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Clarifying the Truth to a Policeman Who Tried to Entrap Me

July 06, 2011 |   Written by a practitioner from Liaoning Province

(Clearwisdom.net) I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1996. I always had difficulty clarifying the truth face to people to face. I did not know what to do when facing indifferent strangers. I felt sad every time I read new articles published by Master because I was far from the requirement of “clarifying the truth and saving the sentient beings.” I had a strong attachment of fear.

However, one experience totally changed my understanding and cultivation status.

One day on the way to a Fa study, I saw someone squatting there who had a pained expression. When I got close, we looked at each other. When I was about to make a turn, his eyes also followed me. I was not sure if he was expecting something, or if there were other reasons. I thought, since I saw him, probably there was a predestined relationship. I went up and asked him, “Are you OK?” He said: “My legs are in pain.” I told him some approaches to relieve the pain from a medical point of view. Finally I said: “Let me tell you one more way. You can say “Falun Dafa is good” sincerely, then you will recover.” He said: “What?” I repeated the words. He said, “It is evil!” I said: “No, Falun Dafa is based on Truth-Compassion-Forbearance, how can that be evil?” He suddenly stood up and said: “We have trapped several Falun Gong practitioners this way recently.” I said: “This is wrong. Nowadays, it is ignored when people commit murder, arson, steal or rob. However, people are arrested for trying to be good. Isn't this abnormal?” He said: “Where do you live?” He asked several times and his voice grew louder and louder. I was a little panicked. I asked: “Why do you ask where I live?” He said: “I am a policeman!” He was a little hysterical.

I realized that I had to face this. I sent forth righteous thoughts, and at the same time I calmly told him: “What's the difference if you are a policeman? I tried to help you, while you want to persecute me?”

He was shocked. I said: “People practice Falun Gong and experience mental and physical improvements. There are many miraculous stories of recovery from illnesses. While those who have persecuted good people never get good results. During the cultural revolution, the Communist Party had the Red Guards destroy temples. After a few months or half a year, those Red Guards all died from sudden illnesses. You are old enough to know about this. And you can also look up the records.”

He was shocked. He said: “Those who I arrested, will not be able to come out without my testimony.”

I said: "It depends on what they did and it depends on the law. If you arrested them by your own will, it is called 'using your personal power to substitute for the law.' It is persecution. If you indeed killed innocent people, the wrath of heaven will come to you. You will have bad luck from then on.” He was shocked again. I said: “Having power today does not mean that you will be alive tomorrow. Falun Gong practitioners spread the truth so that people will tell right from wrong, truth from lies, and escape the big disaster, so that they will have a good future. Falun Gong is innocent and is under persecution. One day the whole truth will be revealed.” While I clarified these issues, I was very calm and peaceful. My thoughts were clear and I could feel the most excellent feeling of embodying the Fa. It was like viewing the human world from the top of a mountain. I felt pity for this policeman. I feel that the CCP manipulates ignorant policemen to do bad deeds, and they did not know the truth. I feel sad for their future. The resentment that I used to hold towards policemen because they brutally persecuted practitioners was also gone. I only wanted him to be saved. I realized that after I sincerely tried to help him and tried to help him to understand the truth of Falun Gong, he started to think for himself and he was not controlled by evil any more.

After that I thought further about it. If I had clarified the truth better in that aspect in the past, the results would have been better. I realized that my heart felt rich when I totally thought about others. In the past, when I only planned and thought about myself, I felt lonely and empty.

After I returned to the Fa study group, I told fellow practitioners that I had encountered a policeman. Practitioners asked me what happened. When I was about the tell the story, I realized that I was very excited about the victory of changing the policeman's mind. I saw my attachments of showing off and validating myself. I felt that I had barely gotten rid of the attachment fear, and now I was starting to have the attachment of showing off. It was good that I realized it, so that I could suppress it and get rid of it.

I have been introverted and timid since I was a kid. I always had a lack of confidence. When I washed dishes in the kitchen, I dared not look outside of the window since it was dark. When it was thundering, I would hide under blankets. In classrooms, when teachers asked questions, even if I was the only person who knew the answer, I dared not stand up to answer it. Now I could calmly clarify the truth to a policeman on the street, which was indeed a miracle. This must be the mighty power of Falun Dafa. Of course, I am still far from the requirements of Master. In the future, I should be more diligent in studying the Fa and doing the three things, so that I will not fail to live up to the compassionate salvation of Master.