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Not Being Constrained by Notions and Openly Clarifying the Facts to Save People

December 30, 2011 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Sichuan Province

(Clearwisdom.net) We all know from the Fa that, as Dafa disciples during the Fa rectification period, the most important things right now are to study the Fa and cultivate ourselves well, send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors, clarify the facts to save sentient beings, and assist Teacher in Fa rectification. We made a pledge to Teacher and had great courage to come down with Teacher to the human world. Our intention was to save the sentient beings when the world got to the point where it is full of bad things. We cannot miss this opportunity that we have been awaiting for many years, and we must cultivate ourselves well and return home with Teacher.

1. Clarifying the Facts in the Market

For the past ten years, I have mainly clarified the facts in the rural markets and streets. I follow Teacher's Fa principles and start with an understanding of the suffering that ordinary people face. I try to look at things from their perspective and hold the thought that I must save them.

When I clarify the facts to the vegetable and grain salespeople, I first talk about their concerns. For instance, the price of vegetables and rice isn't very high, but the cost of pesticide, fertilizer, and seeds is very high, and it takes a lot of effort to transport everything to the market to sell. They then follow up and may say, “Indeed. We have to get up at 4 or 5 in the morning to come here, and before we sell anything, the people who collect the management fee and cleaning fee show up. Sometimes we can't sell anything all day, but we still have to pay these fees.” I feel bad for them and usually buy some of what they sell. I also extend the hope that they stay safe. Then I say, “As for us ordinary residents, it doesn't matter if we have a lot of money, as long as we stay safe. If you remember 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,' you will stay safe and healthy.” Once they agree, I encourage them to quit the CCP. I am usually able to convince them to quit the CCP.

When I talk to people who have finished buying things and are ready to go home, I say, “You have bought a lot of stuff! As ordinary residents, we indeed have to manage our lives and take care of our health.” After that it's not difficult to convince them to quit the CCP. When I talk to people who have shops, I usually start by saying, “It looks like your business is going very well! It is hard to do business these days and hard to make money.” Then I clarify the facts to them. When I talk to people who do hard labor, I say, “It's really hard for you guys to earn money. You earn your money by the sweat of your brow. There are so many corrupt officials today who take money from us, but it is so hard for ordinary people like us to make money.”

When people ask me for directions, I clarify the facts as I point to the road. When I see kids, I praise them; when I see elderly people, I wish them good health. When I meet sick people, I wish them to get better soon and then clarify the facts. Very few refuse to listen. I used to be able to convince only a few to a dozen people to quit the CCP every week. Now the number has gone up to 50 to 60 people every week. This positive situation has lasted for about two years.

2. We Have to Have a Sense of Urgency

The moral values in today's world have been going steadily downhill, and this has made saving people even more difficult. Once we miss an opportunity, it could be an eternal regret. Around the middle of 2008, I saw that the Shen Yun DVD had a very good effect in saving people, and thus I wanted to buy a DVD burner to make copies. However, the financial situation in my family wasn't good, and I was afraid that my family wouldn't stand for my spending several thousand yuan. At the end of 2008, for the first time my workplace gave the employees bonuses, and I got 2,400 yuan. I then asked fellow practitioners in the county to buy a machine for me. A fellow practitioner told me it would cost about 3,000 yuan. On the day of the 2009 Chinese New Year, I went to the county to pick up the burner and a technically skilled practitioner from the capital of the province took the bus to come to the county to teach me. I didn't know until I got there that the burner cost just about 2,400. Thank you, Teacher, for your compassionate arrangement. I also would like to give thanks for the work of the practitioner and the coordinator. I learned how to use it in the morning and went home at noon.

After that, I began to burn Shen Yun DVDs and I went out to save people with them. I would burn however many I needed.

Also since that time, I set a requirement for myself that every week I had to convince no less than 50 people to quit the CCP. In the beginning it was a bit difficult, but I gradually made some adjustments. If I could not make it in the town where I lived in, I would go to the nearby towns and townships. My town has markets on the odd dates and some nearby towns have markets on the even dates. Doing it like this, most weeks I have been able to reach my goal of convincing more than 50 people to quit the CCP.

