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Sacred Cultivation Path

December 30, 2011 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China



After having practiced Falun Dafa for more then three months, my workplace allocated rice to staff. I carried 50 kg bags of rice and ran lightly; moreover I could carry four bags at a time. The leaders and my colleagues couldn't believe that a person who suffered from heart disease, who broke a sweat and became short of breath from just a little activity, suddenly could carry 50 kgs and run! Once four tons were loaded on the truck, of which I had loaded the majority, my colleagues said, “Falun Gong is unbelievable!” Within less than two years of having stepped into the practice, my skin glowed and my hair had turned dark again. I appeared to be over ten years younger. Although I was in my 40s, I looked like a young fellow in his twenties. My Immortal Infant looked like a two 2 year old. The changes happened amazingly quickly and appeared to be indeed inconceivable.

- from the author

Greetings, revered Master!

Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I began to practice Falun Dafa in September 1997 and recalled that during the fourteen years of practicing Falun Dafa I experienced hardships and learned many lessons.

1. Being Reborn after Practicing Falun Dafa

In August 1997, when returning to my workplace from a trip to Beidaihe, I suddenly suffered a heart attack at an intersection in Beijing. Colleagues suggested that I stay in Beijing for treatments. After feeling better after half an hour, I wanted to return home. In September, my wife brought home three books: Zhuan Falun, Zhuan Falun (Volume 2) and Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa. When I opened Zhuan Falun, a kind of nameless excitement, a joy of finally finding what I had pursued for a long time welled up inside me. I couldn't put down the book for an entire week. I finally understood the purpose of being human, and decided to practice Falun Dafa. My body experienced great changes during that first week into the practice. My body was no longer swollen. I was cured of my heart diseases, had a ruddy complexion and my digestive system returned too normal. My body felt light and my mind was joyful. I can't describe in mere words the wonderful feeling I felt in my heart.

After having practiced Falun Dafa for more than three months, my workplace allocated rice to staff. I carried 50-kg bags of rice and ran lightly, moreover I carried four bags at a time. The leaders and my colleagues couldn't believe that a person who suffered from heart disease, who broke a sweat and became short of breath from just a little activity, suddenly could carry 50 kgs and run! Once four tons were loaded on the truck, of which I had loaded the majority, my colleagues said, “Falun Gong is unbelievable!

After I practiced Falun Gong, twice I let others have newly allocated housing units that had been assigned to me, and I still live in my old home, which measures less than 80 square meters. My friends said it is very hard to find a person like me nowadays. I replied: “Practitioners of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance can do this. Master asked us to consider others first and turn into a better person.”

After I had practiced Falun Dafa for a year and two months, my workplace decided that staff should help the poor in the countryside. Leaders spoke to some medium level cadres, but nobody was willing to go, as they all believed that it was not safe in remote mountain areas. When leaders were at a loss, I proposed to be assigned the team leader. The leader said: “You have really solved my big problem!” My team solved several major problems in the mountainous area, and received the villagers' highest praise. The chief leader of the county said, “Among several groups of poverty relief work teams, you are the only one who didn't attend a dinner or get involved in other recreational activities.” A department leader of the poverty county's higher authority said, “I heard that practitioners are not afraid of working hard for poor people. I support your work, agree with your project and tell me about Falun Gong.” I told him of the changes of body and mind I experienced after practicing Falun Gong. He approved very much of Falun Gong.

Within less than two years of having stepped into the practice, my skin glowed and my hair had turned dark again. I appeared to be over ten years younger. Although I was in my 40s I looked like a young fellow in his twenties. My Immortal Infant looked like a 2 year old. The changes happened amazingly quickly and appeared to be inconceivable. Moreover I experienced many of Falun Gong's supernatural powers, including the placement of the Mysterious Pass, the maoyou heavenly circuit, energy channels outside the body, telepathy, Precognition and Retrocognition and so on. My thoughts were pure, I took fame and interest lightly, worked hard, became a responsible individual, harmoniously worked with colleagues, considered others and became selfless and altruistic.

2. Ordeal in Prison

Before dawn on July 20, 1999, six to seven people from the city public security bureau, district sub-bureau and domestic security division broke into my home, ransacked it and took me to the criminal police squadron. I was under detention and interrogation two days later, detained on criminal charges after half a month and sentenced. I was detained in the prison and tortured for four years, with no Fa study environment, I could only recite Falun Dafa lectures that I could remember. I recited Lunyu at least 40,000 times during the four years, which strengthened my determination of defeating the evil ordeal and continuing to practice Falun Gong.

