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NTD Resumes Ku-band Satellite Broadcast to Asia

October 26, 2011 |  

NEW YORK, OCTOBER 19, 2011 - New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television expands the footprint of its broadcast to Asia today via a new Ku-band satellite channel on Koreasat-5:

Freq: 12514.75 MHz
Pol: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 2550 Ksyb/s
FEC: 5/6

Adding NTD’s signal on Koreasat-5 enables the audience in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and the coastal audiences in China to receive news reporting in Chinese language that is not filtered and distorted by China’s official propaganda machinery. “Our successful Ku-band service resumption over Asia could not have happened without the joint effort of all the people who supported NTD,” stated NTD spokesperson Carrie Hung, “We express our heart-felt thanks to all of them.”

On June 16, 2008, NTD’s signal carrier Eutelsat abruptly terminated NTD’s broadcast over Asia under the guise of a “power anomaly” to its W5 satellite. Prior to this interruption, NTD was the only TV station broadcasting 24/7 uncensored programming into mainland China. After its signals went off the air, NTD received thousands of messages from viewers expressing their desire for information freedom.

As an independent TV broadcaster with no commercial ties inside China, NTD holds a unique distinction among Chinese-language media of being completely beyond the grasp of the Chinese communist regime’s editorial censorship. In the absence of the rule of law under China’s authoritarian regime, rampant official corruption is creating ever-increasing tension between the government and the people. The Chinese government invests an inordinate amount of resources to censor its online and offline media to cover up the flare-ups that result from these conflicts. NTD plays a vital role in informing the global Chinese community of events taking place in China.

After testing, NTD has confirmed the stability of its signal on Koreasat-5. The signal is receivable with 50-90cm dishes in its coverage areas. Meanwhile, NTD’s Asia Pacific Channel will continue its broadcast on the C-band of the ST-2 satellite to Asia.