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Exposing the Persecution in Our Region

November 27, 2011 |   By a disciple in Hebei Province, China


Greetings, Respected Master!

Greetings, fellow practitioners!

In order to better save sentient beings, practitioners in our region have exposed the evil on a large scale over the past two years. Although we had certain difficulties, we walked our path and deeply enlightened to the process of how important it is to study the Fa well and to cultivate ourselves well. Below is our report for Master, and a sharing for fellow disciples.

I. Sharing Ideas

Some practitioners thought we were far from sufficient regarding exposing the facts of local persecution cases. For example, we often passively exposed a single persecution case after it had happened, and only distributed truth clarification materials to local folks. This had an effect in shocking the evil and in saving sentient beings, but along with the Fa-rectification's progress, we should break through such passive limitations and do better and save more beings.

We studied “Master's Comment on a Student's Article,”

“Exposing the wicked policemen and bad persons and publicizing their evil deeds is extremely effective at shocking and restraining those irrational, wicked people. At the same time, by clarifying the facts to the people on a local level it most directly exposes, and generates public awareness of, the wicked persecution. It is also a great way to save the people who have been poisoned and deceived by the lies. I hope all Dafa disciples and new students in Mainland China will do this well.”

Although we did in past years expose persecution cases, we did not do better and better, especially as some persecution facts have not been broadly exposed. Many persecution acts are planned by the regional 610 Office and domestic security. We should expose such systematic persecution. We collected the last ten years' worth of truth clarification materials, produced booklets exposing local 610 Office crimes, quickly followed by five more such booklets, and passed them out locally. We also compiled flyers to expose the domestic security crimes. The effects were obvious. Some CCP Officials were seeking the booklet to find out if their names were on the list. Although these booklets were not complete and systematic, they laid a good foundation for later large scale exposing of the evil.

When we were performing our mission continuously, several large scale persecution acts shocked us. More than 300 disciples were arrested during the Olympic time period. Among these, more than 60 were sent to forced labor camps. One day in September 2009, more than 30 disciples were arrested in one county. Their homes were ransacked, and the majority of these disciples were sent to forced labor camps. In 2010, two large scale arrests took place.

We looked inside and found many factors: one of them was that we were lacking in exposing local persecution acts, which manifested in two ways. One was the daily arrests on a small scale, and the other was large scale arrests ordered from upper levels, such as the provincial level CCP committee and the 610 Office system. In these years of exposing the evil persecution, we have not strongly touched those evil leaders, although we did expose how domestic security and local police arrested practitioners.

Master taught us at the beginning of Zhuan Falun,

“For the whole time I’ve been transmitting our teachings and exercises, I’ve made a point of being responsible to society and to our students. The results have been good, and the impact on the whole society has been pretty good, too.”

The standpoint we take as we expose the CCP is for the sake of letting the world's people see its true nature, so that they can keep away from it. Therefore we need to expose the CCP's systematic persecution of Falun Gong in our entire region. In other words, who planned each persecution act? Who in each level conducted the plan? Because we failed to expose those sources that planned each evil act, those main responsible officials were able to repeatedly initiate large scale persecution acts. Our regional coordinators all agreed with our analysis. How were we going to do it?

We can edit posted reports from existing Minghui materials, but many cases occurred a few years ago, even ten years ago. The situation may have changed. Some existing reports did not have follow up reports. These cases needed verification. We needed to be truthful, including practitioner/victim's cultivation states, and whether the evildoers changed after having learned the truth. All these details needed local coordinators' verification. The truthfulness will ensure that our work is convincing to folks, shock the evil and save beings effectively.

Exposing the evil on a regional scale requires the whole region's disciples' involvement. We planned a survey detailing the past ten years of persecution. Although coordinators all agreed, I, as a project coordinator, felt huge pressure. All disciples needed to help collect data, verify facts, and obtain photos and images. Coordinators must be involved, and editors would shoulder large quantities of work. Could this huge project be done? Was it correct to do this? I was afraid to waste fellow practitioners' precious time.

