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Sharing on Eradicating the Old Forces Persecuting Practitioners with “Sickness Karma”

May 08, 2011 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Henan Province, China

(Clearwisdom.net) I began practicing Falun Gong in 2006. When I returned home from working in the south in 2007, my father, also a practitioner, was bedridden with sickness karma—he had symptoms of esophageal cancer and would vomit immediately after eating. Although I had just cultivated for a short period, when sending righteous thoughts, I could clearly see the evil through my third eye persecuting my father.

I remembered Master said in “Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference”:

“'I'm Li Hongzhi's disciple, I don't want other arrangements or acknowledge them'--then they won't dare to do that. So it can all be resolved. When you can really do that, not just saying it but putting it into action, Master will definitely stand up for you. What's more, there are lots of Fa guardians around Master, there are lots of Buddhas, Daos, and Gods, and there are even greater beings, and they will all participate, because forced persecution that's not acknowledged is a crime, and the cosmos's old laws don't allow it either--irrational persecution absolutely is not allowed, and the old forces don't dare to do it if that is the situation. So you should do things as righteously as you can.”

I wrote the above Fa on a piece of paper for my father so he could read it when he couldn't remember it. Once my mother and I sent righteous thoughts to help eliminate the old force's persecution of my father while he read that paragraph of Fa. I saw through my third eye that on the human side, although he could only read it softly, once he made a sound, it could be heard in the entire three realms. All the rotten ghosts in every layer that participated in torturing his body, including those slightly higher beings that controlled the rotten ghosts, all stopped and stood still, listening to father's voice, that resonated everywhere. Those slightly higher beings' faces were ugly, and they felt dejected as they lost that battle.

Having cultivated for only a year, I wasn't able to help my father overcome his tribulation based on the Fa. He couldn't let go of attachments to self-interest and sentimentality. Regretfully, he was taken away by the old forces. This incident allowed me to experience the power of Dafa, that as long as we believe in Dafa and Teacher whenever we come across any ordeal, Teacher will help us. At that time, I had one thought, “Father has been taken by the old forces, I won't allow it to happen to other practitioners again.”

After one month of my father's death, I heard that practitioner B had “sickness karma” and was sent to the hospital by his family. A practitioner informed everyone to send righteous thoughts for him. The first time I sent righteous thoughts, I saw practitioner B lying in bed while rotten demons were jabbing his body with spears from above, although I had never met practitioner B or knew where he was in the hospital. I then put a shield over his body. Another time when sending righteous thoughts, I saw his primordial spirit being swallowed up by a big python, so I tried to kill it using righteous thoughts. However, I didn't destroy it. Maybe my level was limited at the time. I then pulled practitioner B out of the python's mouth and he had blood all over his body. So I used another supernormal ability to clean him up and his primordial spirit returned to his niwan palace. During this time, we didn't know what practitioner B's family were doing. Another practitioner told us two days later that practitioner B had been cremated by his family. I was so shocked! Actually, when he was in the hospital, after his family heard the doctor say he didn't have a chance of surviving, his family immediately bought an “ice coffin” to freeze his body. Many days later, practitioner B's daughter had a dream of him and he said to her, “I haven't died yet, but you put me into the ice coffin.” When another practitioner told practitioner B's family what I had seen through my third eye, they regretted their actions very much. This was a tragic lesson. However, it shows that when we wholeheartedly send righteous thoughts for our fellow practitioner and form one body, it may also change the old forces' arrangements.

This time I was being persecuted by the old forces. I was busy establishing a truth-clarification materials production site a while ago and began to study the Fa less. As a result, I was taken advantage by the old forces. One night, after I returned home from another practitioner's place, I felt chills throughout my entire body. Then I became hot the next day, before I had a high fever. I was in bed with a severe headache. Two days later, the gums in my mouth became swollen. Then there were blisters everywhere inside my mouth, on my lips and tongue. Afterwards, the roots of my teeth on the bottom right side were swollen towards my ear, my right temple was also in pain and every day I woke up with a mouthful of bloody pus. I couldn't talk or eat and could only drink water for a few days. However, after the blisters broke, I couldn't even drink water; hot or cold water caused me pain. I couldn't eat for several days or get out of bed.

