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Mr. Guo Xiaojun, Former Lecturer at Shanghai Transportation University, in Life-threatening Situation

November 16, 2011 |   By a Clearwisdom correspondent from Shanghai, ChinaName: Guo Xiaojun (郭小军) Gender: Male Age: 40's Address: Shanghai Occupation: Former lecturer at the Computer Science Department, Shanghai Jiaotong University Date of Most Recent Arrest: January 7, 2010 Mos

Name: Guo Xiaojun (郭小军)
Gender: Male
Age: 40's
Address: Shanghai
Occupation: Former lecturer at the Computer Science Department, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Date of Most Recent Arrest: January 7, 2010
Most Recent Place of Detention: Tilanqiao Prison (提篮桥监狱)
City: Shanghai
Persecution Suffered: Detention, brainwashing, illegal sentencing, beatings, sleep deprivation, home ransacked, torture, forced labor, denial of restroom use

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Guo Xiaojun, a Falun Dafa practitioner and former lecturer at Shanghai Transportation University, sustained a retinal artery injury due to the torture to which he was subjected. His condition has recently deteriorated. He loses his vision quite often due to the effects of the injury. Despite concerns expressed by his family, prison officials refuse to release him.

During one of the recent visits by his family, Mr. Guo told them that he discovered that someone made several attempts to poison him. His family was extremely concerned after hearing this news, especially knowing that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has harvested organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, and without anesthesia. Practitioners refusing to give up their beliefs are often administered unknown drugs in their drinking water or food at prisons and forced labor camps. For example, practitioner Zhang Zhiyun was asked to meet with the residential committee. He drank some water offered by a 610 Office official. After he returned home, he began coughing up blood. He was taken to a hospital, but he was beyond help and died. Mr. Guo's family is worried that this could also happen to him.

Mr. Guo's family and friends wish to call on the international community and righteous people everywhere to focus on Mr. Guo Xiaojun's case, and request that the Tilanqiao Prison guarantee his safety and secure his immediate release.

On January 7, 2010, Mr. Guo was arrested by officers from the Baoshan Police Department. They interrogated him and tortured him continuously. The torture administered during the interrogation resulted in his retinal artery injury, which subsequently caused intermittent blindness.

On November 2, 2010, Mr. Guo was transferred to the Tilanqiao Prison in Shanghai. His eye problem was getting worse under the bad conditions and atmosphere of terror in the prison. He was diagnosed at a hospital as having a retinal artery injury.

Since he was about to permanently lose his vision, Mr. Guo's family requested his release for medical treatment from the prison and Bureau of Prison Administration. Both the prison and 610 Office officials in the Bureau of Prison Administration refused, and also intimidated and persecuted him under the guise of a medical examination. On May 18, 2011, guards covered his head, and then handcuffed and shackled him, a treatment normally used for murderers or prisoners sentenced to death. The guards then placed Mr. Guo in a commercial vehicle, escorted by over a dozen armed personnel. Upon arriving at the Shanghai First Hospital, Mr. Guo found that the eye care center was blanketed with security.

Mr. Guo realized that the medical examination was just a setup to threaten him, and refused to take the examination. Guards started attacking him and claimed that he only pretended to have an eye injury.

It was learned that the purpose of the setup was to create a "public showcase" to demonstrate that Mr. Guo did not have an eye injury. The prison guards told Mr. Guo: "Your eyesight is very good. After some correction it can be perfect."

After Mr. Guo was detained in prison, his family requested multiple times to bring him clothing due to his weak health. Guards in the Fifth Ward rejected their request, and quoted a prison rule disallowing their request. His family learned later that the Fifth Ward allows criminal inmates to receive not only clothing but also books in boxes.

On October 18, Mr. Guo's family was surprised to see how much he'd aged and observed a significant amount of weight loss. Mr. Guo came over to them holding the wall for support. His family learned that his eye problem was getting worse, and prison officials did nothing to help him. They told Mr. Guo that he was limited to spending only 10 yuan on supplies monthly.

When he first arrived at the prison, he was allowed to buy some food and daily supplements. Now, he is not allowed to buy food or nutritional supplements, even though he is in poor health. He cannot obtain medical treatment for his eye illness, nor is his family allowed to take him out for medical treatment. The team leader of the Fifth Ward said this was not his decision, and that the order came from his superior. They even tried to persuade his family to cooperate with them.

His family makes continuous requests for his release to prison officials, but they declared that they would only release him after he gives up his Falun Gong practice. This act clearly shows that providing medical treatment for Falun Gong practitioners does not depend on the seriousness of the illness, but whether or not they will give up their faith.

It is also inconceivable that he wasn't allowed to receive mail from his family. When his family discovered that seven letters were missing, they asked team leader Yu Shuxiang what had happened, and he simply replied that he couldn't find them.

Mr. Guo's parents are elderly, so it's difficult for them to come to Shanghai from Boai County, Henan Province. There is a joint effort between the Baoshan Police Department, 610 Office at Shanghai Politics and Law Committee, 610 Office at Boai County Politics and Law Committee, Boai County 610 Office and Boai Public Security Bureau and local police stations, and the companies where Mr. Guo's brothers work. They threatened Mr. Guo's two brothers and his sister-in-law with the loss of their jobs if Mr. Guo's parents came to Shanghai again. His parents are in great distress over this, and aren't even allowed to write letters to their son.

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