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Reciting the Fa Allows Me to Immerse Myself in Fa-Rectification Cultivation

December 04, 2011 |   By a Dafa practitioner in China


Greetings, esteemed Master!

Greetings, fellow practitioners!

For a few years, fellow practitioners and I have been continuously reciting Zhuan Falun and Teacher's new lectures, enabling us to look inward when facing problems. We were able to achieve a clearer understanding concerning coordination, allowing us to more effectively save sentient beings.

I began to realize that because of reciting the Fa, I was able to automatically look inward, since it requires memorizing every word and every sentence. Whatever I missed or recited incorrectly could very well be where I needed to improve or where I didn't understand the Fa correctly. After correcting where I recited wrongly, I corrected my notion that was not compatible with the Fa at the same time.

Because of constantly reciting the Fa, my thoughts became increasingly clearer. When clarifying the truth about Falun Gong, I am rarely driven by human thoughts, instead I find where people are stuck when it comes to understanding Falun Gong, so that I can clear their doubts and save them.

Cherishing Any Opportunity to Save People

No matter how people react when they face practitioners, Falun Dafa practitioners should not react in a similar manner. We are only concerned with saving people.

Make clear the truth,
and drive off foul spirits.
Spread widely the Nine Commentaries,
and the wicked Party shall fade.
With righteous thoughts,
save the world's people.
I just don't believe their consciences
are irretrievably lost. “

("For the Good of the World," June 15, 2006)

Every time local practitioners meet, we send righteous thoughts to clear the environment and make it easier to save sentient beings.

A. Let the Truth be Instilled into Sentient Beings' Hearts

One time when riding on a train, a fellow practitioner who sat next to a young fellow said, “Nowadays, there are so many natural disasters. You know what, it's all because of the atheist Communist Party.” The young fellow became quite angry and said while waving his arm, “I don't believe it! I don't believe it!” Then he ignored my fellow practitioner, who signaled me to continue talking. I assumed that this young fellow was an atheist. We exchanged seats and I started a conversation with him.

He said he worked for an export company that produced merchandise for domestic and foreign markets, and that the standard for products shipped out of the country were different. Products sold locally, although advertised on television, are not up to the same standard. I said, “Yes, you're right. I have a journalist friend who said that China's television and newspapers are not trustworthy because of the one Party system. In 2001, the self-immolation at Tiananmen Square was broadcast on television. They claimed that it was Falun Gong. But the results of an investigation by the international community was that the man who self-immolated held a plastic bottle between his legs that didn't burn. The man's name was Wang Jindong and he was not a Falun Gong practitioner. In fact, the plastic bottle was a prop, making a play to discredit Falun Gong. Falun Gong stresses Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and there are Falun Gong practitioners throughout the world.”

He thought about it and then said, “Ah! The self-immolation was false!” Then, after a little while he said, “I thought Falun Gong was bad, but perhaps it is not!”

My fellow practitioner and I kept sending righteous thoughts. He then talked about the government's land seizures, leaving ordinary Chinese citizens with no recourse. I explained to him why ordinary people were not treated equitably. I said that it was because the CCP supports land seizure, and in China the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is more powerful than the law. How could you win? I then talked about recent happenings and how the CCP has been persecuting people. He agreed that the CCP was a curse. He asked, “Who can overpower the CCP?” I said, “If men are unable to succeed, heaven will be successful. Therefore, it is being said that 'Heaven will destroy the CCP.' The CCP has Party members that also belong to the Youth League, and Young Pioneers. When Heaven destroys the CCP, all these members will suffer. Before becoming members, each gave an oath, swearing to give his or her life for the CCP and its associated entities. To withdraw from it means wiping out this oath, cleansing the person.” He asked, “How can I withdraw from it all? I joined the Youth League and Young Pioneers.” I said, “Do you have a nickname? Let my friend help you.” So he told us a name and said, “Thank you so much.”

B. Sentient Beings with Karmic Relationships Waiting to be Saved

Frequently reciting the Fa enables me to save people, since they are hoping to be saved. I always recite the Fa at work whenever possible to keep righteous thoughts at all times.

