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A Young Girl's Tragedy (Graphic photos)

May 16, 2011 |   By a Clearwisdom correspondent in Heilongjiang Province

(Clearwisdom.net) With deep sorrow in her heart, 22-year-old Ms. Qin Rongqian filed a lawsuit with the Hejiang Procuratorate in Jiamusi City amid huge pressure, requesting an investigation of the wrongful death of her father Qin Yueming.

Ms. Qin lives in the Jinshantun District of Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province. She has a sister two years younger than her. Their parents owned a salvage station business. Her father, Qin Yueming, a Falun Gong practitioner, was always honest and kind to other people.

Ms. Qin said, “By following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, my father treated other people sincerely and kept his word. As a result, the business became better and better. No matter how bad-tempered mother was, father always smiled and spoke with her afterwards. Seeing the example my father set, my mother also began practicing Falun Gong.”

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched its massive persecution of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999. On behalf of local practitioners, Mr. Qin discussed the facts about Falun Dafa to district government officials on October 18, 1999. Jinshantun District police officials sentenced him to three years at the Yichun Forced Labor Camp. At that time, Ms. Qin was just ten years old.

Her mother, Wang Xiuqing, went to Tiananmen Square in December 2000 and held up a banner with the words “Falun Dafa is good.” Armed police brutally beat her, detained her, and later sent her back to Heilongjiang Province. Twelve-year-old Ms. Qin and her ten-year-old sister lived with their impoverished, elderly grandmother, who was in poor health. They led a very difficult life and often relied on neighbors' help for food.

After officials brought the mother back to Yichun City, the grandmother knelt in front of the police chief, holding the two sisters, and begged, “Please release her [the mother]. How can we go on like this?” The police chief ignored her, sentenced the mother to two years in a labor camp, and sent her to the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Forced Labor Camp, where she would perform the forced labor. She developed symptoms of severe heart disease ten months later. To avoid having her die at the labor camp, officials released her. By then, the father also had returned from the labor camp. The family was able to reunite after three years of being separated.

Unfortunately, Jinshantun District police agents arrested the couple again in May 2002. Out of fear, Ms. Qin grabbed her father by his clothes and would not let him go. An agent named Kang Kai forcibly knocked her to the floor, punching and kicking her. Kang also stomped on one of her hands and kicked her in the head. The frightened younger sister, Qin Hailong, kept crying. She would not allow the police to take away the family's belongings. A police agent named Qi You slapped her hard in the face with a file folder. Qin Hailong was terrified and almost lost consciousness. The agents confiscated an audio cassette player and a DVD player. In the end they also arrested Ms. Qin.

While at the Jinshantun Police Department, police chief Cui Yuzhong and 610 Office head Meng Xianhua instructed others to humiliate, beat, and torture Qin Yueming. The torture methods included the tiger bench and stretching a rope from front to the back, then tying around the shoulders and arms several times, followed by pulling the arms upward behind the back. The brutality led to several bone fractures in Qin Yueming’s legs and ribs, and he was unable to walk. In the end, he was sentenced to ten years of incarceration and sent to the Jiamusi Prison. The agents also knocked the mother to the floor. They then grabbed her by the hair and hit her head hard against the floor. She immediately lost consciousness. Agents sent her to the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Forced Labor Camp the next day, to finish her remaining term of 14 months from a previous sentence.

The agents also mistreated 13-year-old Ms. Qin. They attempted to force her to tell the source of her father’s Falun Dafa materials. After she refused, the agents forced her to stand still for an entire day and night, without any food. They slapped her hard in the face, making her dizzy and her head swell. In addition, the agents changed her age to 18 in the paperwork, so that she could be detained. They held her at the detention center for one month.

After Ms. Qin returned home, she and her sister lived a difficult life together. Their relatives took them to Shandong Province. Lack of finances compelled the girls to stop their education because they could not afford the school tuition. After the mother was released one year later, she picked up the two sisters. The three of them went to Harbin City to make a living. They did various jobs including electric welding, cleaning dishes in restaurants, and doing chores in a furniture factory. To make more money, 15-year-old Qin Hailong went to Beijing to work without telling her mother and sister.

