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We Need to Improve Ourselves and Save People More Effectively

March 17, 2011 |   By a Dafa practitioner in Hunan Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Once I went with a fellow practitioner to clarify the facts to people. We saw a fish vendor on a tricycle. The practitioner suggested that we give him some informational materials to review. We caught up with him later and offered him a disc of the Shen Yun show. However, he refused to take it.

I looked inward and found that my heart was not really into saving the fish vendor. I did it only to cooperate with the other practitioner. Looking inward, the thought of cooperating with the fellow practitioner also contained attachments to her. She was suffering from sickness karma, and this was the first time she'd clarified the facts after a few days' rest. I was thinking I should be considerate and caring of her because of her physical discomfort. Although on the surface, these thoughts were not in violation of the Fa, they were heavily laden with attachments. The “caring” was the kind of emotion between human beings. It was not out of the pure and righteous thoughts of a practitioner.

A seemingly “good” thought had so many impure things. The evil took advantage of this, and blocked the person from accepting the materials that could save him.

This reminded me of our local coordination. About two years ago, we started a regional study group and met every other week. Later, due to security concerns, we split the regional group into several local groups, but maintained a regional group that met once a month. I participated in the local group and attended the regional group study once a month.

For the last six months, I have increasingly felt that the sharing in both the regional group and the local group was very shallow. Sometimes we felt there was nothing to share, and sat in awkward silence. The sharing did not actually improve our understanding as a group. The fish vendor's refusal made me realize that any coordination we do should not be pursuing the form. Our goal is to save people, and we cannot achieve the goal if we are only going through the motions.

In our local area, at this stage of Fa-rectification, everything is maturing, including our personal cultivation, the environment, and overall coordination. Now, most of our coordination is on the local level. We are able to cooperate and coordinate closely when any problem occurs. The communication channels between regions are open. We don't have a lot of coordination between regional groups unless there is a need. Under the current circumstances, the practitioners in our region should all think about how we can use our limited time to effectively save people and cultivate ourselves. Let's adjust our mindsets and methods, and truly improve as a group.