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Celebrating Master's Birthday

May 10, 2011 |   By a practitioner in Guangdong Province, China

(Clearwisdom.net) World Falun Dafa Day, May 13, is our great respected Master Li's birthday. It is also the anniversary of the introduction of Falun Dafa to the world on this auspicious date in 1992. I have heard many ideas of how to celebrate this noble occasion, and would like to share with you my own.

We are cultivators, and Master has passed down our cultivation form of group Fa-study and exercises, along with Fa conferences. What we should currently do are the three things, which are to study the Fa and do the exercises, to send forth righteous thoughts, and to clarify the truth. Using ordinary people's ways to express respect to Master is fine, but let us always try to do so in a pure and righteous manner. We cannot let up cultivating xinxing at any time. If we pursue leisure and human sentimentality, or diminish our efforts to save sentient beings, that is not paying respect to Master, but failing to treasure Master's indescribable sacrifice for us.

To celebrate Master's birthday, we can do the Falun Dafa exercises together, correct movements for each other, send forth righteous thoughts for long periods, or pass out Falun Dafa materials and clarify the truth. It would be especially good if veteran disciples could help other disciples who have not stepped forward yet. I heard of one disciple who rarely went out to distribute materials, but made a point to do so last year on World Falun Dafa Day. That is so meaningful. Let us remember why we are here.

We are Falun Dafa disciples, helping Master to save beings—an urgent matter. There are so many people who still have not heard the truth. Some disciples have passed away due to evil interference and some have entered hospitals. There are others who are being arrested and tried, and their material centers are being destroyed. There are still too many disciples who have stopped practicing for various reasons. We need to help each other eliminate our attachments. Today, our local group Fa study is only 10% what it was before the persecution. Where are those other 90% practitioners? Those being detained are waiting for us to help them. If we put our hearts into how to do these tasks better and better, Master can be more at ease.

Time is running out very fast. Many practitioners have written sharing articles on the Clearwisdom website about how to save time with daily tasks to spend more time on saving sentient beings and I feel so touched. Many disciples are quietly striving to be diligent. Let us all advance together and return Master's grace with the diligent ways of a cultivator!