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Shandong Province Practitioner Wang Yongdong Dies as Result of Persecution

March 31, 2011 |   By a Clearwisdom correspondent from Shandong Province, China

Name: Wang Yongdong (王永东)
Age: 35
Address: Yangxi Street, Yishui County, Shandong Province
Occupation: Unknown
Date of Death: September 21, 2001
Date of Most Recent Arrest: September 21, 2001
Recent Place of Detention: Yishui County Public Security Bureau (沂水县公安局)
City: Yishui County
Persecution Suffered:
Severely beaten, home ransacked

Key Persecutors: Deputy director of Public Security Bureau Huang Chuanting (黄传亭), Deputy Secretary Zhao Delin (赵德林), Political and Legal Committee Secretary Lin Qingren (林庆仁), 610 Office Director Li Dong (李东)

(Clearwisdom.net) In mid-September 2001, 610 Office officials including CCP secretary Li Honghai, Political and Legal Committee secretary Lin Qingren, deputy secretary Zhao Delin from Yishui County, as well as Li Dong, deputy director Liu Huande, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau Huang Chuanting, and Director of Political Security Zhang Jianping ordered 610 Office staff to launch a wave of arrests in their county against Falun Gong practitioners. Some of the practitioners were held in detention centers. Most of them were held in the Fengjiazhuang Brainwashing Center in Yishui County, where they were subjected to torture, beatings, and forced brainwashing.

On the morning of September 21, 2001, former Falun Dafa exercise site volunteer instructor Wang Yongdong was beaten by policemen from the Yishui County Public Security Bureau. Later, he was thrown from the fourth floor of a building. The perpetrators attempted to create a false suicide scene. He had been choked to death, with marks on his neck.

Illegal Detention

On September 21, 2001 around 8:00 a.m, Mr. Wang Yongdong was grocery shopping when a group of people attempted to arrest him. They were Huang Chuangting, Zhang Jianping, Zhang Zhitian, Wang Jingwen, Zhang Qiguo, Li Yuyou, and Yang Shutong. When Mr. Wang objected, he was beaten severely.

He was held in the Public Security Bureau and was hung up by a rope and tortured for over one hour. Later, police officers Zhang Jianping, Zhang Zhitian, Wang Jingwen, Li Yuyou, and Zhang Jueyuan, with Yangxijie residential committee member Wang Yongbin leading the way, went to Mr. Wang's home, attempting to raid it without a search warrant.

The Police Committed Murder in the Process of Searching for Evidence

Around 9:00 a.m. on September 21, 2001, because Mr. Wang saw the police coming, he quickly ran into his home and locked the door. The police kicked the door down and broke in. Around 10:00 a.m., they threw Mr. Wang from the fourth floor, attempting to make it look like a suicide.

Wang Yongdong's body was covered with injuries. Witnesses included his relatives, neighbors, and village leaders. There were strangle marks on his neck, bruises all over his body, a broken collar bone, three broken ribs on his left side, two broken ribs on his right side, his private parts were a purple swollen mass, and his lower leg had a compound fracture consistent with being struck by a blunt object. Injuries sustained from the fall included a femur fracture, ruptured liver, ruptured stomach, and colon, and internal bleeding in his abdomen.

Attempting to Create a False Crime Scene

At 10:00 a.m. on September 21, 2001, since Mr. Wang's home faced the market, a crowd gathered at the scene shortly after the incident. Mr. Wang was lying on his back. His brother-in-law ran up to him, held his head up and cried, “Wang Yongdong, Wang Yongdong!”

Political Security Director Zhang Jianping called his supervisor. The crowd was trying to find a car to get him to the hospital. When the police car tried to leave the scene, the bystanders and Mr. Wang's relatives stopped the car. The driver, Zhang Jueyuan, said, “I cannot make the decision. You'd better ask my supervisor.” The relatives were angry, “You see he is in mortal danger, yet you won't even lift a finger to save him?!”

Under pressure from the crowd, the police reluctantly took Mr. Wang to the hospital, but it was too late.

With police monitoring the situation closely, the doctor did not speak to the relatives, but he did open Mr. Wang's clothes and show his relatives his injuries suffered, including strangulation marks on his neck.

The Behavior of the Police Stirred Up Massive Anger from the Public

A number of angry people who saw the incident, including residential committee members, neighbors, and bystanders, went to the hospital and demanded justice. County CCP Secretary Li Honghai ordered the destruction of all evidence and the immediate cremation of the body. They formed an emergency team: Lin Qingren, Zhao Delin, and Huang Chuangting, who reported to Li Honghai. They mobilized the entire local police force and surrounded the hospital. Nobody was allowed to leave the hospital, only enter.

Wang Yongdong's wife, Sun Qingxiang, was being held in the Fengjiazhuang Brainwashing Center, and Huang Chuangting went to get her. She warned him sternly, “You are a murderer. You are responsible for Wang Yongdong's death!”

After a while, Huang Chuangting went home and changed out of his police uniform. Ms. Sun saw him again at the hospital. She cried and yelled, “Huang Chuangting! I know you even though you changed clothes. Give me back Wang Yongdong's life!” Huang Chuangting quickly left the scene. Later at the cremation site, Ms. Sun came with her ten-year-old daughter and pointed out Huang Chuangting as her father's murderer. From that point on, Huang did not show his face anymore.

Police Try to Cover up Evidence

Around 5:00 p.m. on September 21, 2001, Mr. Wang's relatives took pictures of his body at the mortuary at Yishui County Center Hospital to use them as evidence later. When the police found out about this, Zhao Delin sent threats to all of the photo studios in the county. When Mr. Wang's family went to the photo studios to get the pictures developed, they were told, “The public security bureau ordered everyone not to develop your pictures.”

Confrontation at the Cremation Site.