For instance, on June 1 of this year, after sending forth righteous thoughts in the morning, a relative (a new practitioner) and I went to the market in a nearby town. We brought with us truth-clarification materials, DVDs, and a bottle of water. We first went to the peanut market, then the egg market, and finally the vegetable and meat market. We stayed there until the market was over at around 11 a.m. In those three hours, we convinced 45 people to quit the CCP. We really appreciated Teacher's guidance.

In one week during mid-August, I had to go to the county on business, and I missed a market day in my town. It was almost the end of the week and I had only convinced a little over 20 people and still had more than 20 people to go. There was only one market day left in the nearby township. Around that time, another practitioner and I were having xinxing tests, and he wouldn't go to the market with me. I kept thinking over and over whether to go or not. Usually the other practitioner carried our things and I thought it would not be safe for me to carry everything myself. Also, my little bag could not hold too much. I wondered, “Should I go?” I was afraid of the hardships, but I thought, “If I don't go, then what will happen to the people that I'm supposed to save?” Teacher said in “Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa:”

“But do you realize something? Those who were originally meant to have been saved last year [by Shen Yun, but didn’t go], have lost the opportunity forever. That’s because Fa-rectification is unceasingly forging ahead, step by step, and when it arrives at one cosmic plane it is time for that level of people; when it reaches a certain heavenly kingdom above, or a certain layer of cosmic body, it is time for that group of people to come see [the show], and next time around [when Shen Yun performs], that seat will belong to someone else. Do you realize how many lives have been lost?! Do you know how I feel when I see those empty seats in the theater?”

I did not want to miss the people who were supposed to be saved that week, and thus I decided to go by myself.

I had been studying Teacher's 2003 lectures and the night before the market, I read “Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference”. In answering a disciple's question, Teacher said,

“Sometimes when you folks think about an issue you form a type of habit--'I want to do such and such thing… here's how I'm going to do this thing… here's how I'm going to do that thing.' You ponder over it a lot and, well, to the point that you feel you've covered everything in a satisfactory way. But when you get down to doing that thing, the real, actual situations can vary in a lot of ways and your plan won't actually work (laughs). And when it doesn't work, you start to ponder it again. That's not how you should do things. Have righteous thoughts! However you think something should be handled, just go ahead and do it, and when you run into problems you will naturally know how to solve them. If your righteous thoughts are strong, everything will work out smoothly and it's guaranteed you'll do well.”

When I read this, the worries I had vanished. I realized that I should let go of the dependent mentality I had on my fellow practitioner. I should rely on Dafa and rely on my righteous thoughts. On Friday morning, I sent forth righteous thoughts at 6 a.m. as usual and went to the market by myself. That day, with Teacher and Dafa's guidance, I convinced 36 people to quit the CCP. I got home before 11:30 to cook lunch and didn't miss anything.

3. A Brush with Danger

During this year's May 1 vacation, after breakfast one morning I walked out with some truth clarification materials and went to a bus station. I saw a line of people along the road waiting for the bus. Usually they all waited inside, but that day there were so many people due to the holiday. Everyone wanting to go to Chengdu City were told to wait alongside the road. I went up to them and saw that most of them were students. Among them were middle school students traveling alone or with friends, as well as elementary school students with their parents. I started talking to small groups of people and convinced them to quit the CCP. To the students who were a bit older, I started by asking whether they were in junior high or high school and how their workload was. Then I would say, “Have you joined the Youth League? You really need to pay attention to your schoolwork, because it's not easy for your parents to pay for you to go to school.” Then I would talk about how these days the school always comes up different ways to collect money and how school officials are very corrupt. After they agreed with me, I would encourage them to quit the CCP Youth League, and most of them would. For the younger students, I asked what grade they were in. As I started the conversation, I could often get the adults to quit the CCP as well. Soon a bus arrived and a group of people left. The line then gradually got longer again until another bus came. In about two hours, I convinced over 30 people to quit the CCP.

