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Going to the Police Station to Get Master's Picture Back with Righteous Thoughts

November 17, 2011 |   By practitioner Yiduolian from Yantai City, Shandong Province

(Clearwisdom.net) I'm 76 years old. I obtained the Fa at the beginning of May in 1995. Under Master's compassionate care, I have benefited so much both physically and mentally. There are no words to express my appreciation for our benevolent Master. Over the past 16 years, I have gotten up at 3:50 a.m. to practice the five sets of exercises. In the morning, I either clarify the truth face to face, persuade people to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its associated organizations, or do other things to validate Dafa. In the afternoon, I usually study three lectures of Zhuan Falun. At night, I study Master's other lectures. Over these 16 years, I have recited Zhuan Falun four times, have hand copied Zhuan Falun once, and have recited Hong Yin once every two weeks. I enlightened at my current level that Dafa has purified my heart, broadened my wisdom, strengthened my righteous thoughts, and given me the courage to move forward.

At the end of May 2011, one day at around 10 a.m., three evil policemen came to my home to harass me. Before they left, they said they would take Master's picture with them. I very firmly told them, “No. That is mine.” I sent them away, but when I came back I saw that Master's picture was gone. I realized that they must have stolen it. I was very worried but very determined that I had to get the picture back. So I went to the police station at 2:30 p.m. that same day.

I said to the police, “I came to report a crime; my property was stolen.” The policeman asked, “How much is it worth?” I replied, “I'm a Falun Gong practitioner. This morning, three policemen from this station came to my home and stole a picture of my master.” The policeman asked, “Are you sure that they stole it?” I said, “Yes.” Then I told him what happened. After a while, one of the policemen who stole my picture came and threatened me, saying “Falun Gong is illegal, I won't give you back the picture.” Then I clarified the facts of Falun Gong to him. At that time, a bystander, an everyday person, began to talk about how great it was to practice Falun Gong, and he asked about me the self-immolation incident. I told him, “The whole thing was a lie made up by the Party to frame Falun Gong.” Everyone in the police station was listening. Then another policeman came and shoved me out.

I went to the political director's office on the second floor and told him why I was there. He said, “Go home. I'll discuss it with the director tomorrow.” I replied, “There's nothing to discuss. Why can't you simply return the picture to me?” He said, “I can't. I will get in trouble if I do. You are very bold. I am searching everywhere for practitioners, but you came here on your own.” I smiled and looked straight at him. I enlightened that Master was right by my side, protecting me. I told him about the benefits of Falun Gong, how Dafa saved my life, and how one will be rewarded for being kind to practitioners. He said, “Please leave. This is the political and judiciary department.” I asked him again to give me back the picture. He refused and ordered me to leave.

I had no choice but to leave. When I was almost to the gate, the thought came to me: “How can I leave without Master's picture?” So I went back and tried to talk to the director, but the police officers on duty stopped me. When I asked them to give me back the picture, one of them said, “Falun Gong is illegal, I cannot give you back the picture.” Then I said, “Show me the law, show me which law says Falun Gong is illegal.” He said, “I can't.” I told him, “If you can't, then Falun Gong is not illegal, it is a righteous cultivation. Practicing Falun Gong is not illegal in China, and I won't leave until you return my picture.” He told me to wait in the waiting room. Then Master's Fa appeared in my mind:

“What's happening is that the cosmos is going through Fa-rectification. [What is taking place in] the human world is merely how low-level beings act when gigantic cosmic bodies are being impacted by the Fa-rectification. What could human beings possibly do to gods? If there were no outside factors, would humans dare to do anything to gods? How human society unfolds is nothing but the outcome of high-level beings controlling things.” (“In Fa-Rectification Your Thoughts Have to be Righteous, Not Human”)

I started to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all old forces and evil in other dimensions manipulating the sentient beings working at the police station.

After a while, a police officer told me to go to the yard to get Master's picture. When I stepped into the yard, I saw several police officers and police cars. One officer came up to me with the picture. When I saw Master's picture, I felt like I was seeing a member of my family whom I had been separated from for a long time. I said loudly, “Master!” It was as if no one else was there. I took the picture back with both hands and lifted up it up high. I began walking and said loudly, “Master is good. Falun Dafa is good.” Then I realized that there were no police or police cars in the yard anymore. Once again I experienced Master's greatness and the might of Dafa. I felt I did what a practitioner should do: Protect Dafa and Master's picture.

I enlightened that Master is with me at every moment to care for me, reinforce me, and guide me as I participate in the battle between righteousness and evil.

If there's anything inappropriate, please kindly point it out. Heshi.