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Mr. Dai Xianxi Illegally Detained Since May, Younger Brother in Japan Calls for Help

July 12, 2011 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Dai Xianxi from Dongguan City, Guangdong Province was arrested on May 26, 2011, as he distributed information about Falun Gong. Officer Huang Guihong and others from the Dongshan Police Station in Qishi Town made the arrest. More than 40 days have passed since his arrest and Mr. Dai's family hasn't been able to get any information about him. His young brother who works in Japan is calling for help to rescue him.

When Mr. Dai's family went to the police station to inquire about his situation, they were told that he is being held in the Shangqiao Detention Center in Dongguan City. Because his family is not allowed to visit him, we have no idea if he is indeed being held there. When the family asked why they arbitrarily arrested him, what legal basis they have, and why they won't release Mr. Dai, they weren't give any reasonable explanation. They said that Mr. Dai's case has been submitted to the Dongguan City Police Department. It was learned that Qishi Police Department's Criminal Police Team and Legal Affairs Section were involved in Mr. Dai's arrest.

When Mr. Dai's family called the Dongguan City Police Department, and asked which department is in charge of Falun Gong cases, they were given the Domestic Security Division's telephone number. However, when the family called the number, they refused to admit that they are the Domestic Security Division, saying, “You've got a wrong number,” “This is so and so hospital,” or “This is such and such broadcasting group.”

Mr. Dai is honest and kind, he made up his mind to be a useful person in society when he studied at a technical secondary school. After graduation, he managed to support his younger brother so that he could complete his university studies and also set up his own company in Dongguan City. Now since he has been illegally arrested and detained, his company is nearly paralyzed. He has two children, one in the fourth grade, the other in the first grade.

Mr. Dai's parents in their 60s are honest farmers. Having gone through the Cultural Revolution, they deeply know how brutal and inhuman the Chinese Communist regime is. Mr. Dai's wife has to take care of their children and as well as their company's affairs. She has been going everywhere, trying to get information about her husband and she is physically and mentally exhausted.

Parties responsible for the persecution of Mr. Dai Xianxi:

Shangqiao Detention Center in Dongguan City: 86-769-2220-9679
Dongshan Police Station in Qishi Town, Dongguan City: 86-769-8666-1006
Qishi Police Department's Criminal Police Team: 86-769-8666-3103, 86-769-8666-5418
Dongguan City Police Department: 86-769-2222-2107
Dongguan City Police Department's Domestic Security Division: 86-769-2248-0092
Dongguan City Police Department's Legal Affairs Section: 86-769-2248-0052

Police Department 610 Office: 86-769-22310610
Li Fushen, 610 Office head: 86- 13809613223, 86-769-22206168 (Home)
Yin Fochang: 86-13609681760, 86-769-22232680 (Home)
Liang Funian: 86- 13509843090, 86-769-22462889 (Home)
Dongguan City Political and Judiciary Committee 610 Office: 86-769-22381460
Zhong Jianbiao: 86-13669848651
Luo, 610 Office head: 86-13602389055
Zhang Yuelin, 610 Office agent: 86-13902604422