One time when I was going to see the manager in charge of computer program design at a big IT firm concerning a project, I was debating how to clarify the truth. In this company almost no one talked to each other. That made it difficult to explain the facts. The only time to talk about Falun Gong was during the lunch break at noon. From what I observed, those people were mostly loners, and the manager even more so—he took lunch by himself every day.

Close to noon, with my forehead touching the desk, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil elements that hinder sentient beings from being saved. I also begged Teacher to create an opportunity for me to clarify the facts. After a little while, I heard someone lightly knocking on my desk, saying, “Let's go to lunch.” When I raised my head, I saw the manager.

On the way to the restaurant, we talked about breaking through Internet blocking. I found out that they have Dongtaiwang.com and others. He suggested that one should not always get on that kind of Internet. I told him, “China is the only nation that blocks the Internet to this degree and there are no anti-China forces overseas.” I also told him about the staged self-immolation incident. Once we reached the restaurant elevator, we talked about other subjects, as I could feel that he was a little afraid. At lunch I sent righteous thoughts, so that I could talk to him about Falun Gong and other pertinent issues, as I wanted to save him. After lunch he suggested, “How about going for a walk?” It was a hot summer day and very few people were walking in the area. I knew that the side of him that understands everything was waiting for salvation, so I told him that I was interested.

When we reached the entrance, his colleague, carrying an open umbrella while still badly sweating, had just come in from outside. She asked, “What are you going to do?” He answered, “Go for a walk.” She said with a look of disbelief, “My God! Go for a walk on this unbearably hot day?” I thought, “The real part of him wants so much to be saved!” The fact was, he didn't go for a walk, but almost ran, as if trying to catch a train.

As soon as we were outside the main gate, I started to talk about Falun Gong. He said, “It's not right that practitioners aren't allowed to take medicine.” I asked him, “Have you read any of Falun Gong's books?” He said, “I haven't.” I said, “I have, but found nothing about not allowing people to take medicine.” He said, “I don't know. Anyway, that has nothing to do with me.” As I was sending forth righteous thoughts, we walked toward a fountain and some green landscape. We sat down and talked. I said, “While living between the sky and the ground, the natural environment and people are closely related.” He nodded. I continued, “The evil CCP with its atheist ideology has been fighting against heaven and earth, as well as getting involved in the destruction of the environment.” He agreed and mentioned the Three Gorges Dam. I also talked about the CCP movements and the persecution of the Chinese people, what Falun Gong was all about, why the CCP created rumors to justify the persecution, and why people must withdraw from the CCP. He understood what I was telling him, agreeing that the CCP doesn't abide by the law. He said he wanted to resign from the Youth League and Young Pioneers, that his wife was a schoolteacher, and that they don't know anything about what I had talked about.

I said, “Tell your wife the things we talked about and use, whenever possible, anti-censorship software, which enables you to better understand everything.” He nodded with a smile. After returning to the office, I gave him a VCD about Falun Gong. He thanked me for it.

A few days ago, when a fellow practitioner and I were passing a bus depot, we heard three people talking about Falun Gong. We stopped to listen to the conversation, so we could find out how much they understood. Two more people joined the discussion. They were puzzled about withdrawing from the CCP and the lies about Falun Gong broadcast in a recent television report.

After exchanging a look with my fellow practitioner, we separated. She sent righteous thoughts and I walked over to the group. I said, “You were talking about that television program, false news, which already has been exposed by reporters. The CCP has persecuted Falun Gong for a number of years, right? Top officials wanted to smear the practice, so newspapers and television programs were produced. Yet, Falun Gong didn't do any of the things they claim it has.” They quieted down suddenly. Two of them were then quietly saying, “I thought the broadcast was true. What a scam!”

My fellow practitioner also joined in, and both of us started from a third person's point of view telling them about the truth about the staged self-immolation, why quitting the CCP was important, about our salary not being paid by the CCP, about Falun Gong letting practitioners having physical and mental benefits, and about 10,000 people quietly appealing at Zhongnanhai because one of them had mentioned about the “siege of Zhongnanhai.” Finally, a middle-aged woman said, “Ah, the CCP has fooled us again!” An old man said, “We wouldn't have known about it, had you not told us.” The other practitioner helped the others withdraw from the Party, and I helped the elderly gentleman. He was happy to tell me where he lived and his real name.