This prison jailed over 3,000 people, which included more than 70 practitioners, but most likely more than 100 practitioners. The provinces 610 Office, judicature ministry and jail administrative bureau carried out the brainwashing activities that the practitioners were forced to undergo. They conducted the brainwashing class in a small building, played depraved videos and used torture in an attempt to “transform” practitioners. Before I was released, only three practitioners were transformed, of which two returned to the practice later. I exposed the debased activities at the brainwashing class in the prison. The guards panicked and closed the brainwashing class the next day. At that time, my understanding of the Fa was not that clear, but my human courage was at a high point. I did not fear death and wrote my will. After I was released from the prison and studied the Fa diligently, I realized that humans not fearing death is different from what the Fa principles require when it asks practitioners to let go of life and death. Righteous thoughts and acts is the Fa principle that destroys the evil.

Because I handled all situations according to the Fa and presented a practitioner's kind and good behavior at all times, most inmates said, “Falun Gong is good!” Many people understood the facts and the wrongness of the persecution of practitioners. They sympathized with practitioners and expressed that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP} was evil. Some even helped practitioners pass on Dafa lectures. Some practitioners influenced supervisory inmates to become practitioners.

When I returned home for a month, I visited my workplace colleagues. During the four years, some had gotten older, some had passed away, and some suffered a number of illnesses. They said, that I looked even younger than before and noticed that the wrinkles around my eyes had disappeared. They asked if this was because I was practicing Falun Gong. I explained to them what Falun Dafa was about, why dictator Jiang persecutes Falun Gong and they basically understood the truth. Some did not fear the evil party and dared to take a stand in support of Falun Gong.

In April 2005, I was arrested by the railroad police when on my way to my hometown, and sentenced to three years of forced labor at two notorious forced labor camps in the northeast. My hometown relatives asked me to cooperate so I would get released earlier. Due to human attachments, insufficient belief in Master and Dafa, I compromised and wrote the Three Statements. I told myself that “it was not written by me.” I betrayed Master, discredited Dafa and was stained forever. Because of fellow practitioners' unceasing support, repeatedly studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil interference, Master's strengthened me and I was released from prison within a year and a half. I then studied the Fa diligently, looked within, reviewed the lessons I learned, found the reason for being persecuted, did the Three Things well, solidly cultivated, made up for the losses and stepped back into the Fa-rectification progress. Meanwhile, I told fellow practitioners about the lessons I learned and helped practitioners who had also detoured return to the practice.

3. Studying the Fa Diligently and Looking Within -- Solidly Cultivating Oneself

Prior to July 20, 1999, I joined a Fa study group. We studied two hours nightly, except when I was on a business trip. Afterwards I insisted on practicing the sitting meditation and practiced the exercises outdoors every morning regardless of the weather. We were very diligent. I read through Zhuan Falun every three to four days and practiced the five sets of exercises twice a day. When I couldn't keep to that schedule, I would squeeze in time to make up for it. I increased my speed and one day was likes two days, but the progress was by leaps and bounds. I was arrested twice, lost my freedom for a total of five years and seven months, during which time I didn't study Zhuan Falun, practice the exercises and the loss was tremendous. To make up for the damage I caused to Falun Dafa, I spent more time on Fa study and exercises after I returned home. I studied two to three lectures of Zhuan Falun daily, and studied all other lectures by Master when published. I practiced the five sets of exercises in the morning and at night if conditions allowed, trying to make up for the loss. My xinxing improvement and main body changes were obvious.

