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Broadening My Heart and Mind While Clarifying the Facts to Chinese People

June 10, 2011 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Australia


Greetings to compassionate and great Master, greetings to fellow practitioners:

The following is my experience of cultivation and clarifying the truth face to face. In reporting to Master, and sharing with fellow practitioners I will continue to correct my shortcomings, and cultivate diligently, to live up to Master’s requirements.

Over the last few years, I have been involved in clarifying the facts at the Quit CCP information desk in my local Chinese community. By gradually expanding the scope of truth clarification in so many different circumstances, clarifying the facts and saving sentient beings has become intrinsic to my cultivation. I now clarify the facts anywhere and anytime. I look within myself and cultivate my heart and relinquish my attachments as they arise. My understanding and enlightenment in this process are summarized as follows:

1. People are waiting to be saved

In my local suburb the Quit the CCP information desk, is set up every Saturday where there are a large number of Chinese residents, on one of the busiest shopping streets. Tens of thousands of Chinese people living in other nearby suburbs also come here for shopping. Among them there are a lot of new immigrants from Mainland China, and there are also visitors from China, and Chinese students who are enrolled in nearby universities. One after another they all come to this street and pass by the Quit the CCP booth. We have a few practitioners who are there all year round, and as time has passed, people in this area have manifested significant changes for the better.

A few years ago, we had an information booth to help explain the facts about Falun Gong. But people appeared not to see us. Occasionally a few would stop and have a look at the panels but when we approached them and tried to clarify the facts, they refused to listen. Some people were quite abusive and many people refused to take the flyers we offered them. Our practitioners repeatedly endured strange looks, rude insults, and ridicule. We could not help even one or two people to withdraw from CCP each day. During that time, I could not enlighten to this issue and our results were poor. It seemed as if there was a thick wall blocking these Chinese people and our practitioners. At that time I found it easier to speak English and clarify the facts to the Westerners.

When I looked inward, I found I should not retreat because of a few difficulties. I realized this was essentially because of my inadequate progress in cultivation, and therefore I should cultivate myself more deeply, more steadfastly and constantly reinforce my righteous thoughts. Soon I became confident enough to speak the facts and truth of Falun Dafa and the persecution.

Then I realized I had gone to the other extreme by talking endlessly, and paying no attention to the listener’s understandings or feelings, and the result was not good again. I ended up quarreling with someone, and both of us were unable to convince the other. My voice became louder and louder, as I was trying to force the other person to accept my opinion while failing to control my attachment to competition. When I looked within I saw that it was selfishness, and only caring about validating myself, which resulted in a negative impact. I realized that I should keep my thoughts, words and actions righteous, and should not be attached to time, quantity, or the result. I should not focus on what I wanted to say and instead should convey compassion and goodness to all people.

Slowly, I became more rational while clarifying the facts, and in turn this became more acceptable to everyday people. The number of people I persuaded to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations increased. A husband and wife, who were new immigrants from Mainland China, visited our information desk and in the beginning, they refused to accept our materials, and their attitude was very rude and unreasonable. I tried several times with great patience and persistence, but they were simply not willing to listen. Then I changed my approach. Since they did not want to listen to me, I did not talk, and didn’t try to force them to take a flyer. From that time onward, every time I saw them, I would take the initiative to greet them and try to start chatting with them. At first they always ignored me, yet I kept greeting them politely without any intent and soon they started to say hello back, with smiles on their faces. They regarded me as someone acceptable but they still refused to quit the CCP organizations. Even so, I kept greeting them with politeness and compassion.

One day after the Divine Land Marching Band participated in the local festival parade, they met me at our information desk and the husband said excitedly: “I saw your Falun Gong band, and I saw you conducting!” I realized that the opportunity had come, and started talking about the beauty and greatness of Dafa, and that good will be rewarded with goodness, and bad with punishment. Then I said: “Dear brother, you and your wife are both kind people, and you both deserve a good future. Please don’t sacrifice your future by being eliminated along with the evil party. Let me help you publish your declaration of quitting the CCP and all its affiliated organizations through the Epoch Times website. Heaven will bless you with happiness and safety, because you can now tell apart good and evil.”

