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Over 40 Falun Gong Practitioners Still Illegally Detained at Hohhot City Women's Prison

May 03, 2011 |   By a Clearwisdom correspondent in Inner Mongolia, China

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Yuan Shumei from Hongshan District of Chifeng City was the first Falun Gong practitioner to be illegally detained and persecuted in the Hohhot City Women's Prison in Inner Mongolia back in 2001. Since then, Chinese Communist Party officials have continued to unlawfully persecute Falun Gong practitioners in the prison.

Ms. Yuan Shumei was subjected to physical abuse and mistreatment from prison officials and criminal detainees. She died as a result of the persecution in prison.

Other practitioners who were detained and tortured in the Hohhot City Women's Prison and died as a result of the persecution include Ms. Zhou Caixia from Chifeng City and Ms. Kang from Aohan Banner, who died in Ward No.3 in 2009. Ms. Wang from the 813 Geological Team in Chifeng City and Ms. Tian Sufang from Hongshan District, Chifeng City died from aftereffects of the torture suffered in the prison after they were released.

The prison officials specially trained the heads of cells to beat and monitor practitioners. Yao Yurong beat practitioner Ms. Wang Xia; Yuan Tieming beat Ms. Si Qin; and Wang Ling beat Ms. Gao Ping. The guards instigated criminal inmates to abuse practitioners. Criminals who participated in the mistreatment of practitioners got their sentences reduced.

Parties involved in the persecution:

Sun Yufeng, prison warden
Yang Hua, political head: 86-471-2396666
Ni Rongxiang, deputy warden: 86-471-2396668
Zhang Yan, head of guards' office: 86-471-2396581
Fang Zhen, head of Ward No.1: 86-471-2396728
Liu Qiong, head of Ward No.3: 86-471-2396665