Through Fa-study and seeking inwardly, I finally became clear on the Fa. The statistical data increased our truth clarification materials' value. Master clearly required each of us to participate in truth clarification. We did not mix other human attachments into this sacred project. I thought about this repeatedly, got rid of my attachments of fear of taking responsibility, selfishness, etc.

Finally I was free of worry. Coordinators shared their experiences and understanding of exposing the persecution and made many suggestions. We assigned survey tasks. The process manifested our one body's mighty power. Soon we had the data collected and even found some photos and images. A few individuals did not agree with my idea. I took this as a good cultivation opportunity and seriously looked inward.

Once two fellow practitioners in another county asked me to go there. I saw several fellow practitioners waiting for me. They said they thought distributing the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and other booklets could also save people, so why should we spend so much energy to produce such reports? I tried to defend myself, but suppressed my opinion. I thought it was hard to hear their thoughts. I must look inside and not emphasize who is right or wrong. My mind became more peaceful. I regret that I failed to listen to them at first, and I found my problem: I didn't handle myself as a practitioner, and I didn't try to listen to what others had to say. That was a painful lesson. After they finished, I calmly asked if there was anything else to point out to me. They also calmed down and stopped complaining. I never defended myself, but explained how our entire region had been working on this project, and of my understanding. They all, except one, changed their minds and agreed to work on the task.

Upon returning home, my heart was still heavy. The words of those fellow practitioners were like heavy hammers pounding on me. Maybe Master was using their mouths to wake me up. It was not because the project was wrong, but my mind-set was not right. I could not sincerely listen to different opinions. Deep down I thought I was always right, and whoever was against me was wrong. If I had ever asked for a fellow practitioner's input like today, they could have helped me identify my shortcomings earlier. That would have allowed the project to be amended much sooner and would have strengthened it. I finally found the microscopic things that blocked me from advancing diligently, and I was determined to cultivate away the bad things.

II. Doing the Editing Work Wholeheartedly

Editors shouldered huge work loads on top of their daily jobs. Our prefecture has many cities and counties, in which several thousand incidents happened in the past ten years. But we had clear goals: it was worthwhile to contribute no matter how much energy would be used in saving sentient beings. As we read through the data, we were shocked by how cruel the persecution was: countless disciples were inhumanly tortured, resulting in injuries, disabilities and death. So many families were broken apart, so many elderly died, so many children were left helpless. The CCP evildoers were extremely vicious.

We disciples endured the persecution in person, we knew the persecution facts around us and readily exposed the cases. But some cases in our prefecture we had never heard of. We had only exposed the persecution that occurred in small areas. How could people learn of these if even we did not know? Tears ran down our cheeks. We must expose these cases to our entire prefecture. We often worked through the night, but we persisted in Fa-study, and emphasized sending forth righteous thoughts. We tried to make our reports easy to read for all people.

We organized our materials according to the four responsible systems, which are the party system, the 610 Office system, the police/procuratorate/court system, and penal institutions such as prisons, labor camps and detention centers. For example, in the first part, the CCP system, we located which city, county level cities, counties, districts, towns and townships, villages, and each level of officials who participated in the persecution. Each case clearly stated the time, location, victim/practitioner's name, evildoers' names, which department was involved, the position of those involved, as well as other facts. We can sue those criminals based on these cases.

Master taught us in “Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference,”

“As you realize, with the many projects that Dafa disciples have initiated in order to counteract the persecution, clarify the truth, and save sentient beings, what is most important is that Dafa disciples cooperate together well, and that only when people work together well will things go well.”

All of the cities and counties were very supportive of us, and cooperated well. We often looked inside, and strengthened our righteous thoughts. We discussed all matters with a peaceful mind. When there were different opinions, we always found problems in ourselves, put down selfishness and reached an agreement. Fellow practitioners constantly cultivated away evil elements in the process. For instance, we knew those officials were also victims, and Master still wanted to save them. But when reading about their crimes, we could not help feeling hatred, which manifested in our words not being compassionate. We found this problem and erased those words in our report. We repeatedly cultivated away impure things when modifying the report time and time again.