Not long after they returned to Yichun City, hoping for a relatively stable life, Jinshantun police officials arrested the mother once again, on October 4, 2007. They sentenced her to a labor camp for a term of one year and nine months, and sent her to the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Forced Labor Camp. Ms. Qin and her sister had no choice but to leave home to make a living. They worked as waitresses in restaurants and saved every penny they could. They sent some of the money to their elderly grandmother and spent some on a trip to visit their parents. Because of the long trip and expenses, they were unable to visit their father even once per year.

Ms. Qin and her sister once took time off from work to visit their father at the Jiamusi Prison. After riding the train for an entire night, they were trembling in the freezing winter. They cried and begged for a visit, but the prison officials refused their request. The two sisters went to the prison again the next day, crying to see their father, but the officials still said no. They had to return in despair.

The mother once told other practitioners detained in the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Forced Labor Camp, “It is not a big deal for me to suffer, but I am really concerned about my two daughters. They have to work at such a young age, and sometimes other people take advantage of them.”

She was released in September 2009 and reunited with her two daughters. The three of them continued working in Harbin City, hoping life would be better after their father’s release one year later. They worked hard to save money for Qin Yueming to begin a small business. They planned to travel together and pick him up on the day of his release. They had been waiting for this day for nearly ten years.

A phone call shattered this family's dream. Jiamusi Prison officials called the mother on February 26, 2011, saying that Qin Yueming had died. The three of them could not believe this and hurried to the prison. They found the father in cold storage, with bruises all over his body. His lips were purple, there was blood around his nose, and he had an extremely pained expression on his face. The mother could not eat for three days and was in tears the entire time. Even police agents on site were astonished to see Qin Yueming’s body—it was obviously different from the “heart attack” described by prison officials.

Qin Yueming

Qin Yueming’s body with bruises

In response to questions from the mother and her daughters, prison training team head Yu Yifeng and deputy political head Shen Qingxin denied any torture. They attributed the bruises to livor mortis and said the blood in the mouth and nose was caused during the process of transferring the body.

Ms. Qin requested to see the security video during her father’s detention until his death. Prison official only showed some video clips after his death and refused to provide a written explanation of the death.

Ms. Qin said, “We have been worried about father through these years. People released from the prison told us that father was often beaten. Nonetheless, he did not give in. Regardless of these tortures, father still peacefully asked the thugs to stop the beatings since it was bad for their futures. Even when enduring these torments, father still thought of others all the time. He clarified the facts about Falun Dafa to prison inmates and said that Dafa made him a better person. I admire my father.”

It was said that Division 4 head Liu Wei, together with political head Jia Qiming, instructed inmates to remove all clothing from Qin Yueming and pour cold water on him. They deprived him of sleep for five consecutive days. After the “intensified team” was launched in February 2011 and the guards in the team began to brutally torture practitioners even more to “reform” them, Qin Yueming died within six days.

Guards carried Mr. Qin to the prison hospital for force-feeding on February 25, 2011. Four thugs held down his limbs and the fifth person immobilized his head to keep him still in a chair. They forcibly pulled out his tongue with ‎hemostatic forceps and force-fed him a mixture of milk and salt through a tube. Yu Yifeng and members of the prison Training Team were present. Prison doctor Liu Wei was also there. Two inmates inserted the tube, and one of them was Yin Hongliang. Mr. Qin cried out from the pain and continued to cry out loudly after the force-feeding was over. The inmate assigned to watch him could not sleep the whole night. He went to find doctor Liu Wei and told him about Mr. Qin’s situation. Doctor Liu Wei said, “Why was feeding tube inserted into his lung?” However, no one took any action. Mr. Qin died the next morning, February 26. That evening, prison officials called his wife, saying that Qin Yueming had died due to a “heart attack.” Another two practitioners, Yu Yungang and Liu Chuanjiang, also died in the Training Team within 15 days of Qin Yueming’s death.

After three practitioners were tortured to death within a span of two weeks, the brutality in the prison drew wide attention in the local area. To cover up their crimes, prison officials threatened and followed the mother and her two daughters. The three of them have recently filed a lawsuit with the Hejiang Procuratorate in Jiamusi City, asking to investigate the death of Qin Yueming. They also requested to bring charges against Yu Yifeng, Shen Qingxin, Xu Liang, Du Yan, and Liu Miaosen.