We feel that it is very urgent to save people, as sentient beings know that Dafa disciples are their only hope for salvation. Therefore, wherever Dafa disciples pass by, those who are not aware of the truth gather together in twos and threes. Although they are not clear about Falun Gong, we don't look at these things, as we are sure that they are waiting for their salvation. As long as we tell ordinary people the facts, our efforts will be worthwhile.

Letting Go of Self and Cooperating with Each Other

Concerning overall coordination, when there are different opinions among practitioners, we need to look within ourselves. As long as a practitioner's suggestion has to do with the Fa-rectification, we should cooperate.

A. Full Cooperation

When local Practitioner B wanted to hire a lawyer to help practitioners and enter innocent pleas, there were lots of different opinions. Some said, “Practitioner B has an attachment to depending on everyday people.” Others said, “It is not worth it to spend so much money,” and so on. Later on, when a practitioner got in touch with B, he found that B's plan was good, because it not only negated the persecution, but also was great for clarifying the truth while rescuing fellow practitioners. Also, B was financially able to carry out his plan. We needed to get rid of our notions and help carry out his plan.

Thus, practitioners in small teams visited various local law offices, distributing fliers about Falun Gong, and delivering the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party booklet. Finally, some local lawyers agreed to work with out-of-town lawyers for a not guilty plea. We didn't have to spend too much money. On the day of the trial, we sent righteous thoughts. The defense lawyers' strong arguments stunned the police and others in the courtroom. Later, several practitioners were released under the ruling “exempt from criminal punishment.”

When some local police stations, street offices, and communities heard about the release of Dafa practitioners, they realized that practicing Falun Gong is legal and that the CCP persecution is a crime. One day, two community secretaries came to our house. I mentioned about the court releasing Falun Gong practitioners, resulting in one secretary saying, “Falun Gong is very good!” and the other secretary nodded his approval. Initially they came to talk about establishing a “brainwashing school,” but after being told the facts about Falun Gong, they gave me their cell phone and office phone number and said that they would not return.

B. Regaining Confidence

One time, a practitioner told me about four veteran practitioners renouncing Falun Dafa. It was very unfortunate. They also affected other people. We decided to work together to have them return to practicing Falun Gong.

We sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil elements that interfered with them. We discovered that they had renounced Falun Dafa because they believed they lagged behind other practitioners. They thought others were looking down on them. I encouraged them by saying “You've been through tough times already. Whatever difficulty you come across is a good thing and part of the cultivation process. You see, we are still moving forward, one step at a time. From now on, we can help each other and walk well our final steps.” A veteran practitioner cried, and they all agreed to study Zhuan Falun with us.

One of us went to study the Fa with them. A few things happened at that time. One day, a practitioner said, “I went to study the Fa with them yesterday, but they were doing laundry and other things, and they asked me to leave, making me feel bad." I thought that at the time they were not really themselves, so I send righteous thoughts and told them that I wanted to wait. Later, they finally studied the Fa with me.

I was disappointed and said, “If they don't look inward, even when others help them, they won't succeed. Since you live quite far, I'll go instead of you. Let nature take its course.” She said, “I will come, too. I want to read the Fa teachings with them. We must have more confidence!”

Listening to her, I discovered that I still held selfishness. I didn't really take fellow practitioners' things as mine. If it were I, could I have been so considerate? Maybe I would have left their residence immediately. Looking inward, their actions showed our weaknesses. If I don't solidly believe in Dafa, would I be able to rectify everything that is wrong and would I be able to rectify them?

Master said: “A practitioner should follow the course of nature.” (Zhuan Falun)

Suddenly I came to understand the meaning of “follow the course of nature.” To follow the course of nature is to follow Falun Dafa and not my own attachments and the old forces' arrangements.

After that we studied the Fa with them more diligently. These four veteran practitioners improved greatly their understanding of Falun Dafa. They often said, “Oh, Teacher has already talked about this problem! Teacher said it so clearly, but why didn't we realize this before? Studying the Fa is so good!”