When I was released in 2003, I couldn't sit in the Lotus position easily as I had not done the sitting meditation for four years. My legs hurt terribly, but I insisted to sit in the Lotus position. I struggled to complete the one-hour meditation, but it took some time before I could cross my legs well in this position. The terrible pain didn't begin as soon as I crossed the legs, but after finishing the one hour meditation, my waist and legs hurt terribly. This made me sweat profusely, even in winter, despite wearing only a vest and shorts. It was like this most of the time. After about half a year, I was again able to meditate for one and a half hours with ease, and then extended it to two hours. For instance, after I was released from the forced labor camp in the northeast, I had problems reading. I couldn't read well, even after enlarging the words four times. My vision normalized after more than two months of intensive Fa study and exercising. I also did the three things immediately, established a material production site at my home, printed Master's new lectures, the Minghui Weekly, pamphlets, truth-clarification flyers, recorded MP3 and MP5, burn Shenyun discs, took the opportunity to explain the facts about Falun Gong face to face, and asked people to withdraw from the CCP, youth league and young pioneers. The effect was very good. Besides sending righteous thoughts at four set times globally, I also try to send more righteous thoughts at other times and eliminate evil interference. I keep my body and mind purified, so the interference is very small. When the righteous thoughts are strong, the evil can't interfere. I realized that as long as we act according to Master's requirements, regard the Fa as Master, and solidly cultivate ourselves, we are able to move forwards with the Fa-rectification progress.

My wife insists to study the Fa with fellow practitioners. I act according to my situation, and squeeze in time to study the Fa most of time, day or night. I study as long as I have the time, and make sure to study two to three lectures a day. I make sure I do the three things well. Then, the interference is small, as my righteous thoughts are strong, and my cultivation is solid.

By looking within and cultivating myself, I improved very quickly. If I'm not diligent, my improvement is lacking and at times I even take a few steps back. I have learned many lessons concerning this aspect. I watched fellow practitioners, looked for their shortcomings and hardly looked within, but was always looking at others without checking my own shortcomings. I always thought I was correct, but still adhered to the CCP culture. Many practitioners pointed this out, but I didn't believe them. Subconsciously I regarded myself as being at a high level. Since Master repeatedly asked disciples to look within, improve oneself, be diligent and study the Fa, I compared myself to fellow practitioners, searched deeply for my attachments, solidly cultivated and constantly rectified myself, as well as letting go of the attachment to doing things. I realized doing things was not solid cultivation, the thought of doing more things to replace cultivation, is not on the Fa. This is the manifestation of being unclear on Fa principles. Master's requirement is for disciples to do Dafa work, not ordinary people do Dafa work and do things on the Fa. Thus, we can save people, and attain mighty virtue. When I drafted this article, I met a xinxing test. Sometimes I didn't do well. Therefore, it is obvious that solid cultivation is important.

4. Helping Fellow Practitioners and Improving as One Body

I was released from the prison in August 2003. I learned from fellow practitioners that some practitioners had been deceived by the evil party, and were also persecuting Dafa. Also, some held fear and stopped practicing. Some cooperated with the 610 Office and got involved in evil activities. Some went to the extreme and tried to drag fellow practitioners down with them with their warped logic. I followed Master's instruction on helping former practitioners, talked to them one by one, tried to help them by using the Fa for guidance so they could return to cultivation. Most of them returned to Dafa and are doing very well at present.

In regards to fellow practitioners sickness karma, I exchanged views and sent righteous thoughts with them. I helped them find their attachments, hold steadfast faith, believe in Master and Dafa, walk out of the ordeal, and catch up with the Fa-rectification process. For example, my wife's younger sister who began to practice in 1998 was interfered with by evil demons. She had excruciating pain in her left leg. At times she could not sleep for 24 hours for one month at a time. Her weight dropped to around 45 kgs (99 lbs), a person that was 1.69 meters (5' 6”) tall. Because of the continued pain, she did not maintain the xinxing of a practitioner and went to several hospitals. They could not pinpoint the problem. She underwent a minor surgery in one of the hospitals. She was injured due to the surgery and the more she sought treatment the more severe her condition became. Finally, she couldn't sit or stand normally, could not walk and became bedridden. On December 2, 2010, her family carried her to a train and then they traveled several thousand miles to Beijing for treatment. My wife, a practitioner, and I picked her up at the Beijing Railway Station. According to her husband's (a non-practitioner) wishes, we first took them to Beijing Xuanwu Hospital for a medical check up. They found no illness besides the problem that had arisen from the surgery. We realized that this was the old forces interference and that we had to strengthen her righteous thoughts, make her understand that she shouldn't take a human path, and that she had to eliminate the old forces interference.

In the afternoon of December 3, they checked into a hotel in Beijing. We shared with her and decided not to go to the hospital, but return to my home the next morning. We agreed that we would only walk on the Dafa cultivation path, believe in Master and Dafa and let Master decide everything.

