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What Can’t We Let Go Of?

February 17, 2011 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Today after reading an article written by a fellow practitioner, I was filled with mixed feelings. When I looked at myself, I felt that I could not compare with this practitioner. I had frequently seen the shortcomings of others and forgotten about cultivating myself.

In actuality, what can I do about another person’s shortcomings? So what if the other person is in the wrong and I am right? Will this really help me improve? Aren’t we all cultivating? We still haven't pushed through the boundaries of everyday people's notions. This is because we are not diligent in Fa study. These gaps usually occur when we don't focus on them enough or forget our responsibilities and vows. We have been allowed to be here in this magnificent period of time, not because we are so very wonderful, but because Master is compassionate and He had trust in us to be Dafa practitioners and to assist in Fa-rectification. Without us, Master would rectify the cosmos all the same. It is only because we had the wish to assist Master, that we were given this chance. But we are lost in the human world, attached to everyday affairs, and we sometimes forget to be diligent. We are mesmerized by various false phenomenon and thus can't break through.

When I frequently hear practitioners talking with great interest about ordinary things, I feel sad. I feel helpless for the practitioners who are lost, and I feel that I am not clear enough in my understanding of the Fa to be able to help fellow practitioners. At those times I also feel that I have let Master down. Fellow practitioners who are on the path towards godhood, when we meet with various tribulations, when we feel hopeless, we should think about how Master has sacrificed for us and ask ourselves, what can’t we let go of? This is only my understanding, please point out anything inappropriate.