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Selection from Call for Articles: Farmer's Crops Grow Well with Little Tending

March 05, 2011 |   By a practitioner from Sichuan Province, China


Greetings, Master!

Greetings, practitioners around the world!

I am a 70-year-old woman, a farmer who began to practice Falun Dafa in 1997. Although I had only a primary school education and could read most, but not all, of the characters in Master's Fa, I recited Hong Yin and studied the Fa in earnest daily.

Before practicing Falun Dafa, I had a yellowish face, was very thin, suffered from anemia, lacked energy or appetite, and was in a bit of a daze all day long. One day at an open market, I went to watch a group of people giving free instruction in the Falun Gong exercises. Someone said that they would teach me if I wanted to learn, and that the practice made the body strong and healthy and taught one to be good. Hearing this, I wanted to learn. I said I lived in the countryside and it was not convenient for me to come to town very often. They told me to return to that spot whenever I came to market and they would continue to teach me.

This is how I began to practice. Within just three months, Master purified my body and my appearance changed greatly. I had a rosy face, good appetite, and lots of energy. I was able to do every kind of farm work, carry and lift loads, and walk lightly and swiftly. On my back I carried a big bag of sweet potatoes or rice to sell in the city, and I was able to walk upstairs without heavy breathing to the fifth or sixth floor faster than those with empty hands. It was exactly as Master said,

“In the past, you would be tired if you walked a few steps, but now it is very easy no matter how far you walk. You feel as if being pushed while riding a bike, and you are not tired when going upstairs - no matter how many floors there are. It is guaranteed to be this way.”
(Zhuan Falun)

There were more changes than I can list. I'd like to talk about the divine occurrences that I experienced and share them with fellow practitioners.

1. Bountiful Harvest on the Farm

Master asked us to do the three things well and save more beings. I am a farmer and farming takes time. I thought that because I was a Falun Dafa practitioner, I could spend a lot of time distributing truth clarification materials and saving beings and not have to spend as much time farming as others.

I fertilized the soil whenever I planted vegetables or corn, and then just let my crops grow by themselves, seldom thinking about them again. I was then able to team up with fellow practitioners to study the Fa and walk to many villages and cities to distribute Falun Gong materials. I was delighted and happy every day.

The whole year, whatever I planted grew extremely well—chives as wide as thick chopsticks, tender leafy greens two feet high, and winter amaranth as thick as a thumb. I told the fellow practitioners who visited my farm that this was a manifestation of help from Master. I had never seen so many high quality vegetables! And there weren't any weeds in the field, either. It was the same story with my corn. It was strong and grew high. The yield was one third higher than the neighboring farm. My neighbors could not understand. I am a widow and took care of the farm alone. They wondered how my yields could be so good without my being in the field much. I told them that I was blessed because I practiced Falun Dafa, and that Master Li Hongzhi was helping me.

2. Thunderstorms Don't Interfere

There was the possibility of a thunderstorm after 5:00 p.m. My neighbor called me to pick up the corn drying in the sun. It was 4:45 p.m. I did not want to miss sending forth righteous thoughts. I thought that I would take care of the corn after sending righteous thoughts. The worst case was that it would take me two extra days to dry it if the corn got wet. After I sent forth righteous thoughts, the sun shone brightly. The corn got an extra hour in the sun. Neighbors said I was able to predict the future.

3. Righteous Thoughts Keep Dogs at Bay

One day I was going to the home of a secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in our village. I was going to to clarify the facts about Falun Dafa and asked Master to strengthen me. I wanted to save this man. A big dog jumped at me just outside of his house. I sent a thought that I came to save the dog's master and that the dog would be blessed if its master was saved. The dog did not bark. The CCP secretary withdrew from the CCP after he listened to what I said. When I left, the dog followed me out wagging its tail, as if thanking me for saving its master.

On another occasion, when dogs barked on our way to distribute fliers in the countryside, fellow practitioners and I sent righteous thoughts to stop the village dogs from barking. There was not a single bark during the whole process.

4. Light and Fast

Three of us hired two rickshaws to give us a ride to a relative's home. The heavyset person wanted to share a rickshaw with me but the driver wanted him to ride alone. I told the driver not to worry, that he could pull the two of us faster than the other who was just pulling one person. He indeed pulled lightly, ran swiftly, and reached the destination first. He said, “Your words were magic. I did not feel tired at all.” I then told the two drivers the facts about Falun Dafa. They both withdrew from the Young Pioneers, an affiliated organization of the CCP.

5. Stop! Don't Move!

My youngest son suffered mental problems after breaking up with his girlfriend. He started to hit me with a stone as big as my hand. I said, “Stop! Don't move!” He stood motionless. I went to take care of something else. When I came back, he was still standing there. I told him to go back to his home, and he did.

I wanted to share these stories with my fellow practitioners. Supernormal abilities, as I understand it, came into play when my heart was pure. All of these things came from the Fa and from my righteous thoughts. I will be more diligent, do the three things well, be a qualified disciple, and return home with Master.

Selected from “Call for Articles About Divine Occurrences in the Human World”