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The Story of Ms. Dong

May 14, 2011 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from China

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Dong's mother passed away when Ms. Dong was only eight months old. Another family whose last name was Dong had two children, but both of them died shortly after birth. After that, this family adopted Ms. Dong. Later, this family had three more children of their own and didn't give the best care to Ms. Dong. When she was only five or six years old, she had to do the work of adults, such as cutting grass for feeding pigs, washing dishes, making noodles, and babysitting her brothers and sister. She often incurred beatings and swearing from her step-mother. When she was of school age, she could only take her step-brothers to school. Her step-mother did not want to spend money to send her to school, telling Ms. Dong that they lacked financial resources.

After Ms. Dong became an adult and gave birth to her own child, her step-mother still beat and swore at her. Because she lacked proper nutrition while growing up and was forced to do intensive chores, she developed all kinds of illnesses over time. When fall came, her asthma flared up, lasting for several months. She also had an ulcer, and her stomach hurt whenever she touched it. She also had lupus, and suffered a great deal.

Receiving Good Fortune After Practicing Falun Dafa and Learning How to Read

In October 1996, Ms. Dong heard that Falun Dafa was a good practice, so she wanted to learn it. Because she couldn't read, she listened to Teacher's lecture recordings. After she finished listening to them once, she became clear on why she had suffered so much in life. She had a dream. In her dream, a voice whispered to her: "Your step-mother mistreated you so much. Do you hate her?" She quickly replied: "No, I don't. I really don't. I understand that it was caused by my own karma."

Ms. Dong was very excited about obtaining such a great Fa and seized the time to listen to Teacher's recorded Fa lectures. After a while, she thought to herself, "I wish I could read the book Zhuan Falun!" She began to hold the book while listening to the recordings. Even though she couldn't read or keep track of the words in the book, she didn't give up. Instead, she held the book with a sincere wish that she could read it. Then a miracle happened: Ms. Dong saw a light, like a flashlight lighting up the night sky, cast down onto each sentence that the recording was on. The characters on the corresponding line in the book were surrounded by a golden light. Ms. Dong was moved to tears. She said: "Teacher! Teacher! You don't look down on me because I am illiterate. You gave me such a healthy body, taught me to be broad-minded and have now shown me how to read the characters."

Ms. Dong was soon able to read Zhuan Falun, and she can also now read Minghui Weekly and Teacher's new articles. When her family saw these miraculous changes that happened to her, they were amazed. Some of her relatives, friends and neighbors came to test her, because they couldn't believe that such a miracle could take place. They thought that because she had not gone to school and was illiterate for so long (she was already in her 50s), that it was impossible that she suddenly knew how to read. Ms. Dong took out Zhuan Falun and asked them to pick a paragraph. She then began to read it with confidence and fluently. Seeing that, they couldn't help but acknowledge how amazing Dafa is.

Although Ms. Dong can read Falun Dafa-related materials, she still cannot read ordinary things like newspapers. From that, she has understood: “It was Teacher who has given me wisdom to be able to cultivate and study the Fa. At the same time, I am not able to be interfered with by stuff from the human world.”

With such encouragement from Teacher, Ms. Dong has been walking forward on her cultivation path more and more diligently.