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Master Teaches Illiterate Dafa Disciple to Read Lunyu in Her Dreams; She Can Now Assist Master with Fa-rectification

December 10, 2011 |   Dictated to a fellow practitioner by an illiterate Dafa disciple in Liaoning Province

(Clearwisdom.net) [A note from the author: The practitioner in this article is elderly and never had a day of schooling her entire life. With her pure and firm belief in Master and Dafa, she was able to overcome numerous obstacles and assist Master with the Fa-rectification process. Her experiences truly speak to Master’s compassionate protection of her and the wonder of Dafa.]

Getting Introduced to Cultivation Practice

I am 65 years old and live in a remote mountainous village. On August 9, 1994, I was fortunate enough to obtain the Fa. Four nights before this fateful day, I had a dream in which three elderly men came looking for me. They had a book with them and told me that my name was on the book, and I was supposed to go on the path of cultivation. Back then, I had no clue about the meaning of cultivation. Three nights later, I had a dream again, and this time I saw Bodhisattva AvalokiteĊ›vara, who asked me, “Why haven’t you gone to cultivate yet?” After I woke up the next morning, I figured that I must seriously go look for cultivation. As fate would have it, later that day I saw a few people going to a fellow villager’s house to learn how to do an exercise called “Falun Standing Stance” and I simply followed along. I not only did that exercise, but also was able to cross my legs on top of each other for 30 minutes of meditation. The next day a practitioner unexpectedly showed up at this villager’s home. As soon as he stepped inside, he asked if there were any new practitioners. It turned out that Master had given him a hint to deliver Dafa books to us beginners.

Learning to Read Dafa Books

Being illiterate, I was extremely anxious seeing all the other people reading Dafa books by themselves. One night I tried to read Zhuan Falun, but was so frustrated that I couldn’t help but cry. Later, I decided to flip through the whole book and see what characters I could recognize. I fell asleep after going through the entire book. I then had a dream in which I saw a blackboard with words on it that read, “Nothing is as profound as BUDDHA LAW. Of all teachings in the world it is the most wondrous and highest science.” Master taught me to read the whole paragraph word by word. Before he left, Master asked me to recite the paragraph from memory. Seeing that I was able to memorize it, Master said, “Good.” Upon hearing this, I suddenly woke up. I immediately opened up Zhuan Falun to look for the words that I had seen in my dream. I realized that they were exactly the same as the first paragraph of Lunyu. For the next few days, I had a dream every day in which Master showed me how to read. In this way, Master finished teaching me Lunyu in one week.

My eldest son was moved by my sincerity, so he began to teach me to read Dafa books. When we read the book “The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa,” he saw Master in the photos demonstrating Dafa exercises. He knew right away that Dafa books were a real treasure and he began to practice as well. We later joined a group Fa-study, and I kept learning from everyone how to read Dafa books. After the winter, I was so happy to be able to read all the books by myself. Well aware of the preciousness of the Fa, I made good use of every bit of time I had to study the Fa.

Cultivating My Xinxing

It was not easy for me to obtain the Fa, so I was determined to follow Master’s teachings. I didn’t mind being taken advantage of; all I knew was that I could never walk away from the Fa.

I had a neighbor who used to get along with me very well. After I began to practice Falun Dafa, however, she one day suddenly cursed at me for no reason. Thinking of Master’s teachings, I didn’t bother to fight back. She kept verbally abusing me for one month, but then suddenly stopped. We were on good terms again.

The second year of my cultivation, my village decided to allocate the village-owned farmland to all the families. I had no desire at all to ask for more or better land, but my husband couldn’t help but fight with other villagers. Unfortunately, he fell ill due to the stress and soon passed away. I was only 49. Our friends suggested that I seek justice from the government, and I thought maybe I should really file an appeal. The moment I stepped on the staircase of the village government building, however, a golden mesh suddenly surrounded me and I lost consciousness. When I came to, I enlightened to the fact that it was time for me to let go of my attachment to personal gain and material wealth.

Three years after my husband’s passing, I went to the city to do odd jobs. I once cared for elderly people and also looked after young kids. There was one elderly lady who was especially picky and hard to please. The jobs I had to do were filthy and tiring. On top of that, I had to face distrust from her and her family. Sometimes I cried at night, but I always managed to maintain my xinxing. No matter how other people treated me, I just knew to do my job well. Gradually she and her family came to understand that Dafa disciples were all good people, and she even began to practice too.

When I remarried, my new husband’s family was fearful of potential persecution, so they tried to stop me from practicing. In order to ease their worry, I gave up a lot of material interests and allowed his children to take away all the valuables we had. Sometimes I felt bitter and couldn’t stop weeping, but when I looked up at Master’s portrait, I saw him smiling at me and knew he was encouraging me to be more diligent.

Experiencing the Wonder of Dafa

Twenty days into my cultivation, I saw five Faluns. Two or three months later, a bright shiny moon showed up in front of my eyes. One night when I was doing the exercise “Falun Standing Stance,” a big eye suddenly appeared and gave me a good scare. A month after I began to practice, I suddenly floated in the air at night. Back then I didn’t know what was going on, so I felt extremely frightened. With this fear, I fell to my bed.

When we demolished our old house in 1995, three bricks fell right on top of my head and knocked me down. Everyone was scared, but I stood up, unscathed.

A horse-drawn carriage full of passengers once rolled over my feet, but I was totally fine.

One day, I sprained my foot so badly that my toes had turned backward and my heel faced forward. I had no fear, and with just one twist I got my foot back to the right position. Then I saw Faluns spinning around my foot to help it heal.

