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Cooperating Well as One Body to Expose the Local Persecution

December 07, 2011 |   By a practitioner in Heilongjiang Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I would like to share our experiences with fellow practitioners and report to Master. The specific experiences I would like to share are those of cooperating as one body in exposing the local evil.

The population of our local area is close to 600,000. There were nearly 4,000 practitioners before July 20, 1999. Many of them still practice cultivation after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started the persecution. Since July 20, 1999, there have always been around 50 practitioners in detention. At the end of 2010, there were 29 in detention.

As a local coordinator, I was worried about the persecution of practitioners, but felt helpless. When a practitioner was abducted, we just accompanied the family members to request their immediate release, wrote letters, made calls, organized fellow practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts, etc. However, the practitioner might be still be detained.

Studying the Fa deeply, I saw Master has taught us repeatedly to expose the evil to stop the persecution. In 2003, Master wrote a comment on the article "Expose the Evil Happening Locally to the Local People". In 2005, Master revised and published it again.

"Exposing the wicked policemen and bad persons and publicizing their evil deeds is extremely effective at shocking and restraining those irrational, wicked people. At the same time, by clarifying the facts to the people on a local level it most directly exposes, and generates public awareness of, the wicked persecution. It is also a great way to save the people who have been poisoned and deceived by the lies. I hope all Dafa disciples and new students in Mainland China will do this well." (“Master's Comment on a Student's Article” in 2003)

Master stresses again and again to expose the evil. The word "all" occurred to me during Fa study, and I realized everyone should participate in exposing the evil deeds that are occurring locally.

1. Taking Action Upon the Enlightenment

We quickly set up a team to write articles to expose the persecution occurring locally. Some practitioners previously tried to work on this project, but they gave it up due to interference and poor cooperation. To encourage everyone to participate, fellow practitioners needed to improve on the Fa and realize its importance. We first organized the local coordinators to discuss this. We realized exposing the evil is also a process of cultivation and a process of saving sentient beings. If everyone has cleaned up one's own field, the field of the entire area will be cleaned up, which is very important for saving sentient beings. Most of the practitioners realized we should do the project.

There were different opinions about some of the details. Some said, "We can write the articles, but not publish them online." Some said they should be published online if they are written. We decided, "Everyone should write the articles, but each can make their own decision on whether to publish them online or not."

Therefore, the practitioners started to write articles to expose the persecution, and not long after, many articles were pouring in. Later we learned that many practitioners had helped those who had difficulty writing. I was moved by the fellow practitioners' improvement on the Fa and their helping each other.

2. Obstruction Is Also an Impetus

Several practitioners asked to publish their articles online, but we needed to verify and polish them before sending them to be published. Some of them required that the practitioners in the project team interview the related people to verify the facts. It was most difficult to work on the cases where fellow practitioners had passed away due to persecution, such as interviewing those who had been detained with the victim, talking to the victims' family to learn the details, or asking for the victims' photos. Some of the victims' families had moved away. We had to look for the relatives to get the new contact information. Some relatives didn't want to get involved in this and refused to provide contact information. The practitioners would visit them again and again to explain the purpose behind the effort. Some of them were moved and provided the new contacts. Facing different attitudes, good or bad, the practitioners always kept smiling because it was also a process of self cultivation.

For the death of fellow practitioner L, no one in our local area knew the details. We heard that a practitioner in another area had witnessed it. Just then, the witness miraculously passed through our area and told us the details of how fellow practitioner L had suffered. We knew we were making the right effort and that Master was helping us.

We worked for five months and finalized more than 10 persecution cases. However, the articles were all rejected by the Minghui website editorial team, which required that we make the articles simple and more readable. The practitioners on the project team didn't know how to improve, and the project was interrupted temporarily.

Through studying the Fa, we realized it was a test to see whether we were determined to continue the project despite encountering difficulties. We looked inward and realized we were busy doing things, but we hadn't caught up on Fa study. We calmed down to study the Fa and adjusted our states of mind. We continued the project. We rewrote the articles one by one, without the attitude of just accomplishing a task. Finally after our new effort, all the persecution cases we previously submitted were published on the Minghui website.

The mentality of showing off was aroused, and so too were the troubles. Some persecution cases were submitted by practitioners and then published online without the permission of the related practitioners. This made some practitioners stop writing or not want to write. The practitioners on the project team realized it was interference to exploit the loophole of our attachment of fear. We sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it. Just at that time, Master published the article "What Does it Mean to 'Help Master Rectify the Fa'?” After studying Master's new article, a fellow practitioner in the project team wrote and published the article "My Understanding on Faith in Master and the Fa with Regard to Exposing Local Persecution to the Local People". Those who had written articles to expose the evil shared their experiences. Through writing the articles to expose the evil, their minds became clearer and their righteous thoughts stronger. The situation changed. More practitioners wanted to write articles or asked for help to write articles to expose the persecution. Later whenever a practitioner came back from detention, a fellow practitioner close by would take them to the practitioners in the project to share their experience of persecution. Everyone did so without being asked. I truly felt the deep meaning and dramatic effect of cooperating as a whole that Master taught us.

With the project progressing smoothly, the interference followed one after another. Several practitioners on the project team showed symptoms of unease. Some experienced high fever with pain over the whole body, feeling dizzy, and unable to open their eyes. Some had a strong headache and were unable to sleep at all at night. A coordinator lost consciousness twice when discussing the project. Some felt itchy over their whole body whenever they started to write the articles. We realized that exposing the evil is to eliminate it. They were putting forth their last struggles. We were determined to do the project well. Under our strong righteous thoughts, all the interference disappeared.

3. Cultivation Is Up to Ourselves; Gong Is Up to the Master

The articles moved some practitioners and some of the family members who were non-practitioners. They said that these real individuals and real events were most convincing. We realized this was to encourage us. Some practitioners whose experiences were published online were worried. Just as we hesitated, some practitioners stood up and said, "As long as it is for Fa-rectification and for saving sentient beings, my experiences can be used in any way." With permission from fellow practitioners, we collected some published persecution cases into a booklet and circulated it around. It had a good effect. Some people cried and said, "The CCP is so ruthless. I didn't believe what you said before. They are just not human."

We gained a lot through this project. Our cooperation as a whole was strengthened. Since a large number of evil factors have been eliminated, the field in our local area became much cleaner. We learned about several more persecution attempts, which we were never able to do before. The practitioners on the project team attained more--longer meditation time, clearer minds, and stronger righteous thoughts. Even their family members felt the benefits. We deeply appreciate Master's arrangements for us.

Once we saw that NTDTV mentioned one persecution case that we wrote about in its news program, which really encouraged us. I know it was manifested by our cooperation as a whole and Master's encouragement.

For years, Master has kept teaching us to cooperate well through almost every one of his articles. The Fa-rectification requires us to do so. Especially at the last stage of Fa-rectification, we need more cooperation as a whole. The success of our project manifests the power of cooperation as a whole. Everyone realizes it in the Fa, and all the righteous energy is gathered together to achieve a good effect. Now no matter what we do, we always think about cooperation as a whole.

On July 6, 2011, when we read the news of "A Time for Fireworks and Celebration", we immediately organized the practitioners to discuss it and realized we should do the same to conform to the celestial phenomena and have more sentient beings follow along and therefore be saved. The fireworks occurring in a large area brought more common people to do the same. We videotaped the fireworks scenes and were amazed to see so many Faluns appearing in the tape.

We will do better in our cooperation in the future to harmonize what Master wants and to save more sentient beings in order to fulfill our prehistoric vows.