Dafa can really change people's minds, whereas the process of “helping” other practitioners is a good opportunity to improve ourselves concerning selfishness, as well as strengthening our faith in Dafa. Then, the might of Dafa will manifest before us.

Later on, these four practitioners bought a computer and surfed the Minghui website (the Chinese version of Clearwisdom). They read cultivation articles and printed all the Dafa books. They made Fa study their first priority and continue to maintain their small Fa study group. They also have been encouraging other practitioners that had fallen behind to join their Fa study group. They've been printing Minghui Weekly and materials for clarifying the truth about Falun Gong.

C. Look Inward Even if You Believe You Are in the Right

I heard about one local practitioner who was spreading articles about reincarnation and celestial eyes, printed from websites other than Minghui, I said that it was more appropriate to read articles from Falun Dafa websites. Soon after, a practitioner told me, “Practitioner A said that you don't have to go to that extreme.” Some practitioners said that I was right. My first thought was, “Wasn't it extreme to spread that kind of thing? No wonder they had more problems in that area. If you're attached to that kind of thing, how could you not get confused?”

On second thought, I wondered, why did I pick on these practitioners instead of looking inside? Isn't this everyday people's fighting for right or wrong? Since Practitioner A had said that I went to the extreme, I should look inward based on the Fa. I realized that my motive was not for the sake of fellow practitioners, but expressing my own notions of how to safeguard the Fa and rectifying myself. I found my fundamental problem.

In the past, if there were differing opinions among practitioners, for the sake of better coordination, I thought, no matter what was on their mind, they meant well, I must see their good points, etc. Later, I realized that this was not necessary. The fundamental reason for others to bring up different opinions or contradictions means that I have to get rid of things within me that are inconsistent with Dafa. I realized that Teacher wanted to awaken me through the mouths of fellow practitioners A,B,C, and D. Trying to find others' good points is actually looking outward, whereas looking inward is unconditional.

One day, a practitioner sent me an email that said: “In our area, there's been a situation that is not on the Fa. Since I let you know about it, now you should go take care of it. If you don't, you have failed your responsibility.”

I thought, “I don't even know those people in your area and the things involved. How could I go take care of it?” I learned later that the matter had be resolved. On second thought, “It's better not to pick on some one else's problem. I need to pick on my own. Why did I come across this incident? When studying the Fa, I found what responsibility meant, understanding what the practitioner had asked of me. Looking back all these years, even though I have been doing things for the Fa-rectification, I have lacked responsibility. Whatever I have done, I have not been able to let go of selfishness. For instance, when I was told that some fellow practitioner needed computer instruction or some kind of help,

I went and solved the problems. But I didn't feel like having enough compassion and not taking the initiative for others. Thus, I recognized in myself another problem.

D. Waking Up from Not Being Diligent in Studying the Fa

When the persecution began, due to not knowing the importance of Fa study, I was arrested twice. Soon after becoming a cultivator in 1999, I became involved in activities to stop the persecution and was arrested. In the detention center, I saw that veteran practitioners were able to recite some Fa teachings. I, in my 20s, was not able to recite any, so I had no guidance when I came across problems. I thought, “How great it would be if I could read some Fa!” The following morning, a practitioner in the same ward came to me and said, “I found some Fa lectures in my quilt yesterday. Do you want some?” Thus, under Teacher's protection I started reciting the Fa. Later, I was illegally taken to a forced labor camp. By continuously reciting the Fa and being able to maintain stronger righteous thoughts, I was released within a few months.

The atmosphere in prisons and labor camps can be changed if practitioners' minds are filled with the Fa and if they are doing things based on the Fa. When I was arrested for the second time and taken to a forced labor camp, I found that, although many practitioners were very steadfast in their belief in Falun Gong, they were unclear about the Fa principles. For instance when the guard asked, “Who said, 'Dafa is good?'” one practitioners stood up, and she was beaten.

One day, those practitioners and I were locked up in the same cell. We agreed after sharing that we had to completely negate the evil persecution because of the old forces' arrangements. We also reviewed Teacher's lectures.

