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Only Teacher Can Oversee Our Paths

November 04, 2011 |   By a practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) When a practitioner is persecuted by the evil, many other practitioners often try to find fault with him: What attachments are yet to be eliminated? Does he have a gap here or there? And so on. As a matter of fact, we are all practitioners on a divine path and are still cultivating. We certainly will have all kinds of attachments, without exception. When we try to find another practitioner’s faults, aren’t we forgetting about our own? Does it mean that we, too, ought to be persecuted, since we ourselves also have all sorts of attachments? When we learn about the persecution of a fellow practitioner, rather than denouncing the persecution itself, our first thought is to look for his faults. Doesn’t this provide a good reason or excuse for the evil to persecute us? It is like if we were walking together and a practitioner fell, and the evil came and pulled the practitioner away. Our first thought is not to save him but to see why the evil pulled him away. The practitioner himself may also think it is because he did something wrong that caused him to be persecuted. With this thought, he is acknowledging the evil's power over him.

Perhaps some practitioners will say: “Indeed, he did something wrong. That is why he was persecuted.” Fellow practitioners, who said the evil could persecute us if we do something wrong? Have we forgotten who we are? I am not saying that when we do something wrong no one can say anything. Rather, we need to know who is in charge of us, who guides us. We are Dafa disciples. Only Teacher can oversee our paths. Even if we do something wrong, we can only use Teacher’s Fa to correct ourselves. As long as we believe that we are practitioners, Teacher will look after us. Teacher’s Fa can rectify us. The evil can never interfere with Dafa disciples’ affairs.

Dafa disciples are all helping Teacher to rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. The evil uses all sorts of reasons as pretenses to persecute us. This is not right even when evaluated with ordinary reasoning. For example, a person is in danger and the rescue team comes to help. One member of the rescue team acts a bit slowly. The bystanders, who do nothing, yell at him. Now, rather than criticizing the bystanders, everyone joins them to criticize the member of the rescue team. What would the results be?

When we are faced with all sorts of persecution, our first thought should be: “We are Dafa disciples. We answer only to Teacher. By our being Dafa disciples, the evil is not qualified to persecute us on any grounds.” With this thought, we will then correct ourselves with Teacher’s Fa and send forth righteous thoughts to totally reject the evil persecution.

By our having a clear understanding of the Fa principles and righteous thoughts, Teacher will do everything necessary for us. No one can stop Teacher.

Let us all act as divine beings would. With Teacher’s help, let us rescue our fellow practitioners who are being persecuted by the evil and bring them back to join us to save sentient beings.

The above is my person understanding. Please point out any deficiencies.