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Wuhan City Teacher Tortured at Hewan Labor Camp (Photo)

March 23, 2011 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhu Huimin is a Falun Gong practitioner who teaches at the Wuhan City First Business School. Because of her practicing Falun Gong, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials have sent her twice to the Wuhan City Hewan Labor Camp and brutally persecuted her there. In addition to deprivation of sleep and force-feeding, guards electrically shocked her and hung her up. Below is her testimony.

First Detention: Force-feeding and Sleep Deprivation

I was detained in the 6th Division of the Wuhan City Hewan Labor Camp from late 2002 to 2003. Liu Gui (female, 42 years old, deputy head) and Huang Hong (guard) were responsible for attempting to “transform” me.

Liu Hui once asked me to stand for 15 days consecutively without sleep. Because I was tired, I often closed my eyes and could not stand still. I had to grab a nearby bed or window frame to remain standing. Nonetheless, my head sometimes bumped against the wall or the metal frame, and I often fell down. The inmate in my cell told Liu Hui about this. Liu went even further with the torture by forcing me to stand still in an empty room. There was nothing to hold onto, so I kept falling down, at least 60 times. I was dizzy, and I could hear the loud sound of my head hitting the floor.

I was not allowed to return to the cell until 15 days later. By then, I was already severely coughing and my insides hurt. I then went on a hunger strike to oppose the persecution. Labor camp officials sent a doctor to force-feed me. Inmates often referred to him as being merciless. Liu Hui ordered inmates to hold me down and force-fed me. As I struggled, the food that they were trying to force-feed me with went all over the place. My nose and throat were injured by the rubber tubing, and this happened repeatedly. In addition, the doctor intentionally pulled and pushed the tubing inside my nose, which caused even more bleeding. I once bled so much that they stopped in the middle, afraid of killing me.

Demonstration of force-feeding

Such abuse was often covered up, and other guards were not aware of what was occurring. I encountered a guard once when I went to the bathroom, and she asked me why I was so skinny. I told her about the abuse I received, including the 15 consecutive days without sleep, and she was surprised. This suggested to me that some of the guards who are not involved in the persecution are not aware of the full extent of it.

Second Detention: Electrically Shocked and Hung Up

I was again sent to the Second Division of the Hewan Labor Camp in 2008. The officials temporarily transferred me and practitioner Duan Yuying to Division 6 in order to “transform” us. Division 6 Deputy Director Hu Fang (female, in her 30s) directed the whole process of torturing us. A tall and strong guard named Liu Yan (female, 32 years old) asked two inmates to hold me by my arms, with one on each side, while she shocked my arms with electric batons. Seeing that I did not scream, she shocked me with the electric batons for longer and longer intervals. Reddish burn scars soon formed on my arms, which also started swelling up.

Hu Fang also shocked Duan Yuying’s mouth with electric batons. The guards hung us up by the handcuffs, with our toes barely touching the ground, for more than 10 days without any sleep. We both had severely swollen legs. When my detention term expired, Hewan Labor Camp officials sent me to a brainwashing center for further persecution.