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Mr. Liu Yiming Dies as a Result of the Persecution in Sichuan Province

June 15, 2011 |   By a practitioner in China

Name: Liu Yiming (刘益明)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Address: Family Housing of Yingxiuwan Power Plant in Dujiangyan City, Sichuan Province
Occupation: Retired accountant of Yingxiuwan Power Plant
Date of Death: February 21, 2011
Date of Most Recent Arrest: March 30, 2005
Most Recent Place of Detention: Chengdu City Detention Center (成都市看守所)
City: Dujiangyan
Province: Sichuan
Persecution Suffered: Interrogation, detention, brainwashing, forced injections/drug administration, torture, home ransacked

(Clearwisdom.net) Before he started to practice Falun Gong, Mr. Liu Yiming used to have all sorts of diseases. After practicing for one year, his mental and physical health improved greatly and all of his illnesses disappeared. His face regained a healthy pink glow, and he was full of energy. He became a compassionate person and gladly introduced the benefits of Falun Gong to other people.

Mr. Liu faced huge pressure after the Chinese Communist Party began to persecute Falun Gong in 1999. Due to the stress, he became depressed and his mental and physical health worsened. However, through his continuing belief in Falun Gong, he was able to correct his mental state and regain his health once again. He continued to practice Falun Gong and clarify the truth about the persecution to people whom he met.

On March 20, 2005, Mr. Liu rode his bike to the countryside of Pengzhou City to pass out flyers clarifying the facts about Falun Gong. However, he was reported to the police and subsequently illegally arrested. Officers from the police departments, the domestic security divisions and the 610 Office routinely promoted hatred toward Falun Gong by threatening local residents and employers with fines, salary reductions and other punishment for not reporting Falun Gong practitioners.

Following the arrest, the police escorted Mr. Liu home and proceeded to ransack his house. They then found Falun Gong books and reported him to the Provincial Police Bureau. Mr. Liu was detained in the Chengdu City Detention Center, located in Pi County. After he was released four months later, people could hardly recognize him. He used to be so energetic, but now he stared straight ahead in a daze. He had many gray hairs and walked like an old man. Fellow practitioners asked him what kinds of torture methods were used on him, but he did not answer. They guessed that he had been subjected to brainwashing and forced to renounce his faith, so they reminded him to write a solemn declaration to state that all his statements made under the pressure of the persecution were void. However, he was very scared and could not write anything.

Mr. Liu's two sons were working in the subsidiary company of the power plant. The Sichuan Province Power Corp. administration threatened the plant's authorities that if Falun Gong practitioners continued to clarify the truth about the persecution, all of the managers would be dismissed from their positions. The plant authorities, in turn, threatened that if Mr. Liu continued to clarify the truth about Falun Gong, his two sons would lose their jobs. As a result, Mr. Liu's sons shouted at him and would not allow him to go out. Under such pressure, Mr. Liu gave up practicing for a long time and his health worsened. After he broke his leg in 2010, he became bed-ridden.

Falun Gong practitioners frequently visited Mr. Liu and brought him Teacher's new teachings and Minghui Weekly. He gradually resumed his practice, although he never broke free from his fear. On February 9, 2011, he asked his family to visit him three days in a row. He told his family with tears: “I think the guards [at the detention center] injected poison into me. I became unconscious several times and felt very dizzy and short of breath upon waking up. The guards threatened me to not tell anyone, and as I didn't want to complicate my friends' and family members' lives, especially my two sons, I did not tell this to anyone before.” Nine days later, on February 21, 2011, he died.