One day, I suddenly thought, “What's the difference between me not being able to eat and father vomiting right after he ate? Aren't they trying to injure my physical body, eventually depriving the human body? I can't acknowledge the old forces arrangements!” Therefore, when I sent righteous thoughts, I said, “I am Master Li Hongzhi's disciple. I do not acknowledge anyone else's arrangements and will only follow my Teacher's arrangements. If I have signed anything in my past lives, I completely negate them and they are all invalid. Everything in my cultivation path is arranged by my Teacher and has no relation with the old forces.”

As soon as I sent out this firm thought, I saw a hand stretching really long, holding a paper. I didn't know what was on it, but I immediately realized it could be an agreement I had signed with the old forces. I instantly burned it in the other dimension. Another time while sending righteous thoughts, as soon as I crossed my legs, I saw an old force being throw a piece of paper at my face, since I had denied their arrangements last time. The being seemed to say, “This is what you have agreed to do for us and now you have betrayed us.” I remained unmoved, so long as it was not arranged by Teacher, I didn't want it and burnt it instead. Afterwards, there were pieces of paper from layer upon layer being thrown at me. I would burn them up completely. However, one time, a paper was made of jade and I couldn't burn it up using normal fire. The being saw me wanting to burn it, so it put its hand behind its back. Although I couldn't burn the jade paper, I had taken back the words on it leaving a blank jade paper, which was finally burnt too.

After sending righteous thoughts to deny the old forces' arrangements, everything was fine two days later—I could eat again, get out of bed to tidy up my room and do laundry as before. Actually, after I practiced Falun Gong, I clearly knew that my entire life belonged to Teacher, that all my things are given by Teacher and Dafa, and it has no relation to any other lives or the old forces. Obviously, our firm faith in Teacher and Dafa is most fearful to the old forces.

Through these experiences, I have the following understandings on eradicating the old forces' arrangements regardless if it is “sickness karma” or other forms of persecution:

1. We should study the Fa well because it is the basis of everything. I would like to suggest that mainland practitioners make an effort to set up a Fa-study group if you haven't done so already. [But still paying attention to safety as Master mentions.] Many practitioners regard physical persecution as tests arranged by Teacher. Whether it is or not, we should make sure by analyzing it from the Fa. Teacher asks us to do the three things well, so all interference that doesn't allow us to do them is not arranged by Teacher. Teacher says that the most urgent thing for practitioners to do is to save people. If we are persecuted and aren't able to walk and are bedridden, isn't this persecution? Can it be called Teacher's arrangements? Would Teacher not let us save people at this time? Isn't it persecution, and the same as practitioners being locked up by the evil.

Teacher said in “Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference”:

“Except for newer students, from July 20 of 1999 on, Master hasn't created any personal cultivation tests for you, and that's because overall your personal cultivation has changed in every respect so that it's in the direction of saving sentient beings and validating Dafa.”

2. We should unconditionally believe in Teacher and Dafa; every cell in our body should believe with indestructible and rock-solid faith.

3. Practitioners must cooperate as a whole. Our starting point in sending righteous thoughts to help practitioners in ordeals needs to be correct. I personally understand that the process of us helping other practitioners is a process for us to eliminate and deny the old forces, and a process to assist Teacher in Fa-rectification since the old forces interfering with Teacher's Fa-rectification are not acknowledged by Teacher. Furthermore, they are also persecuting practitioners' physical bodies, attempting to stop practitioners from completing their pledge with Teacher and cultivating through the entire Fa-rectification period. Therefore, when we send righteous thoughts, we should help practitioners from the basic point of eliminating the old forces' arrangements, and not to privately discuss practitioners' attachments, thus unintentionally helping the old forces persecute and push away practitioners in ordeals.

In addition, we must truly help practitioners based on the Fa, instead of human sentimentality.

I hope other mainland practitioners learn from the lessons of practitioners in my city and they can truly help practitioners experiencing ordeals deny the old forces arrangements, so we can complete our mission of saving sentient beings and witness the magnificent time to come ahead together, which won't happen again.

This is my recent enlightenment, so please regard the Fa as Master.