That night in a Beijing hotel, we fought a war between righteousness and evil. My sister-in-law suffered so much pain in her legs that she couldn't decide what to do. She walked along the wall, crawled, and felt completely helpless. She begged us to give her painkillers. We were not moved, and my wife comforted her and gave her hot milk. I sent forth righteous thoughts continuously next to her. Although we had not rested for over twenty hours, we could not relax. We kept sending righteous thoughts. It was close to dawn when my sister-in-law felt something in her lower abdomen that was dropping. She felt excruciating pain and was suffering. After things reached the extreme, her period suddenly started again, after having ended several days ago. Many black blood clots came out. The pain in the lower abdomen disappeared. The evil lives were defeated and eliminated and she could sleep. The following morning, she practiced four sets of the standing exercises and then came to my home, for which she had to travel a great distance.

During several months of evil interference, she didn't improve her xinxing, but wanted to use human methods to get cured with the help of Chinese medicine. This doctor of traditional Chinese medicine who is also a disciple, told my sister-in-law, “Going the human way means that I give you Chinese medicine. But, this doesn't solve the fundamental problem. To take the divine path, you have to cultivate but it will require effort. Only Dafa can save you.” She still insisted on taking Chinese medicine. She started taking medicine the next day, but was even more uncomfortable after taking the first medicine. She said: “I was wrong, I swear I won't take medicine again!” On the second day, she did not take medicine, studied the Fa and practiced the exercises. She could get out of bed and walk around, which made us very happy. My wife and I had relaxed and slept that night. We weren't there for her, so she took Chinese medicine before dawn. Again she felt uncomfortable. Taking medicine caused her unbearable pain twice, but she did not enlighten to what was really happening. Her daughter secretly discarded the medicine.

On the third day after my sister-in-law arrived at my home she took the medicine for the second time. I saw practitioners' articles on Minghui website about using the Great Soul-Catching and the dissolving gong method. I enlightened that I should use my supernatural ability to eliminate evil. I cooperated with fellow practitioners, used the Great Soul-Catching and the dissolving gong method to eliminate those evil lives and elements in her dimension that interfered and persecuted her. We succeeded in eliminating the evil lives. My sister-in-law's legs began to feel warm. Her legs had been cold for over three months, even when covered by two quilts and now they began to feel warm, and almost recovered.

On the seventh day she felt the pain again. We hadn't eliminated the evil completely when sending righteous thoughts. A long hairy monster hadn't dissolved completely, but still had one breath left, and still interfered. We continued to clean up the dimensions and finally succeeded. On the first, third and seventh day, my sister-in-law cooperated with sending righteous thoughts as one body three times, thoroughly removed the evil spirits and validated Dafa. Dafa disciples have the supernatural abilities entrusted by Master.

My sister-in-law understood now how to cultivate and greatly improve after studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. She improved her xinxing after looking within. She diligently studied the Fa during the day and practiced the five sets of exercises. Her body improved, her weight increased by more than 6 kgs (13 lbs) during about twenty days. Now she goes shopping and rides a bike. She went to a practitioner's home for sharing in January 2011, traveled three miles and jogged sometimes. Her family witnessed Dafa's supernatural power. Her husband, a non-practitioner, was moved to tears several times.

My sister-in-law returning from death, helped her find the attachment to the pursuit of comfort. She hadn't known how to look within, could not finish the five sets of exercises daily, hardly sent righteous thoughts and sometimes after preparing food for her husband, she went to sleep again until 1 or 2 p.m. Long term slack provided loopholes for the evil and almost ruined her. It was a serious lesson!

After forty days, my sister-in-law returned home, persisted in studying the Fa, sending righteous thoughts and practicing the exercises twice a day. Her present condition is quite good. Her face is rosy and she is more attractive than before. This had a great impact on fellow practitioners.

Her experience reminds fellow practitioners who also are experiencing an ordeal that they must understand on the basis of the Fa how to eliminate evil interference and look within. One has to solidly cultivate by believing in Master and Dafa. When solidly cultivating we can walk one step after another steadfastly.

My understanding is limited. Please kindly advice if there is any incorrect understanding.

Thank you Master!

Thank you fellow practitioners!