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Good Fortune Bestowed on Family Members Who Protect a Practitioner

July 02, 2011 |   By a practitioner in Heilongjiang Province, China

(Clearwisdom.net) One day while passing out information pamphlets about Falun Dafa, someone reported me to the police, and I was taken to a detention center. As soon as my younger sister heard about it, she moved my printer, Dafa books and information pamphlets, and other printing materials to her place. Before going off to work every morning, at lunchtime, and again after work, my family went to the police department to demand my release. The chief said to them, “If you could make her promise that she will no longer practice Falun Dafa, we will release her." My sister replied, “This is just her personal belief. She does it for her health. It is good for her.” They also sought out the head of the domestic security division, who said to them, “Why don't you buy us dinner? We have not had dinner yet.” My brother and father decided that they would not give money to bad people even though they could afford it. They said to him instead, “She has no money. We are even paying for her child's schooling.”

With the support of my family members and fellow practitioners, I was released after four days. After I was released, none of my family members complained about me or to me. My parents gave me money to produce materials because they knew that I did not have the money to do it.

In the past, my brother had difficulty finding work. He could not get a good job and disliked manual labor. Even though he sometimes found odd jobs to do, he often did not get paid. Consequently, his wife always complained about his job situation, and they fought over it a lot. After I was released, he found a good job as a key holder for a company and received a daily salary of one hundred yuan!

My brother-in-law, a contractor, always had bad luck. His business was either losing money or he would get swindled. He could not even pay his workers, and his creditors were always after him. My younger sister paid out of pocket to help him pay his debts. Now, however, his business has improved and he is able to bring money home. My sister is very happy about this.

My 72-year-old father has a clinic in a nearby town. Someone over 70 is usually not allowed to operate a clinic. However, his business is very good, and the clinic continues without any problems. His daily income is close to several hundred yuan. The clinic is about 8 kilometers from his home and, whatever the weather, my father rides his bike to work daily. He continues to enjoy very good health, even at 72!

When my father goes to town to work in the clinic, my mother is home alone. She does all the housekeeping chores. One day while carrying in groceries, she fell on the concrete walk. She sustained significant bruising of her face and legs. While visiting my mother, I asked her to repeat to herself, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." She did not ask me to take care of her, knowing that I was very busy clarifying the truth to people. A few days later when I saw her again, she said, “I said, 'Falun Dafa is good' and 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good' every day. I had only minimal treatment for my injury, yet I am fine.” My mother is 75 years old and it was a bad fall. It's hard to believe that she recovered so fast!

These are all examples of good fortune bestowed on my family members for supporting Dafa.