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On Emotion and Demonic Interference

March 01, 2011 |   By a Western practitioner

(Clearwisdom.net)I recently underwent a tribulation that related to emotion. Master brings us sentient beings that have a predestined relationship with us, for us to save. A friend forwarded me the contact information of a man I had dated briefly a long time ago, as an everyday person.

When I saw his picture again on a personal page, I had a feeling in the area of the heart similar to what I had experienced as a young woman. I reminded myself that the reason we were meeting again was for me to save him, and to save the countless sentient beings he represents. Thus, I clarified the truth to him in depth, according to his level of understanding.

But I still felt unsettled, and not at ease. His image kept popping into my mind when I was practicing the exercises and I was swayed by memories from the past. I knew it was interference and I tried very hard to repel it by sending forth righteous thoughts frequently and increasing Fa study.

Master said in “Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference,”

“Whatever enters a person’s mind stays there. Human beings have memory. While we call it “memory,” and it sounds like something conceptual, it is in fact something really, truly material... People may say that it doesn’t matter what they see with their eyes, and that they can just stop looking at something if they no longer want to see it. But that’s not true. When your vision makes contact with something, that thing has entered. That’s because any thing can replicate itself in other dimensions, so the longer you look at something, the more it enters. No matter what it is, be it on television or on a computer, it enters once you look at it. As more of these bad things are loaded up in your brain and body, they end up dominating your actions. Your speech, your mode of thinking, your perspective on things—all of it will be affected.”

At the beginning I wanted to look at his pictures out of curiosity, since I had not seen him for more than ten years, but then I realized that what I needed to do was to save him, not to form or strengthen attachments.

Master said in “Lecture at the First Conference in North America,”

“Why did monks in the past stay away from the secular world? A monk would even plug his ears with cotton so that he wouldn’t hear the whole day, as he didn’t want to listen to anything. He gagged himself to refrain from speaking. He found that, through hearing, bad things would get in. It seemed to him that everything would bring about karma.”

Another thing that helped me overcome this tribulation was the realization that “demonic interference” is demonic interference. I understood clearly that while the human side may look at attachments as “nice things that are hard to part with,” the divine side is aware that it is actually a demon that is manipulating a person. When it struck me that I was dealing with a demon, my righteous thoughts naturally strengthened.

Master said, “Society is contesting with Dafa disciples for people.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference”)

I understood that Dafa disciples are battling with demons to save sentient beings, while the demons try to drag people down by alluring them with fame, gain and emotion. Dafa disciples and Dafa are bright and righteous, and the demons are dark and evil. A real battle is taking place.

It is easy to be swayed by external beauty when righteous thoughts are lacking. In the mortal world, there are attachments, and the purpose of being human is to ascend and return to divinity. As practitioners we should discard emotion and lust. This is my responsibility before myself and other beings.

Today I woke up and felt that this thing had passed; my body and mind feel clean and calm.

I thought of sharing this with fellow practitioners in hopes that it will help us better understand that attachments come from demon nature, while our true self is the only Truth.

Please point out anything incorrect.