I only had a dozen anti-Internet blockade cards left and I thought they would be just right for these students. As I gave them to the students one by one, I said, “The CCP is the only government that blocks the Internet to this extent. No other country does that. I have cards here that will teach you how to break through the blockade, and you will be able to see the real world. You can get back your right to know the truth and know what is going on.” Some students got the card and put it into their pockets, and some were reading them. Suddenly the person who was maintaining order came and asked, “What are you giving them?” I said, “Some cards. They are very good.” I repeated what I had said to the students. The person said, “Good or not? How about if I call over some people from the police station?” I smiled, looked at him, and said, “In fact, it is good for whoever wants to know about it.” I then spoke louder and more quickly so that he wouldn't have time to think or speak. Finally he didn't say anything, and I slowly left. Just like what Teacher said in “Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan,”

“But if your righteous thoughts are strong, the evil will be dissolved. The power of true compassion can dissolve all deviant factors, and when you talk with a person you will be emitting energy outwardly that dissolves evil things, and the evil in other dimensions will not dare to approach or control that person anymore.”

4. Who Cares If It Is an Allergy

As the process of Fa rectification moves forward, our personal levels should also be going up. Some of my notions were utilized by the Old Forces to interfere with me. When I was an ordinary person, I had many health problems, and one of them was that my skin was very sensitive to sunlight. When the sunshine was a bit stronger in the spring or summer, my face, neck, arms, and any other parts of my skin that was exposed would develop very dense, extremely itchy bumps. When it was the most severe, I could not even tolerate sunlight reflected into the room.

After I began cultivation in 1997, this condition disappeared. However, during the hot days in 2010, it recurred. At first I didn't pay attention to it and after being exposed to sunlight, I would use the ordinary people's method of washing my face with some cold salt water. It would feel better and the symptoms would be alleviated a little. Gradually, I found that doing this didn't help anymore, so I went to buy some sunscreen. Before I went outside, I would use it and then wash my face with salt water after I returned home. But soon this didn't help anymore either. At that time I realized that I should send forth righteous thought to eliminate the evil interference. I also shared with fellow practitioners and they helped me send righteous thoughts, but it was not getting any better. As it got to be spring of 2011, I had to use an umbrella whenever I went outside, as it became more and more severe. I also bought a sunhat and then a straw hat, and would wear them all the time. The bumps on my neck were very bad, and when the temperature didn't go down at night, I scratched it when I was asleep and broke open the skin. I then had to use small pieces of soft paper to cover it up. No matter how hot it was, whenever I went outside, I had to wear high collared shirts to cover up my entire neck. One reason was to block the sunlight, but the other reason was that I didn't want people to see it, as it would hinder people from being saved. However, some people still saw it when I clarified the facts and some kind people advised me to buy some medicine, and my neighbors also brought me some ointment. I saw that if it continued to go on like that, it would certainly interfere with my job of saving people.

When June came around, through studying the Fa a lot, I enlightened that this was not a correct state for a practitioner. A practitioner’s body is composed of high energy substances and the sunlight in the human world should not be able to harm it. So this wasn't something like an allergy. This was a fake symptom that the old forces put on me, and I had to completely negate it. I said in front of Teacher's photo, “From now on, I will not use salt water to wash my face and will not use sunscreen. I'm not an ordinary person, and ordinary people's methods do not work for me.” Teacher told us a long time ago, “The Fa gained, you now stand divine.” (“Salvation Far and Wide” in Hong Yin) How could I view myself as an ordinary person at critical times? After that, when my mind was not firm and I was afraid of sunlight again, I would ask myself, “Teacher is rectifying the entire universe—what is the big deal about such a little thing?” I'm not sure whether it was the end of June or the beginning of July, but just like that, this symptom that had tortured me for an entire year disappeared. During the hottest and driest month of August, the sunlight was extremely bright, but my skin did not react at all. Now the skin on my neck is completely back to normal. Thank you, compassionate Teacher.

