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Genuinely Assisting Master in the Fa-Rectification Period and Saving Sentient Beings

May 22, 2011 |   By a practitioner from North America

(Clearwisdom.net) “Assisting Master in the Fa-rectification period and saving sentient beings” are the missions and responsibilities of Falun Dafa disciples in this Fa-rectification period. “Respecting Master and the Fa” should be the fundamental mentality of Falun Dafa cultivators, and the most important principle that we should follow. All practitioners should ask themselves, “Do we really follow these principles? Or, do we just do it to a certain degree?” If we find that we are just following these things on the surface but hold a different mindset deep down, we should recognize and address it immediately.

Despite the interference of the old forces and their persecution, Master has guided our way down the Fa-rectification road for the past 12 years. Practitioners have made good progress in saving sentient beings by using their powerful supernormal abilities. The old forces have been nearly eliminated. Their interference has become less and less effective. However, less than ideal things are still happening. For example, the most important projects to save sentient beings have not been as effective as we expected, and have not met the expectations of Master. As practitioners, we need to face this problem and address it.

It is a fundamental requirement for Falun Dafa disciples to respect Master and the Fa. Master created us and has given us everything. My personal understanding is that practitioners should follow Master's will.

My understanding about “Respecting Master and the Fa” is to follow Master's will. This is not a simple concept. It has to do with the re-creation of the universe and the saving of countless sentient beings. Because Master is rectifying the Fa, Master is the lord. We were saved by Master and are assisting Master in this Fa-rectification period. Master has given us the greatest and the most glorious mission.

As our cultivation approaches the end, the gap between the divine side and the human side is becoming less and less. Our thoughts are becoming more and more powerful. If we use human notions and attachments to carry out the work of saving sentient beings, the negative effects will be tremendous. Whether we can study the Fa well, cultivate ourselves better, and maintain a pure heart directly affects the results of our work. This directly relates to whether we are positive or negative factors to Fa rectification. It's hard to imagine that we can still have time to make it up. If we damage the Fa rectification now, it is a serious problem.

Master has already set up everything for us in other dimensions. As genuine practitioners, we should let go of all of our concerns and doubts, and follow Master's instructions unconditionally.