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Some Thoughts on Sending Righteous Thoughts

February 17, 2011 |  


Today I read Master’s article “Righteous Thoughts” again. Master said,

“At present, there are still some students who haven't really grasped the essentials of sending righteous thoughts. Some students are in the exact same state as when they do the meditation--even when they're just doing the meditation, some students are in a half-asleep state, are in a state in which their minds aren't alert enough, or are in a state in which they're severely interfered with by stray thoughts--so they can't achieve a very good effect. There are also some students who, when they send righteous thoughts, specifically target in their minds one or a few evil elements, and that prevents the gong and the divine powers they send out from having the maximum effect. Of course, if the circumstances are special and you target one evil being or a few evil beings as you send forth righteous thoughts, either by yourself or together, then that's something you should do, and the concentrated power is tremendous. But when you normally send righteous thoughts together on a daily basis you should chase down the evil on a larger scale. You shouldn't target one or a few evil beings each day, each time.

This is how to do it: (1) You should focus your attention and your effort, your mind has to be absolutely clear and rational, the force of your thoughts needs to be focused and strong, with an air of supremacy and of destroying all evil in the cosmos. (2) The disciples who for the time being aren't able to see other dimensions can focus powerful thoughts in saying the word Mie after they finish saying the formula(s). The Mie word needs to be so strong that it's as large as the cosmic body, encompassing everything and leaving out nothing in any dimension. (3) Those disciples who can see the evil beings in other dimensions can handle things according to the situations they are aware of. Their righteous thoughts need to be strong, and they should fully use their wisdom. One righteous thought itself subdues a hundred evil things. (4) Closing your eyes and not closing your eyes both have the same effect when you send righteous thoughts. If you keep your eyes open you need to reach a state where you don't take note of anything you see in the dimension of everyday people.” (“Righteous Thoughts” 2002)

As to how Dafa practitioners should strengthen the word “Mie” to make it is powerful and as big as the cosmos while sending righteous thoughts, I could not understand this in depth before. It is difficult to imagine with human thinking how big the cosmos is. Thus in the past, regardless of how I thought about “Mie”, I had been using human thinking. Regardless of how big I imagined the word “Mie” to be, I was still using human thinking, in a small scope of the universe. I often felt that it was not that big.

Today, I changed my thinking. I no longer thought of how big it was. Instead I thought of how small the evil is and that it is within the boundary of my body. Even if it was big, it could not be bigger than my body. This is because when it manifests in the human world, it is only as big as a pen point. Even if it is small, it would not be smaller than a practitioner's most microscopic particles. This is because the most microscopic particles of a Dafa practitioner’s body have assimilated and have been rectified by Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. In this way, it was much easier to clean them up. Later, when I sent righteous thoughts, I thought that I was very tall and the evil was very small and pathetic. When I calm down and steady myself, I should be able to freeze them. If I can control myself, I will be able to control them. This made eradicating them much easier.

This is my personal understanding: It is our own notions that are blocking our true selves, and thus we are not able to fully use our greatest powers.

This is my understanding, please point out anything inappropriate.