We found that wherever our realm cultivated to, the Fa would give us wisdom at that level. Some words came out of our minds naturally, and with one flick of the thick dictionary, the words we needed would appear on the page we chose. Master had paved the way for us.

With the first draft done, we went to each city and county to verify the facts. We changed a statement “one county 610 Office Chair took more than one million yuan,” to “the lead 610 Office extorted more than one million yuan,” because we knew he would not dare to pocket this sum. During verification, we also found more typical cases

After the verification was complete, we went through a process of editing the materials multiple times. The process tested my xinxing. I am a fast paced person and saw others go through the report page by page, but I was impatient. Fellow practitioners told me we must do well, not letting the evil take advantage of us. I found that anxiety was not part of my original true-self. I seemed to have changed into another person, and continued to quietly devote myself to editing.

Parts 1 and 2 were quickly posted on the Minghui website. Local fellow practitioners quickly printed out booklets, and have been passing them out for six months now. Although they are not very thin booklets, people like to read about those local cases. It has greatly shocked officials. One 610 Office head twice directed large scale arrests, and established many brainwashing sessions. After reading our booklet, his family was scared, and he also said he had better not offend Falun Gong. The domestic security division chief also told practitioners, “These were not all done by me; I'm just in charge now.” Our fellow practitioner asked him, but did you do those? He became quiet. Another county domestic security chief told one practitioner, I did not go to that practitioner's home, please correct your booklet.

Fellow disciples found those booklets to be very effective, and we have never had such convincing materials. It did not stop at one case, but rather was geared at the entire prefecture, from the top down. People can see clearly the persecution in our prefecture.

III. Steadily Doing the Three Things Well by Looking Inside

We were greatly encouraged by parts 1 and 2, but we delayed part 3 for several months. We found an attachment of zealotry. The third part deals with the police/procuratorate/court, and there was a lot more content. We thought it best to let fellow practitioners draft the first copy, without discussing with local disciples. Such a “relaxed” plan delayed us for more than two months. Our path is very narrow, not allowing us to slack off on any projects.

We first promised to not interfere with local Fa validation work. Local disciples do not have time nor the ability to shoulder such huge work loads. Master taught us, “When your intention is wrong or there are issues with how you go about things, the path will be difficult.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting”)

“But for you, disciples of Dafa, you cannot let up in what you need to do—namely, the three tasks. By all means, you mustn’t.” (“Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference”)

We learned from this painful lesson, and hurried to sort through the materials. My attachment surfaced again. I suggested we ask fellow practitioners in the city to send forth righteous thoughts to strengthen our group. Another practitioner thought that there was no need. I further emphasized the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts, and he further stated that it was unnecessary. As we both were attached to our own ideas, one of our computers crashed. We had not even finished looking inside when another wrong decision was made, leaving only one practitioner to do the project, freeing me to do another project. Our one body broke apart. Meanwhile, the evil in other dimensions caused our main editor's family to have severe problems. This delayed us another month.

Now looking back, it was unthinkable how we could have made such mistakes one after another. We found we had studied the Fa less recently. We also could not calmly study the Fa. Cultivation is serious: when lacking strong righteous thoughts, we can be interfered with.

Upon finding our problem, we hurried to study the Fa more. Many groups were sending forth righteous thoughts for us one hour each night. We held several project meetings. We could feel the mighty power of our one body. Our little group resumed normal work. We strictly disciplined ourselves, and made sure we studied the Fa well, no matter how busy we were. We now have steady minds, and have matured in cultivation. The first draft of part 3 has been finished.

Although our project has not been completed, we wanted to share our experience to provide a reference for other regions. This sharing was also a cultivation process of constantly cleansing ourselves. Our path is very narrow, but genuine disciples will walk to the end following Master.

Above is my limited understanding based on my level, please point out any shortcomings.

Thank you Master for providing this opportunity to share!

Thank you fellow practitioner who have helped with this Fa conference!