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Longhua County Detention Center in Hebei Province Poisoned Practitioner Ms. Tan Suxia With Unknown Drugs

April 05, 2011 |   By a Clearwisdom correspondent from Hebei Province

(Clearwisdom.net) On February 26, 2005, practitioner Ms. Tan Suxia and other practitioners from Longhua County in Hebei Province went to Nanguo Village in Shanwan Township to distribute informational materials about Falun Dafa. They were reported by village head Li Wencheng and Li Jia, and were arrested by the Domestic Security Team of Longhua County. They were illegally detained in the Longhua County Detention Center. Later they were sentenced to four years of forced labor by the Longhua County Court. On August 15, they were sent to Shijiazhuang Women’s Prison.

While they were held at Longhua Detention Center, Ms. Tan Suxia and other practitioners carried out a hunger strike to protest the persecution. They were force-fed for 48 days, starting on June 27. During this period they were force-fed with salt water and unknown drugs. On July 27, the detention center personnel took Ms. Tan out to be force-fed with fluids. At that time, a practitioner was standing behind the detention center head Wang, who did not realize it. The practitioner overheard a conversation between Wang and Doctor Xu, “I requested this drug from someone two weeks before he agreed to give it to me. I swore that I would not reveal my source or get him into trouble if it killed somebody. Only then did he agree to give it to me.”

Ms. Tan Suxia was administered this drug twice by detention center personnel. After the second occasion, her life was in critical danger. The drug caused her to feel hot all over and restless, as well as have severe skin pain. Within one year, Ms. Tan Suxia had lost a layer of skin, and two layers in certain areas of the body.

Ms. Tan Suxia has been persecuted since October 2001, when she was subjected to ten days of brainwashing sessions held at the Longhua County Detention Center.

In mid-June of 2003, Ms. Tan Suxia was arrested by Longhua County Police when she was distributing informational materials about Falun Dafa. She was then detained at the Longhua Detention Center. She was forced to sit on the tiger bench for as long as 28 hours. After 29 days, the prison officials extorted 5,000 yuan from her before she was released.