The couple happily agreed to quit the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers and said that they would remember that “Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” The couple had changed completely. They have a very good attitude towards Dafa, were full of praise for Shen Yun, and were very friendly to Dafa disciples.

I realized that when people do not agree to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, we must not argue with them. Even if we cannot make them understand our points, and even if they abuse us, we should still politely say: “Thank you. See you later. Hope to have another chance to chat with you. We wish your entire family safety and happiness.” We should let them know that we are sincerely interested in their well-being. We should always use our righteous thoughts to control the situation, and leave no loopholes for the evil to take advantage of. We should try our best to inspire people’s goodness, by being considerate of them and speaking to them from our hearts. In doing so, once their lives are eventually saved their gratitude to us will be expressed from the bottom of their hearts.

In the past year, I have identified a lot of my attachments, and gradually relinquished them. I understood that choosing people to clarify the facts to is not merciful. All sentient beings are here for the Fa. They all should know the truth. From there I treated all the people passing our information desk exactly the same way, regardless of whether they are from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, or Korea. I always say hello to them, smile at them, and nod my head to them. Even though sometimes there was no opportunity to speak to them, I still did my best to impress them with compassion and kindness. Nowadays my smiles truly come from the depth of my heart, and they are no longer contrived for effect. The smiles come out with purity, and with some degree of joy. Now I no longer force a flyer into people’s hands. I think more of others, and never try to force the issue, or interrupt others when they are talking. I am saving predestined people with compassion and rationality and everything just turns out well naturally, and so peacefully.

2. Breaking through human notions, and using a pure heart to save people

One day a middle-aged man dressed formally in a suit and carrying a briefcase walked by. I greeted him, and found out that he was an official from China here in Australia on a business trip, along with another three people. When I was about to clarify the facts to him, the man suddenly became uneasy as he could not see the other three and was afraid they could lose each other. I knew that this was interference so I immediately sent righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil factors in other dimensions which prevented this man from knowing the truth, and I maintained that righteous thought. The man wanted to leave and look for his colleagues. I told him: “I have an important matter to discuss with you so please come back.” He answered, “Okay.”

When he came back I had only spoken a few sentences when his colleagues shouted to him, “Let's go!” At that moment, I knew that I had two options. One was to let him go. The other was to ask him to quit the CCP in a hasty way with the risk of not explaining things to him fully. But if I do not explain things thoroughly, it was very likely that he would not quit the CCP, or he would not properly know the truth even if he agreed to quit the CCP.

Suddenly, I realized the problem was with me. I was blocked by human notions and pre-established concepts. When he came back to me the first time I somehow had the attachment of complacency, thinking how powerful my righteous thoughts were, since I was able to call that man back to me. Then another thought arose that it would be best if the other three people stayed where they were, because I was afraid that it would be more difficult to persuade all of them to quit CCP. Again, I realized that was another bad concept, which was not of my true self. Then a true thought came from the bottom of my heart, “I will save these four people altogether!” This thought was so strong and natural that I knew it was Master who was giving me wisdom and power. Still, another troubling thought came: “How can those three people come to me?” But by that time, my heart to save them was so powerful that nothing could prevent me clarifying the facts to them. Without even thinking, I just said: “Please bring your colleagues over here. What I am going to talk about is very important.”

At that time, I had no human notions and no impure thoughts in my mind. I said: “My brothers, I am so happy to see you here. We meet each other by chance, and we may never have another chance to see each other. Today it is because of our predestined relationships. I would like to give everyone of you a blessing phrase, which is very good, and which can save your life. Please remember…” Just like that, I talked wholeheartedly, and they all listened carefully, with their head nodding from time to time showing their appreciation. At that time, I felt that time was frozen, and the environment was so quiet, and everyone was embraced by the compassionate energy. In the end, the four people all agreed to quit the Communist Party, the Youth League and the Young Pioneers. Before they left, they repeatedly thanked me. From the bottom of my heart, I thanked Master. It was Master who strengthened me and granted me the wisdom and power to achieve this.