“Getting arrested is not the purpose. Validating Dafa is what’s truly magnificent, and it is to validate Dafa that you step forward. Since you step forward, you should try to succeed in validating the Fa—this is the real purpose of stepping forward. When the evil ones ask whether you practice Falun Gong, you may ignore them or use other ways to deflect their questions. Don’t voluntarily let the evil take you away.” ("Rationality," Essentials for Further Advancement II)

“But the premise is that you have strong righteous thoughts, no fear, and no human attachments, apprehension, or hatred; only when you're in that state will it be effective, and it will take effect as soon as your thoughts emerge.” ("Stop the Evil Acts with Righteous Thoughts")

After having understood Teacher's Fa, we shouted, “Falun Dafa is good!” A group of male guards kicked open our door and asked, “Who did the shouting?” No one answered. They said, “Hey, what's going on today?” They again said, “Stand up if you shouted!” No one answered. They said again, “Stand up if you didn't shout!” Again no one moved. They said, “Ask them one by one!” As I was first, one guard asked me, “Did you shout?”

Quietly, I sent righteous thoughts: “Dafa practitioners' action is to validate the Fa, is against the persecution, is eliminating evils in other dimension including evils that control police. Our action is not fighting for anything. I hope that your side that understands everything wakes up and does not let anything control you. Don't ask questions, as I will never answer them. If you don't mind, you may stand there.”

Because I was lying on the lower bunk bed and he was standing by the side of the upper bed, he could not stand up straight to talk to me. While all the practitioners kept quiet, and after other dimensions' evils were eliminated by their righteous thoughts, the atmosphere in the room became very funny. Finally I heard him burst into laughter and saying as he headed outside, “My God, you beat me!” and other guards by the door all burst out laughing.

The environment changes when practitioners' thoughts were in line with the Fa. Many practitioners were released after eliminating evil factors in other dimensions.

E. Our Fa-study Group

Before studying the Fa, we recite three paragraphs from Zhuan Falun, striving not to miss a word. Each practitioner takes his/her turn. Whatever is recited wrongly, practitioners correct him or her instantly. Whenever there is a new short lecture, we recite it, too. After that, we study one lecture of Zhuan Falun. We also send righteous thoughts at the set times. The rest of the time we study overseas Fa teachings in order.

When we first started reciting Zhuan Falun, some practitioners didn't want to continue, so all of us encouraged each other, eliminating interference. In reciting the Fa we are so much more clearheaded and we understand more that is inherent in the Fa. We can look inward, decreasing friction among ourselves and are able to coordinate better.

After reciting “What Does it Mean to 'Help Master Rectify the Fa'?” some practitioner said that we were increasingly more able to look within. Some said that we didn't have enough energy previously, but now we have a stronger sense of responsibility. We are more active and thorough in clarifying the facts about Falun Gong, so that people can really understand the facts about Falun Dafa and the persecution. We are no longer perfunctorily doing things.

Since studying the Fa well, there are no longer any problems among fellow practitioners. To state it more clearly, it is not that we don't come across problems, it is that when we confront different opinions, all of us can look inward and give up our own opinions, recognizing what Dafa requires of us. Thus, we are able to abide by the Fa and save more sentient beings. Therefore, our conflicts are dissolved instantly.

“After ten years of trials and tribulations,
Lotuses fill the courtyard.
A rainbow of colors,
Illuminates the heavens.
One’s purity is seen,
After the adamantine will is fully tempered.
True thoughts dissolve all,
The whole sky is clear.
Disciples of Fa walk the earth,
Compassion they bring.
With kind thoughts they save people,
Evil specters they vanquish.
Righteous thoughts each step of the way,
Divine beings are present in this world.
When they return with full bounty,
The multitude of gods shall receive them.”

("Stirred by Reflection," June 29, 2010)

My understanding is that the universe ought to have different colors. If we study the Fa well, we'll be able to purify our colors and making our entire universe more colorful. Studying the Fa well is the guarantee for returning to our homes and being part of the new cosmos.

Thank you, Teacher!