also realized that each time we send forth righteous thoughts it is not a simple matter, nor are the three things Master told us to do. I must cherish my opportunities and do them well.