If I could have realized that it was interference from the evil when my skin first felt bad last year, and that I didn't have to use ordinary people's methods such as washing it with salt water, using sunscreen, and avoiding sunshine, but instead had firmly negated it and eliminated it with righteous thoughts, then this would not have interfered with me for a whole year. It is very true that however strong the notion is, that's how big the interference is. In this final period of Fa rectification, we must be cautious on everything happening around us and face everything with righteous thoughts. Only by doing so can we eliminate the interference and walk every step righteously on the path of cultivation.

5. Being Cautious about Watching TV Series

My family bought a DVD player over 10 years ago. Most of the time we only use it to play truth-clarification DVDs, Shen Yun DVDs, and Teacher's Fa lectures. Its other important function is to test play the DVDs that I burn to check the quality and content. I've never rented or bought any ordinary people's DVDs to watch. We installed a satellite receiver in 2001, and afterwards we began to watch a program from an overseas station when we had lunch. Later a fellow practitioner helped us to find the New Tang Dynasty station and we sometimes we watched that. Since NTDTV had contract issues this year, we stopped watching TV. However, my son, who has not practiced Dafa yet, thought it was boring without the TV and bought us two sets of DVDs. He knew that we wouldn't watch anything with the Party culture in it, so he bought a series about history. I didn't oppose it strongly and just watched it with the family during mealtimes. Soon we finished watching them.

On August 13, 2011, I got a call from my husband's sister. She invited us to go over on the 31st for her daughter's birthday. On the night before the 31st, I dreamed that on our way to her home, a very healthy elderly person walked with us. He walked very quickly in front of us. When he got to an open area, he saw that we had not caught up and thus stopped to stretch a little. He was wearing a white bodysuit. He alternated his hands to push off the ground and he was flipping in the air. The movements were very elegant. As we were approaching, he said to us, “I'm just moving around a little before you get here.” Then he opened a little box that he carried and inside were some DVDs and a DVD player. He warmly told us, “I've got the top kung-fu movie in the world here. This one is four hours long and it's very good. Let me play it for you.” Then he started to tear open the package. I immediately said, “Thank you, but we have to go to my niece's birthday and we won't watch it today.” He put down the four hour ones, picked up another one, and said, “Then let's watch the two-hour one.” Then I woke up.

I thought about the dream again and again. The old man was warm, upright, and very skilled in martial arts. He liked exercising and invited us to watch kung-fu movies, which has no obvious Party culture stuff. It very much aligned with our hobbies when we were ordinary people, but it was very obvious that he was not a practitioner.

I thought that it was perhaps Teacher trying to remind us. We had watched the DVDs that my son bought. If later he bought more things and we watched them again, then gradually we could get addicted to them. Another possibility was that our thoughts were similar to ordinary people's thinking of “there is not much to do after retirement. We can just play a little Mahjong and watch a little TV series so that we don't get bored.” Thus, in the dream, the ordinary person saw that our thoughts were in accord with his and thus warmly invited us to watch the kung-fu movie.

Concluding Remarks

Looking back at more than a decade on this difficult path, whenever I felt so tired that I could not continue any longer, I would get Teacher's encouragement, and that's how I've been able to continue until this day. The experience sharing articles on Minghui/Clearwisdom have also helped me a lot in gaining the strength to move forward. When I was held up by ordinary people's attachments, it was Minghui that awakened me, especially since I was the only practitioner in my town for quite a while. When I wrote this article, there were several times that I wanted to stop, but then I thought that if I only receive from Minghui but do not want to contribute, I would feel ashamed. However, I was also afraid of spending too much time writing it, and that my notion of showing off might show up in the article and bring negative things to fellow practitioners. In any case, I stuck with it and broke through layers of notions and attachments, and finished writing it. These are all my current understandings. If anything is inappropriate, please kindly point it out.

Thank you, compassionate Teacher. Thank you, all the fellow practitioners who have helped me.