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Safely Distributing Truth Clarification Materials for a Decade

June 13, 2011 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from China

(Clearwisdom.net) Looking back on these years of Fa-validation, I do not have any amazing personal cultivation stories, but in the tough environment in China, I have distributed truth-clarificatoin materials door to door without running into any troubles. This common but extraordinary work seems to be less miraculous, but contains the power of Dafa.

Back in 2001, I would get very nervous when I passed by a police station, and I felt pressure and was afraid. After distributing materials for ten years, I have matured and would like to share my experiences.

Sending Righteous Thoughts

When I send righteous thoughts, I imagine myself as a huge being, flying to the place I intend to go. I eliminate and remove evil beings from many dimensions that are involved in persecuting practitioners in that region or in the area nearby, or those who control those beings. I also ask Master for strength. During materials distribution, I send righteous thoughts, or recite Master’s articles.

Having completed my distribution for the day, on my way home I continue to send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements that block people from knowing the truth. The next day I continue to send righteous thoughts by focusing on the places where I had placed the materials.

Placing the truth-clarification materials at the right place, at the right moment

People who live in the countryside have dogs that bark when they see a stranger. I first send righteous thought to make the dogs stop barking. Sometimes I talk to the dogs, letting them know that I am there to offer people salvation and I ask them to keep quiet. On occasion, one dog's barking makes many others bark. When that happens I go to a difference place. I realize that there might be a reason why they are barking, and perhaps people in the other places need to be rescued. Some places are quiet and are waiting for me to deliver the materials to them.

For years I have distributed truth-clarification materials at night, with the hopes of letting people know the truth and to offer them salvation. I have received Master’s hints from time to time. I dreamed once that I was sitting on a Falun, and it turned automatically. The Falun turned nine times clockwise, and then counterclockwise nine times; and the Falun itself also moved around in a large circle. Once after getting rid of a slanderous banner about Dafa on the street, I dreamed of a giant blooming lotus that night.

I have been safe the entire time, and I am totally focused on offering more people salvation and firmly believe that Master is by my side. Master’s fashen is there to protect me.

While I distributed materials in a village one night, a police car followed behind with the lights on. I was surprised and did not expect this. My heart started beating fast. I told myself to let go of the fear, and I sent righteous thoughts to make myself invisible. I continued to walk while sending righteous thoughts. I walked not too fast, and not too slow. The police car followed behind at the same speed.

The car stopped when I walked to an intersection. I then stepped aside and found a place to stop. I continued sending righteous thoughts and saw the car slowly driving away. Recalling what happened, it was not that scary, and I should not have been scared. I still have an attachment to fear, which I should get rid of during my cultivation.

This is my short experience sharing about materials distribution for fellow practitioners, to encourage everyone to step forward.