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Nutrition and Notions

February 17, 2011 |   By Xiao Lian

(Clearwisdom.net) I read an article in Minghui Weekly about how to negate evil arrangements during an illegal detention period. I especially agree with the author when she said she didn't spend even a penny on food. I’d like to share a little bit on this. Please correct me if anything is inappropriate.

Perhaps because I was born into a poor family, I had no attachment to food from my childhood. When I was illegally detained, my mother came to the detention center and visited me once. She deposited 100 yuan into my account without my knowledge. I told my mother later that the food in the detention center was far more expensive than the market price. It was not easy for my elderly father to make money, and I refused to spend even a penny on food. At that time I thought that I should not be a financial burden on my parents, because as a practitioner I should always be considerate of others. In addition, being detained itself was a form of persecution, and all the other consequences resulting from it were persecution in various forms.

In the detention center, many practitioners ate instant noodles every day instead of the food provided by the detention center. The reason was that the food tasted so bad. The food there truly was very bad, but the problem was that they had serious attachments to food. When those practitioners had no money, they borrowed from others and tried to satisfy their attachment to food using the excuse that they needed better nutrition to maintain their health.

I don’t agree with this. I didn't buy any food for myself or order any special food. I also declined any food that other practitioners gave me because I had no appetite for it.

It is true that I had no appetite for instant noodles or ham. Sometimes I felt like throwing them up if I did eat them. I believe that this was Master helping me.

In this human world, food is composed of molecules. Different levels of nutrition are based on the differences in the arrangement of molecules. Our physical bodies are being transformed into god-bodies, so why should we pay so much attention to nutrition and look at nutrition as a necessity to the health of our bodies? This is an attachment rooted in the human notions that we have not eliminated.

In a god’s eyes, the food in this world is dirty. I feel that we should eat and maintain a family status, because we need to live as human beings, to cultivate ourselves and save sentient beings. This understanding is crucial.

Basically humans live for food.

Since we live in the environment of everyday people, it is ok that we pay attention to food, but we should not be attached to it.

In the past year, I didn’t buy any food in the detention center, yet I was very healthy. Because I believed that even though I ate poor food, Master would convert the nutrients in the food to what my body needed.

Of course, there is a gap between understanding and doing. I remember I sometimes felt dizzy, and it seemed that my blood pressure was low. I knew that this was interference, and also a test for my righteous thoughts. I sent forth righteous thoughts and also looked inward. I confirmed my belief that I would have no problems no matter what I ate. I became very determined, and no longer had any problems. My body looked very clean and transparent, with pure power, when I look at it with the celestial eye.

Actually every step may be a test to see if we want to be everyday people or gods. If we can look at everything from the perspective of the Fa, then we will have a righteous starting point and can improve ourselves on this issue.

This is my personal view and for your reference only.