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Determination and Ample Righteous Thoughts Can Change the Outcome

May 10, 2011 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) I began practicing Falun Dafa in January 1996. I recall the years of cultivation, from not knowing about the old forces, to understanding the old forces' arranged persecution, to completely negating the old forces' arrangement. Step by step until today, I have gradually come to understand the Fa that Master taught me and to firmly walk on the path of return to my original self.

At the beginning of the persecution in July 1999, I had no fear at all. Such a great Fa could only benefit the nation--each family and every individual--how could it be so suddenly suppressed by the authorities? I told everyone that Dafa is good, and how I benefited from cultivation. I decided to go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in May of 2000. Before we left, one fellow practitioner was in tears, I told her: “Dafa practitioners shed blood but not tears!” Because of this, I indeed had blood cascading down without stopping. It was like this: When we opened the banner “Falun Dafa is Good!”, the policeman took down the part my fellow practitioner was holding. I still held my side up, so he held down my neck and forced me into a police car. I and about two dozen Dafa practitioners were transferred to a police station. We were calling out: “Falun Dafa is good!” all the time. One policeman picked up a chair and threw it hard at my head. The blood was running down my face onto my clothes. It was not just bleeding, but gushing out. I did not know yet at the time the power of righteous thoughts, or the old forces' arrangements, but I had no fear. I looked at the blood gushing out and said: “Gushing, gushing, gushing, let all the bad substance come gushing out, and whatever it leaves behind is good matter.” Master saw my firm heart and the blood stopped gushing immediately. There were two dozen fellow practitioners who witnessed the wonder of Dafa and Master's compassion that day.

Since then, I have constantly studied the Fa and Master's new articles, and have come to understand more about the old forces' arrangement and persecution. I got rid of numerous attachments, and no matter what I encountered, I looked inward first, and used righteous thoughts to handle the situation. But once the heart for doing things came out, I could still be in trouble.

It happened last winter: several of us went to clarify the truth and hand out materials face to face with the general public. Someone reported us, and several policemen took us to the police station. I would not cooperate with them but clarified the truth. A policemen stated: “You are now in my territory, and are under my control.” I calmly replied: “I am not under your control, I have Master. We are Dafa practitioners who are beyond the five elements and above the three realms, how can you control us.” He could not answer and no longer asked us anything, he just locked us in a room and left.

We were discussing among ourselves, and found the heart of hurrying to do things. I began to quiet my heart and send forth righteous thoughts. I spoke to the old forces, “The policemen in this dimension cannot control me, you cannot control me; you are a being that will be eliminated--how are you qualified to control me? I only listen to Master. If there is something I did not do right, I will correct it in the Fa. I do not acknowledge anything that was forced upon me by any life in any form. We have already clarified the truth to the police, and there is nothing more we need to do here. There are so many sentient beings waiting to be saved, we need to quickly return to the tide of saving sentient beings.” Then I spoke to Master “Master please strengthen us”. When this thought came out, I felt I was enormously large, and that the door would not lock. That night, with Master's protection, we left that place effortlessly, and even today my family does not know that I was once arrested.

At the end of last year, when I passed one street, I suddenly noticed a Dafa slandering slogan burnt on some ceramic tiles on a wall. I thought, since I was the one who discovered it, it should me me who cleans it up, to stop it from poisoning the minds of other people. I looked around: it was a busy intersection, and there was a camera four to five meters away. I thought these were all false impressions. I thought whenever there would be a night with an electric power cut, I would clean it up.

With this thought, several days later when I was having dinner, suddenly the electricity went out. I stood on the balcony and saw that intersection also was blacked out. I understood that Master was helping me. I hurried out to buy paint. Usually when it is late, the hardware store would be closed, but that night there was one still open, and I purchased some white spray paint. On my way home, I talked with the paint: “White paint you are also an individual life. I am a Dafa practitioner who helps Master rectify the Fa. I chose you tonight to do the most righteous thing. You need to do your best: no matter how high it is, you need to cover the Dafa slandering slogan. If someday bad people want to erase you, make sure to bring the ceramic down as well.” I hurried home, but strangely the electric power went back on. I thought maybe Master had a different arrangement. I began Fa study as usual, and after I sent forth righteous thoughts at midnight, the electricity went out again. I understood clearly now: Master is so compassionate, he chose a time when there would be no one about. I thought: let my husband sleep very soundly. I put on my work clothes, put on a hat, took my paint and went out. When I got there I discovered that it was too high for me to reach. I hurried home to get a folding chair to finish the job. During the whole process, I was reciting “Righteous Gods” (Hong Yin II). With Master's protection, I was in and out twice and nobody noticed, not even my family members. It has been two or three months now, and nobody has touched the area since.

Through years of walking step by step on the path of cultivation, through looking inward, I gradually came to understand what the old forces' and its persecution are about. It was actually my human heart, my notions that were formed postnatally, and my thoughts that were not righteous which caused trouble. Without Master's protection, it would be very difficult for me to walk well on my cultivation path. I will be more diligent in true cultivation, do the three things well, save more sentient beings and follow Master home.