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Officers from the Ranghulu District, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, Arrest and Brutally Abuse Two Elderly Falun Gong Practitioners

May 05, 2011 |   By a Clearwisdom correspondent in Heilongjiang Province, China

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhang Guifang and Ms. Yang Zhanli from Daqing City were out walking on Sixin Road in the Ranghulu District on the afternoon of February 24, 2011, when two cars drove up from behind and blocked their way. Six men jumped out of the cars, grabbed the two elderly women and dragged them toward the cars. The women struggled, but the perpetrators shoved them into the cars and took them to the Ranghulu Police Department, where they claimed that someone had reported them. They searched the women and found Shen Yun performance DVDs and truth clarification brochures.

The police interrogated the women separately. They learned Ms. Yang's home address and found Ms. Zhang's name from her cell phone's voice mail recording. They then searched online and got Ms. Zhang's home address.

The police pried open the door of Ms. Zhang's home around 9:00 p.m., and, without presenting any documentation, they ransacked her home and confiscated a notebook computer, a printer, more than 40 Falun Gong books, two photos of Master Li, Fa-lecture DVDs, an MP5 player, more than 50 blank CDs, cell phones, and other personal belongings.

The police resumed their interrogations. Several officers took turns interrogating Ms. Zhang, but did not get what they wanted. When Ms. Zhang clarified the facts to them, one officer started verbally abusing her and handcuffed her to a tiger bench, but they still did not get anything from her. One officer attempted to take Ms. Zhang's photo and get her fingerprints, but she refused to cooperate, and he slapped her face.

The officer slapped Ms. Zhang in the face more than ten times. She became dizzy, saw stars, and her head was buzzing. He then kicked her legs and she almost fell. Her interrogators forcefully stomped and ground on Ms. Zhang's feet, until they were swollen. They bent her fingers backwards, and, even today, Ms. Zhang's hand is still injured and hurts.

The police took Ms. Zhang and Ms. Yang to the Daqing Detention Center that same night.

Ms. Zhang was held in the detention center for more than 40 days. The previous beatings and torture left her legs in great pain, and she had difficulty walking. Her head often hurt, and once she fell down and lost consciousness. She was taken to the Daqing People's Hospital for emergency treatment. She survived, but still has headaches, has difficulty walking, and often feels dizzy and passes out.