One night a fellow practitioner and I went out to post materials exposing the persecution of Falun Gong. We came to a remotely located factory at 11:30 p.m. and we didn’t know the way home. So we pressed our hands together and asked Master to please help us, “Master, we’re lost.” When we opened our eyes, we found ourselves standing on the road close to our homes. We were ecstatic and immensely grateful to Master.

Another time, I went inside an office building to distribute the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party while a fellow practitioner was sending forth righteous thoughts outside. I had many copies with me and placed one on each of the desks. Even though there were many people working there, nobody seemed to notice me. When I got out of the building, I saw that two people were looking for me. I then felt a breeze and was carried to one end of a far-away bridge, where I waited for my fellow practitioner to catch up with me.

I was once taken into custody by police, who stole all of the cash I had with me (450 yuan). I later asked numerous times for the return of my money, but they just denied they ever took it. Miraculously, the money and my copy of Zhuan Falun suddenly showed up in my home one day.

I am a practitioner who cultivates with her third eye open and am able to see many supernormal scenes in other dimensions, but the Fa also has strict requirements of me. I have found that any deviation or unrighteous thoughts could invite interference from other dimensions.

Helping to Save Sentient Beings

Not long after the persecution of Falun Gong began on July 20, 1999, the local police department swept through the entire village to arrest local practitioners. When they came to my house, I firmly refused to be taken away, but more than two dozen other practitioners were arrested. The police had them stand outside in the scorching sun and beat them with wooden planks. These practitioners were not given any food to eat, yet when their families sent in food, the police refused to accept it. I also went to deliver food. When the police refused, I reprimanded them. After a few rounds, they let me give the food to the detained practitioners.

Later, I went to different places to tell people about Falun Gong. So far, about 30 people have learned the exercises from me, and some of them have become genuine disciples doing the three things.

I also distributed large quantities of materials exposing the persecution. Every day before I went out, I pressed my hands together and asked Master to please strengthen me. I had the thought that ordinary people could not see what divine beings were doing, and I asked Master for help whenever I ran into trouble. I knew it was Master that was indeed doing everything. I made sure to send forth righteous thoughts at the top of every hour. If there was anything urgent, I sent forth righteous thoughts continuously for 30 minutes, sometimes even one hour. The longer I sent forth righteous thoughts, the clearer my field became. My whole body felt very light, as if it was about to float. When I walked, it felt like I was riding a bike and I could get to my destination much faster. I also noticed that practitioners with strong human notions and illness karma had dark and filthy matter, as well strange-looking creatures in their dimensional fields.

I also frequented the local government departments to distribute informational materials about Falun Dafa. So far, I have visited the county government at least ten times and the police department four times. I also went to the courthouse, the judicial bureau and the Procuratorate numerous times. With Master’s protection, I never encountered any real danger.

Once I went to the county government to pass out the Nine Commentaries. For each office that was closed, I hung a copy on the door knob. If the door was open and nobody was inside, I placed a copy on the desk. While I was going through all the offices, I saw the county head walk in from afar and I said to Master in my heart, “I’m not done yet. Master, please do not let him in yet.” Then he stopped to talk to someone and didn’t come in until I was gone.

Another time while I was handing out materials at a street fair, a man approached and wanted to take me to the police department. I still had a lot of materials with me and I thought I must finish distributing them. With this one thought, I passed out each and every copy, with this man still clinging to me. Then someone said to him, “If you want to read it, perfect. If you don’t, just ignore it. This is none of your business. Why do you have to get involved?” Hearing this, he let go of his grip on me. I gave him a charm amulet before I left. From then on, his attitude toward Dafa changed for the better. When he saw me again, he even asked for more materials to read.

I began to assist people in withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. Every day I had a long list of people willing to quit. In addition to people that I ran into, I waited outside local schools and talked to students when they were done. Oftentimes I was talking to just a few of them when a big group swarmed around me, all asking to do the withdrawals. I wasn’t fast enough writing down everyone’s name, so I asked them to write their names themselves.

There were two families in my hometown that reported a lot of Dafa disciples to the police. The local practitioners didn’t dare to talk to them. When I returned to my hometown, I went to explain the facts of the persecution to them. Every member of the two families did the withdrawals and two of them even began the practice of Falun Gong.

I also knew a Party secretary who spared no efforts in persecuting Dafa disciples. After I went to his home to deliver the Nine Commentaries and other materials, he stopped his evil deeds.

Prior to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, a practitioner who once posted materials with me was arrested and then reported me under pressure. More than ten police officers twice tried to arrest me. The first time I maintained strong righteous thoughts and they were unable to do anything to me. The second time, however, I failed to maintain strong righteous thoughts and, as a result, I was arrested. The police also ransacked my home. When they tried to pry open my bookcase, I warned them that whoever did so would fracture his arms. Several days later the police officer who opened my bookcase indeed fell off a staircase and broke his arms. One officer beat me at the detention center, and I sent forth a thought to stop him. When he raised his arms to hit me again, he suddenly had cramps and had to stop. During the detention, I kept practicing the exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts and talking to people about the facts of the persecution every day. I was released nine days later.

Overcoming Tribulations

One could imagine my hardship after my first husband died in my second year of cultivation. I was able to make it through everything by following Master closely.

About one month ago, my eldest son suddenly passed away. I knew he didn’t do well as a Dafa disciple, so the evil took advantage of his shortcomings and claimed his life. But I believe Master already gave him the best. On the day of his funeral, many supernatural scenes occurred and even non-practitioners witnessed them. Up in the clouds were Faluns, dragons, phoenixes, cranes, lotus flowers, deities, fairies and a heavenly bridge. Seeing these things, my current husband also began to believe in Dafa and he now often urges me to practice the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts.

I write this article to show my gratitude to Master and to validate Master’s and Dafa’s might. After all, it is Master who is doing everything.

I would like to again express my sincere thanks to our revered Master and fellow practitioners as well.