However, sometimes, human notions have prevented me from doing the three things well. Once on the train I saw a university student on the opposite side, and there were several other Chinese people sitting nearby in the same car. My thought at that time was that if I talked to the student about quitting the CCP he might feel embarrassed, because other Chinese people could hear. I did not want to lose this opportunity but I still hesitated. Several minutes later a righteous thought arose in me that saving people was the most important and urgent mission, and I did not need to care about other stuff. I started talking to that student, and felt things going quite well, and was confident that he would agree to quit the CCP. But in no time the train had reached the station and the student got off. Later I was very regretful, realizing that once a chance was missed it may never come again. I realized I cannot be controlled by human notions and the first thought one has is the most crucial. It will directly affect the result of truth clarification. If the first thought is not righteous or compassionate, the result will not be good.

3. Taking every opportunity to clarify the facts

Clarifying the facts is part of our daily life. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, I would take it. As long as we have the heart, sentient beings will be guided to us.

Recently in Melbourne I was participating in the National Day parade. As soon as I had put on my costume I saw four Chinese students coming towards me, staring with curiosity at my ancient style costume. I took this opportunity and started by talking about my costume. Soon I was talking about our Divine Land Marching Band, the greatness of Dafa, the evil persecution, and quitting the CCP and all its affiliated organizations. Within two minutes, all four people agreed to quit. In this process, I did not have any pre-established human notions. In my mind was the one pure thought to take all opportunities to save people. After the parade, when I saw several Chinese visitors taking photos, I also took the same opportunity and successfully helped them to quit the CCP organizations too.

4. Cultivating myself well

In order to cultivate myself well, I must study the Fa well, to keep assimilating to Dafa all the time. Looking back over the past several years, I can say that, every improvement results from persevering in studying the Fa for several hours every day all year round. The most important part of my everyday life is studying the Fa. I always organize circumstances so that my daily Fa study can be guaranteed. In the past several years, regardless of the external environment, including my living conditions and working conditions and how they may change, I can always make time by making Fa study my first priority.

I’ve been cultivating for a relatively short period of time, but that period has played a tremendous role in my life and has laid a solid foundation for my cultivation. What I have done and what I have gained in these years is far greater than any wealth or happiness in this human world. Every day when studying the Fa, I make sure that what I read goes right into my heart. I keep looking inward, and correcting myself all the time. My happiest time is when every day after work I take a shower, put on some clean clothes and give thanks to Master. At that time, I have no pursuit in my mind. I feel deeply grateful. Then I sit down with my legs crossed and study the Fa. I do not think of anything else. My entire body and soul are immersed in this magnificent Dafa. At that time, even though I have not had my dinner, I do not feel hungry at all. Studying the Fa like that, my experiences are extraordinary, wonderful and superb.

When sending forth righteous thoughts, in addition to the usual four times daily, I also do it at 8, 9, and 10 o’clock both in the morning and in the evening. I also send forth-righteous thoughts for Shen Yun every day, 365 days a year. I assimilate myself to the great Fa all the time so I can have a very pure heart when saving people. It really appears that I have an empty mind with no desires, no pursuits, and no worries. The truth clarification effect is thereby quite good too. With a compassionate and merciful heart, I am always considerate of others, and the expression in my eyes is very powerful and sincere.

5. Conclusion

The entire process of my clarifying the facts face-to-face is looking inward, discovering my shortcomings and correcting them, identifying the pre-established human notions and eliminating them, improving from the perspective of the Fa, enriching myself with the Fa, employing righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil interference, using righteous thoughts to encourage the sentient beings to listen, relinquishing selfishness, and finding my true self. I always remind myself that I am merely a tiny particle in the boundless Dafa.

Master said

“...Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master.”(Zhuan Falun)

Master gives everything to us.

I still have the attachment of complacency, the attachment of showing-off, and the attachment and intent of validating myself. Whenever I have saved one person, my first thought is to thank Master, because Master does everything.

I have also discovered that raising my cultivation levels through clarifying the facts face-to-face has led to better results in other Fa rectification projects in which I’ve participated in. I feel the work of other projects I am involved in going more smoothly, and I feel that I have more wisdom and the work I do is more sacred.

I sincerely hope that all overseas Dafa disciples, regardless how busy they are, should not ignore the importance of clarifying the facts face-to-face, and saving the precious Chinese people.

Thank you Master! Thank you everyone!