Around 6:00 p.m. on September 21, 2001, Zhao Delin told the relatives of Mr. Wang, “It is already done, we also feel sorry, let us cremate the body.” Mr. Wang's relatives replied, “There was no autopsy done. We had no say about anything, and you want to eliminate evidence of your crime? No way! No cremation!”

Mr. Wang's relatives wanted to bring him home to set up a hall where a memorial service could be held. However, Zhao Delin ordered police officers to bring his body to the cremation site, instead, wanting a cremation as quickly as possible. Mr. Wang's relatives, neighbors, and other villagers came and protected the body. Mr. Wang's relative warned Zhao Delin, “Before the problem is solved, if you dare to cremate the body, you will be held responsible for all the consequences!” The police locked the body in cold storage and surrounded it, and nobody was allowed to get near.

A local “emergency team” office was set up at the cremation site. Lin Qingren and Zhao Delin were at the site with Yangxujie Residential Committee Secretary Wang Yongtai.

On September 22, 2001, over 100 friends and relatives came to pay their respects to Mr. Wang. There were over 200 policemen and public security officers.

The relatives had four requests:

  1. Punish the murderers according to the law.

  2. Compensation for the loss of life.

  3. Financial support for Mr. Wang's daughter.

  4. Officially clearing Mr. Wang Yongdong's name.

 Deceiving People

On September 22, 2001, Lin Qingren and Zhao Delin suddenly were nowhere to be found. The next day they could still not be found. The relatives asked for them to act as soon as possible, but they did not show up. An officer told them, “They are at a meeting.”

The police took turns standing guard. The relatives were not able to eat or sleep normally for days. After five days, a policeman said to them plainly, “We can handle it. We wonder how long you can handle it.”

The relatives finally realized that they were being stalled, and that the police were trying to wear them down. They threatened to break the door down and carry Mr. Wang's body away. Only then did the police reply, “Zhao Delin will be here soon, don't worry.”

In less than three minutes, Zhao came and said, “Do not worry, I will have a meeting right now and solve your problem.” However, he was not heard from again that day.

The relatives discussed it among themselves and decided to find their own forensic experts to do an autopsy.

Trying to Find Justice via Independent Forensic Experts

Six days later, a relative went to Jinan and found three forensic experts to conduct an autopsy. During the autopsy, policemen surrounded the site, and only two relatives were allowed inside.

The forensic experts described Mr. Wang's body to his relatives and the on-site police as follows: “Strangulation marks on his neck, bruises on his skin, a broken collarbone, three broken ribs on the left side of his chest, two broken ribs on the right side of his right chest, his private parts were a purple swollen mass, and his lower leg had a compound fracture caused by force applied by a blunt object. Wounds likely caused by the fall include a femur fracture, a ruptured liver, a ruptured stomach and colon, and internal bleeding in the abdomen.”

After the autopsy, the forensic experts were then escorted out of the facility by Zhao Delin and company.

The Forensic Experts Change Their Official Report

The next day, there was a public announcement of the autopsy results. The report's wording was ambiguous, saying that they could not determine the responsible party. They also refused to provide written documentation. Mr. Wang's relatives were very angry, as this was a complete reversal from the previous day's statements. One of the relatives said, “The CCP bought you, and you are covering up their crimes. We disagree with the report. We will appeal all the way to the top.” One of the forensic experts arrogantly pointed out: “You can ask for whoever you want, but remember where you are. The outcome is going to be the same.”

Wang Yongdong's family then filed a lawsuit again the County Public Security Bureau, asking that the perpetrators be punished.

Nine days before the trial in Yishui Court, several of Mr. Wang's relatives were detained by the police at their workplaces, so they could not attend the trial.

When the trial convened, the plaintiff raised the issues of arresting Wang Yongdong without a warrant, searching the house without a warrant, beating the victim, throwing him from the fourth floor, and the series of crimes committed by Zhang Jianping and others. Wang Yongbin, the person who led the police to the victim's home, was asked by the public security bureau to be a witness. He, of course, stated that no beatings took place.

The presiding judge ignored most of the evidence raised by the plaintiffs and denied their requests to speak numerous times.

That afternoon, when Wang Yongdong's relatives were all at the hospital, several police officers from the Public Security Bureau, led by member of the residential committee Wang Yongxi, sneaked into Mr. Wang Yongdong's home. At that time, the door was broken, and only his ten-year-old daughter was home. They searched every corner of the house, videotaping everything, but they could not find anything that they were looking for.

During the proceedings, Mr. Wang's relatives did not receive any documentation of the autopsy results or any documentation related to the lawsuit.

Unable to Justify Their Actions, the Authorities Attempt to Pay Off the Victim's Family

Ten days after Mr. Wang's death, Residential Committee Secretary Wang Yongtai visited Mr. Wang Yongdong's sister, Wang Yongling, and told her, “If you stop the lawsuit, the public security bureau will compensate you 40,000 yuan.” When the family refused, Wang Yongtai said, “Hey, this is much better than that person who lived in Nanguanjie, who was beaten to death by the public security bureau there. They did not get any compensation.”

On October 1, 2001, Mr. Wang Yongdong was cremated. Later Wang Yongtai sent 40,000 yuan to Mr. Wang's family.

Contact information for some of the perpetrators
Li Dong, 610 Office director: 86-539-2260145 (Home), 86-13705398152 (Cell)
Li Honghai, CCP County secretary: 86-13905395899 (Cell)
Lin Qingren, Political Legal Committee secretary: 86-13905492768 (Cell)
Huang Chuanting currently in Yishuihuanyu hotel
Mainline: 86-539-2228611, 86-539-2253788, 86-539-2228618, 86-539-2228677
Fax: 86-5392223777 Website: www.yshyhotel.com

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